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  1. d_golem

    Classify My Goldies.

    Instead of 2 fantails, I'd say u got a ryukin and a fantail. The red/white is ryukin, and the calico is a fantail
  2. d_golem

    Goldie Show Tank At Work! : )

    CountryLovah, u might wanna check this link for inspiration: http://www.geocities.com/greenngoldsg/diar...ve-display.html i Those are the winners of Creative Display Tank Competition in Singapore a few years ago. Might I also suggest sticking to a coherent theme and not laden the tank with ornaments? Maybe one or two complementing pieces of decor as focus points but don't put just anything & everything in there. Think about the colours also. Better to choose a main colour theme then using different hues of that colour rather than many mish-mash of colours. Less is more, so they say
  3. d_golem

    New Ryukin Pics

    Oooh very pretty lavender ryu! Shame about the curls in the caudal & kink in the dorsal, though.
  4. d_golem

    What Plants Do Goldfish Eat?

    Put it simply, goldfish will eat ANY plant as long as they can tear it up and find the taste palatable. Duckweed is an obvious choice. Easy to grow and perfectly sized. Elodea also grows fast.
  5. d_golem

    Im New Here And I Got Some Questions

    The shrimps will get eaten
  6. d_golem

    My Hign Tech Planted Tank

    Aiya, the blue background ruins it all
  7. d_golem

    100% Water Change

    Depends on your tank and how fast does your nitrate climbs. If you're like me and feed your fish heavily, then 100% is a must.
  8. d_golem

    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Algae wafer
  9. d_golem


    A sarasa ryukin, why not? Doesn't contradict anything
  10. Er, using standard garden hose & gravity to drain tank?
  11. d_golem


    Sarasa is a japanese term for any red & white metallic goldfish. Also the kohaku (red & white) variety of koi used to be called sarasa before they changed it to kohaku. So sarasa is the name of the colouration, not the name of the breed, nor species of fish.
  12. d_golem

    Red Cherry Shrimp

    In the link you showed me, there's a member who has a tank with white clouds and the shrimp's population grew from 30 to 300. Fingers crossed same thing will happen to me also
  13. d_golem

    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Hoping that once the plants have grown, the baby shrimps might have a good chance to survive
  14. d_golem

    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Lol I feel very weird posting here. Never ever touched this section before Reason is I've just set up a low-tech planted tank with WCMM & Red Cherry shrimps as the inhabitants, and here are some pics of the delightful little crustaceans: Minnow: "Are they ETs??"
  15. d_golem

    New Goldfish Tank

    Just the behaviour, not the real deal