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  1. the plant that I had grew from the bulb and I would cover it up just enough that the only part showing were the shoots coming up from the bulb....they would tug at the shoots utnil they pulled the bulb up...then it was root beer time...
  2. besides orandas....telescope goldies are my faves....I have a tank of 4...one more, one chyna doll, one gold and one calico(though he is losing his black specks and spots)...goggles is adorable
  3. Im in the same boat as you....silly goldfish uproot the smaller plants and eat the roots and leaves
  4. Over the last three weeks, The power has gone out at least 7 times for hours at a time. I know the first two week it was because of the heary rains and many thunderstorms that passed over the area. But this last 10 days have been storm free for the most part and the power seems to go out every third day I have lost 3 of my babies and I'm mad!!! I have been struggling to get my water back to normal good quality that it was before the storms. Does anyone have any ideas what to do to maintain decent water condition inbetween power outages? I have 2 29 gallon tanks, one 20 gallon and a 10 that I am hesistant to put back up.
  5. I agree with daryl..I ahve seen a few panda orandas in my area and even at a 2 inch size, there were starting to change to a bronze color...which is why I never got one...why is it so hard to find a true panda oranda.... does anyone know what to breed to make a panda oranda?
  6. I picked option number one but I agree with both 1 and 2....
  7. get a nice sarassa goldie
  8. sadden to hear that...I hope you dont let it discourage you
  9. thats excellent...got to take one step at a time...keep up the good work
  10. I wish I was here to help..this my first day back in 6 months or so....congrats on teh move....best wishes with them...this is an exciting adventure....last your was the first year my goldfish spawned....I'm ready for this year
  11. good luck with that....keep us posted
  12. both offer your goldies are beautiful...best wishes with the babies...i hope my telescopes mate
  13. well you go hot momma...lolbest wishes to you and your fry
  14. excellent pics....keep up the good work...
  15. best wishes with your goldies...hope your birthday is filled with joy due to getting hte tank you want
  16. congrats on the upgrade..I kow the little ones are happy
  17. go Graham...it's your birthday....you're a winner...it's your birthday....lol
  18. Hey guys, I;m just curious as to what you all plan to do when your fry grow up to be teenagers and even more, young adults...Mines are close to teenage years and I dunno what I should do with them...want to get my adult tanks back to normal
  19. that seems like a good plan...let us know how the goes
  20. thats really cool...I love watching the growing process
  21. I have gotten a few fish out of a sick tank...If you really like that fish...get him and Quarantine him...with a blessing, he will not have nything
  22. I think that you cave more than enough space that the two common goldies will not be stunted....congrats and welcome back
  23. how big is the tank you have the baby in... I think that you should hatch them and just put a little in at a time several times a day
  24. usually fry with deformities past away within the first month....I only had one survive out of this year's 5 spawnings
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