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  1. Thanks everyone. Finally I found someone who is an experienced fish keeper and would like to look after my goldies. Their new home is about 25 miles from where I live. Last Sunday I drove and deliveried them there, as I think this could be the last thing I can do for them. Now they are living in a 4 feet tank on their own and hopefully they will acclimate and settle down soon.
  2. Thanks, Sandy. I will shop around to get these stuffs ready just in case I have to post.
  3. It seems that posting is not too bad. But I still think it is my last resort, I may give it a go when it reaches the deadline of leaving.
  4. To be honest, mate. If I decide to ship them, I dont really care about the postage as these two goldies are priceless for me. In another word, I wont charge anyone who really cares about my fish. But your advices are always valid and useful. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Thunder. I may give it a try, but posting is always my last choice. Rehoming them is very sad, I just dont want make it worse if anything happens during shipping. Lak, thanks for your useful info. I will contact them to see if they can bridge me with any experienced goldfish keepers in Midlands.
  6. Thanks, Tinkerbell. Yes, they are very cute, they even can suck food from my hands. I have no experiences shipping fish. If I have to post them, they must stay with the carrier over night. I dont think they will make the journey without any aeration. Where do you live then? If you live not far from Birmigham, can you come to pick them up? Any idea, let me know.
  7. From nose to the base of tail, it is about 8-9 cm (3.5-4 inch)
  8. Hi everyone, I live in Birmingham, UK. As I am leaving UK for good very soon, I am afraid I have to rehome my goldie to someone who is experinced in goldfish keeping and can provide a good home for them. They have lived in my 30 gallon (120 liters) tank since last August and their size has nearly tripled. And they are still eating like pigs and growing like weed. The oranda: about 15cm long (6 inch) The black moore: about 13 cm long (5 inch) Please note that, they are not small fish you normally see in pet shops, they are massive. Here are the pics: My requirements are: 1. you have got enough goldfish keeping experiences 2. you have got enough room for them 3. you will NEVER sell or abandon them 4. if possible, send me their pic every month 5. PET SHOP OWNER NOT WELCOMED If you live in Birmingham or anywhere near and are interested to adopt them, please contact me: furaoabdn@hotmail.com or 07919340980 before 14th Oct or after 28th Oct as I will have a holiday in between those dates. Thanks.
  9. I have been feeding my goldies prawn since middle of March and the oranda has behaved normally ever since. The last time I tried to feed them normal fish food was last Tue as I got some shrimp pellet for my crayfish from ebay, I just hope to get some luck on those shrimp pellets. Unfortunately the poor oranda started floating after eating a couple of pellets. I was scared and had to change back to prawn again, and then it is OK now. I think before Chinese people keep the ancestor of goldfish - single-tailed wild fish in tanks and transform them into egg shape pets, goldfish eat anything they can find in rivers and lakes. I dont see why we can not feed them unprocessed food such as beef, prawn, peas, fish and etc. However fish food from LFS is more handy and is good to keep water parameter to top. My 3 goldie are from 4 inch to 6 inch, they can eat 8 - 10 microwaved garden peas in the morning and 2 prawns in the evening. Prawns have to be chopped into small (not tiny) pieces. The worse parts of keep goldfish are to find them not in the best condition or to see them pass away and you can do nothing. By the way, I am from Bham UK.
  10. That's alright. A bag of peeled king prawn from ASDA may just solve the problem. But dont overfeed as prown is high-protein food evern for us which will will eventually increase the bio-load in your tank. 1/2 to 2/3 prawn for each goldie a day could be more than enough.
  11. I dont know if I should post this thread here, but just want to share my experiences on swimbladder problem. I have got 3 goldie including oranda, blackmoore and ranchu in a 30 galon tank which has been running for a year. I have had the oranda since last Aug and it grows from 2 inches to 6 or 7 inches. This Jan, I went to have a holiday for 20 days, a friend of mine looked after my goldies and feed them. Unfortunately she did not pre-soak the food. She just chucked everything into my tank everyday. When I come back, I found the poor oranda developed a swimbladder problem and could not swim to the bottom of the tank. Luckily the blackmoore and ranchu were still OK. I found that normally after feeding, the poor oranda will be floating on the surface. If I fast it for a whole day, it will be swimming like the others normally. As soon as I feed, it will float to the suface in a matter of minutes. I thought it is the problem of food, so I tried everything I can find in LFS. Flake, sinking pellet, floating pellet, shirmp pellet and etc, you name it. I was wrong and all the food have the same result. I happened to read a thread in this forum and found that pea can solve the problem. So I just fast them a couple of days and feed them pea. They like it and solve the problem temporarily. However, as soon as I change back to their normal food, the poor oranda starts floating again. So, I give up the fish food and started to feeding different food to the oranda. Beef, peeled prawn, fish and etc. Miracle happened. I feed them 8 - 10 frozen peas in the morning and 2 or 3 chopped peeled prawns in the evening for about month, the oranda has never floated since. I hope my thread will give us a new angle to see fish food we feed and will be helpful for your goldies suffering the swimbladder problems.
  12. What an Oranda! The wen growth is just great. I think it will turn orange soon. Congrats, you have got a very nice fish.
  13. I love your black Ranchu. It is very difficult to get Ranch of this quality in UK(at least in Birmigham, it is the case). The wen growth is gorgeous. You may try different food or keep him in green water to promote the black on his / her belly as it looks a bit orange. The curve of the back is bery good but not perfect. From the pic, the tip of tail looks a little higher than his/her back, but it might be due to the angle you took the pic. The body is deep enough for a Ranchu. All the fins are coloured. I cannt see the anal fin, is it singled or doubled? Considering above, I would like to pay 100 pounds (appox USD170 ) for it in UK.
  14. It is truly a nice fish and a bargain as well.
  15. Very nice fish! Cannt see clearly from the pic, is it single tailed or double tailed?
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