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  1. a few male guppies would be good, they have lots of colour and dont get very big
  2. weirdo27

    Tank Pics

    would the plastic mesh stuff let enough light through for the plants? and if i did use plactis wrap it would be over the whole top, there would be gaps around the filter and light...so air would still be able to get in
  3. weirdo27

    Tank Pics

    its about 3 gallons i think, im not to sure. it doesnt have a cover...maybe i should put some placstic wrap stuff over the top untill i can find something better
  4. weirdo27

    Tank Pics

    heres some pics of my betas tank i'll post them as links as im not sure how big they are http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f385/w27...se/betatank.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f385/w27...e/betatank2.jpg
  5. weirdo27

    New Betta

    hmm yeah Bo could be good, i shall have to think about it somemore
  6. weirdo27

    New Betta

    he doesn't have a name yet as i havent been able to think of one, maybe you have some suggestions?
  7. weirdo27

    New Betta

    hmm just saw my old post didnt work for some reason, anyway heres a pic of my new betta (sorry its a bit blurry)
  8. i think guppies and mollies can cross bred, so you might end up with some crazy hybrid fry. either way once you get the female guppies your going to get a bunch of fry anyway, they are easy to look after though
  9. black is a really good background colour plants stand out nicley against it, you can just buy some black cardboard and tape it to the back (its cheap!)
  10. i used to have an apple snail called gary, also after spongebobs snail! he used to scrape the glass like that too, only he want to big so it wasnt as scary looking
  11. weirdo27

    Betta Pics

    wow! those are really cool bettas, and such well taken photos as well
  12. Woah! i love this aquarium! i bet you spen a lot of time just staring at it...i know i would
  13. gravel is all i grow plants in in both of my tanks, and they grow pretty well heres an old pic of my 30gal tropical http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/thecheese...6a9.jpg&.src=ph and one of my 10gal guppy http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/thecheese...baa.jpg&.src=ph the plants in my 30gal have filled in a lot, i think it has baout 2watts of lighting, but just gravel...nothing fancy
  14. i have found that when i have plants that sprout out extra roots it helps cut back on the alage, i asume they are taking nutrients right out of the water and stealing them from the alage....which is a good thing!
  15. ive got a pygmy corie..i had 3, one died...one just vanished (is maybe still in the tank hiding out:P ). anyway i the i know i have loves haning out with my baby guppies and mr shrimp. im going to get a couple more when i can find them again they are so teeny and cute!
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