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  1. black is a really good background colour plants stand out nicley against it, you can just buy some black cardboard and tape it to the back (its cheap!)
  2. gravel is all i grow plants in in both of my tanks, and they grow pretty well heres an old pic of my 30gal tropical http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/thecheese...6a9.jpg&.src=ph and one of my 10gal guppy http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/thecheese...baa.jpg&.src=ph the plants in my 30gal have filled in a lot, i think it has baout 2watts of lighting, but just gravel...nothing fancy
  3. i have found that when i have plants that sprout out extra roots it helps cut back on the alage, i asume they are taking nutrients right out of the water and stealing them from the alage....which is a good thing!
  4. the ammo-lockcould be putting a halt on your cycle...but im not tottaly sure about that planting the tank out will help because plants will use up some of the waste from your fish
  5. i dont think it would have been anything you did, sometimes that just happens...ive had guppies boen starange looking, but theye didnt make it past a week or two. you must be taking really good care of him cause he looks happy a strange cute little fish!
  6. my old goldfish used to eat tiny flies and the turtle i used to have was crazy for flies tiny and big...and we get some pretty big ones here. but we never use fly sparys or anything in or around our home so i feed my fish all sorts of bugs and things. my tropical fish really love aphids, but cant eat the flies because they (the fish) are to small.
  7. heh i dont know how you could decorate it though....i didnt really think of that
  8. maybe some leggo pine trees would be goo? they have curved egdes....and im guessing the plastic would have to be ok cause its a toy, wouldnt they have to make it safe incase kids chewed on it. you could get one and glue it to a rock so it doesnt float. but it might be to small....anyway just a thought
  9. cool thanks peeps im thinking of getting a 163 liter aquarium...woo! hehe when i was out shopping the other day i went into the warehouse (a bargin department store here in australia, a bit like nnnnnn i think) and i went to the pet supply area thinking "I'll just look around'. well i found a 10liters glass aquarium for $20...which is good here, they are about $40 or so in the pet shops. so i brought it so now im going to get a betta soon, ive already gone out and got a heat, a filter, a light....yay!!
  10. does anyone know how to convert liters into gallons? i used to know of a site that had a calculator to do this....but know i cant find it. i forgot to put it into my favs, hehe silly me. does anyone know of a site that can do it, or knows how to? thanks
  11. i have a black background on one of my aquariums...its just some black cardboard i brought and taped to the back
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