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  1. congrats...I hope my telescopes breed when I put them in a tank by themselves
  2. you will have fun watching the fry grow up and change colors...and get fat fat fat...congrats on
  3. beautiful goldies Sorsha....my goldies never change colors...
  4. yeah, you can really see them chewing when they eat tubiflex worms...lol
  5. hey graham, you have some awesome ornaments
  6. though your baby is not a china doll...still beautiful
  7. Tinker...your noah looks like my Chyna...lol...thought Chyna is far from blind....greedy little girl she is...she is 3 inches now....and when she get your tank with Goldie(other female telescope I ahve...got to keep them from the guys cause they mate too much), I';m afraid she will get bigger...but it woudl be nice to get goldies that would not get too big
  8. this has been very informative..I have some resaerach to do..All I have are 10 inch swords and I need to find something other plants that will not get as big as these...lol
  9. wow..thats a lot of fish...good luck with your plant...I havent had any java fern, but I hope to get some soon
  10. I knwo what you mean Jen626..when I used ugf in my 20 gallon tank(in the early 1990's) that i'm about to set up again, I would fully drain the tank once every 6 month and clean the gunk under the filters...it's a lot of work..I like intank filters now...quiet and keeps my tanks cleaner
  11. I am glad to see that she is getting used to her new home...I had a goldfish that would always protect any new fish I got form the other "giants" in the tank
  12. they are all wonderful..I'm decorate mines next year
  13. that sounds like an swesome project..wish you the best...keep us posted on your success
  14. Thanx JenW...couldnt let the beauties live unhappy...wish I had a pond for them
  15. it was really awesome to meet you "graham". ..thanx again for helping me to help Bryan..he is happy to know that his babies are doing great...Hope to have more adventures in the near future
  16. dang...I missed in all the excitement....congrats on your new fry...if you can...try to get to a lfs and get the first bites baby food by Hakari company and also, if you can find it...a baby brine shrimp hatchery and raise brine shrimp for the little guys..they will love you for that
  17. thats a great surprise....I want to get in line so I can get the same thing....lol
  18. I have a siamese doll...mins is pushing like 3 inches now...but they are like 1 inch in the lfs I go to
  19. I dont know if the seasons play a role, but it seem that my goldfish have grown faster in the spring and summer when the day light is long...I open a couple blinds when I leave for work for my plant tank
  20. my fish used to do that..they never got SBD...but I dont know...I guess as long as they are "burping" they are okay with doing that
  21. wow...could your moor have been a chyna doll dollin disquise
  22. Thats a nice looking fish...I wonder if there are any orandas out there like that
  23. best wishes on your success in saving a goldie in need
  24. wow...the amazing changing dorothy... ...I agree with he goldie dying and being replaces and I hope that they cancel that episode where they "think" they are teaching how to care for fish...mister Roger was much better...though he didn't have goldfish....lol
  25. cool...go Cupcake...your husband is the man....does he have a sister....lol
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