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  1. Welcome back! I joined in 2005 so I think I just missed ya . .. . We'd love some pics of your current crew.
  2. I’d wait on adding sand til the worms are no longer noticeable... PS. I love your statement in your signature
  3. I agree. My tank pH is 8.2 and has been for 10+ years . . . .
  4. It's been a looooong time since I've used PP but I would be more concerned about aeration if I had fish in there. I think the movement of your filters will suffice. I don't think you'll need to monitor for 15 hours. Organic material in a pond will make the solution turn from purple to brown much much much more quickly than a barebottom tank. I'll be surprised if you need to redose at all. Your calculation is correct. Again, I wouldn't worry about the precise volume, especially since there aren't fish in there. When I used it without fish, I simply added some PP til I thought the tank was "purple" enough. I'm so scientific. I used Prime to neutralize it if I remember correctly . . . so I'd follow the directions of the hydrogen peroxide. I would do a large WC (as much water as you can get out) then dose ammonia.
  5. Woo hoooo!!!! Is there anything better than a cycled tank?! A cycled tank without worms. If it was me, I'd run PP through BEFORE I added any sand or did your big overhaul. Are we sure the PP will kill the worms? (Just asking, I know nothing about detritus worms ). Is there anything in the tank living other than the cycle?
  6. Hi and welcome! Your fish looks like a fantail to me but it's still very young and may develop the ryukin hump as it grows .. . It may also grow a nice long flowy tail.
  7. Ooooohhh!!!!! That makes more sense then. I was wondering why there was ammonia in that last pic. No, perfect!! Now let's wait and see . . . .
  8. I would add ammonia but not a lot. Shoot between 0.25 and 0.50. The worms didn't mind the nitrite.
  9. That is a lot of diatoms! Do you have a light on the tank? That's a huge tank!! I was going to suggest warming some water on the stove to add in with your cold tap water to keep the temp from dropping so low but that'd be a lot of water! After your next WC, don't add any ammonia and test the nitrite. Let's see how far down it goes with a WC. You may want to skip adding ammonia . . . Are you getting any nitrate?
  10. Congrats!! And I thought I was going to win with my 2 entries!
  11. Those numbers all seem good to me. 18* is on the cooler side though . . . How many gallons is the tank and how much water are you changing at once? What filter(s)/media do you have?
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