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  1. I have always liked that pic...I dont think the golfballs will be bad for the goldies...just make sure you was them and that they are new...
  2. :angry: I dont like them....I dont see why some places harm fish for profits...its enought hat most places dont take the best care of goldies as it were
  3. thank you everyone...I greatly appreciate all your help and advice...will do the cleaning this weekend and let you all know how it went
  4. my guess is 25...and congrats on your comets...I love sarassa's
  5. I totally agree with GFandy...I personally dont think or like round bowls for goldfish...kinda reminds me of the little cups they put betas in at the lfs. If you do get the biorb, please get a large one with great filtration and circulation of water
  6. what is the best way to sterilize a 20 gallon tank that has been sitting around for a few years in a garage collecting dust and spiderwebs(litterally) and who knows what else
  7. my new fry are getting a bigger tank with live plants..and my two shubunkins will get their own 20 gallon tank
  8. congrats with your experiment...keep up the good work
  9. if you can...feed them hatched baby brine shrimp, first bites(baby fish food) and/or liquid fry food Hope all is well with you and your fry
  10. excellent names KoKo...congrats on the fry...best wishes to you and them
  11. awww...sadden to hear that..you will find another one just as good
  12. wow.... those are some great fish....I wish I could adopt a few of those
  13. awww...I wish I had thought about vitamins...lol...my fry are fdoing okay..I got mroe fancy fry this brood than eny other ones....though they seemt o be less hardy than the comets
  14. I dont do weekly water changes anymore and it has stopped them from mating....though every now and then, they still do the nasty...I think they dont liek clear water
  15. wow...I knwo my goldfish fry have turned into interesting colors...jsut wish there would get big fast....lol
  16. congarst Koko...you sound like me when I couldn't wait to get home from work to see what I missed
  17. I say some lionheads and ranchus at my nnnnnn, btu they were all sickly... ...why cant my nnnnnn be liek yours?
  18. my biggeest was a 10 inch fantail(fins included)...now...I would say an 5-6 inch oranda
  19. i agree with tinker...if I was a goldie..I would think the tails were moving flake food....lol
  20. I cant wait to get a 100 gallon tank...a co worker offered me her 75 gallon with stand and so forth...gotta see what she will charge me for it
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