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  1. thats really cool...I had one fish(black moor) that would let me pick him up when I did complete tank cleaning back in the 90's..my telescopes now nibble at my hand and fingers when I put plamt back in the gravel when they uproot them
  2. orandas(especially coyote ugly's chilly willy....) and telescope
  3. my fish do it all the time....but I have so many so I'm bound to see it.... at Jeana727 avatar
  4. thank you...I cant wait to get my camera to take some picture of him...will post sometime this weekend I hope..I can can use up the whole roll of film
  5. every since my two male telescope passed.... , my two female telescopes do that during and immediately after feeding...I enjoy it...for awhile I thought they were trying to breed cause one female laid eggs just a week before the last male passed
  6. I was going to circuit city to take advantage of the good sales and decided to drop by the vvvv on the smae lot(my old favorite store). I was looking at all the goldfish tanks and monitoring thier conditons(amazing all were doing well except the feeders of course). When there he was(at least I hope its a he cause all my mall fancy goldie died during all teh bad storms and power outages... ). He is a calico oranda. Iw as saving space in my 30 gallon tank for a panda oranda, but who know when I will ever see one. he is so beautiful. He has a matte black/white with specks of silver and gold metallic scales...hope to have pics soon
  7. every now and then, I spot the one fry that seems to liek to hid in my big live plant(which is laying sides wast in the 10 gallon tank that is half full). I am not sure if I should leave the plant in there cause he seams to be eating well off of it or if I should take the plant out(which I fear doing cause he might get stuck in the stick leaves....lol)...I think it might be 2 fry though cause the other day I looked and one time I saw one color and other time I saw the color I'm used to seeing...maybe it wa the sun playing tricks on me cause I had the blisnds open
  8. Chyna, my albino telescope, spits at me when I feed here too...goldies do the craziest things. Goldie, my gold telescope(though I think they call that breed red) spends most of here time watcing me when I'm laying on my bed. I think they both are missing my two males(mainly Blackie) cause that used to chase them around the tank and play tag a lot. Glad your goldie is back to full health
  9. Chocolate Orandas rock like linkin Park....once i get my last fry(a year old now) homes, I will ahve space for another oranda and I plan on getting a chocolate oranda(since I can never find any panda oranda in my area)..I think you should get the beauty...you know you want too!!!
  10. I would say if the tank hold the water without any leakage, and the water params are good..than put the plecs in for about a week and test the water to see how the params are...normally it takes about a month to have a tank cycle, but strange things have happen. If the water params are steedy and good, than I would think that it woudl be okay to ad a gold or two to the tank...again spending a weak to test the water params
  11. since the water has been sitting out for awhile....you shoudl be okay...but it's always good to have water treatment supplies at hand for water changes and so forth. I dont know much about that filter. in the time that you are waiting(till sept 9th)....have you been putting anythingin the tank like plants and gravel?
  12. I would say that at least one week of quarantining is necessary...some symptom dont show up on 24 hours....BTW....congrats on the new family member....do you have any pics?
  13. i guess I'm on the bandwagon...cause I say get him cause he is calling for your attention
  14. wow....congrats on getting a fantail..sometimes they get mixed in with the fantails cause most fish employees dont know the difference....lol
  15. put some sand in it and plant some cactus in it
  16. is it possible that he/she might have been able to jump out the tank or get caught behind or inbetween anything in the tank?
  17. thats an interesting idea....My goldfish loved bananas...I wonder if they wuld like blueberries...wonder what a blueberry would do to the water....ask your friend how the blueberry feedings went please.
  18. thank you...I hope the few eggs that were claer survive.....I am looking for the lil squigly swimming....the might be hiding in the center of the giant plant
  19. I generally do 20% water changes every other week and on the 6th water change(3rd month) I do a 50% water change java script:emoticon(':exactly', 'smid_6')
  20. wow..that seems fun...I think I will re do my tank and add bubles for my fish to have fun....just got to pick some good plants that my orandas and telescopes will like
  21. My telescopes started their mating season tuesday...they spawned for the first time...I dont know how many there will be....many of the eggs were unfetilized...but I say a few that were still clear...will keep you gues posted
  22. those are some good I deas...I would go with trying to feed your goldies at different times...that way they will not auto sync their bodies to certain times and activities....let us know what you do and how it works
  23. sad to hear that....I hope your goldie has a speedy recovery
  24. congrats on your breeding of they goldies....my first genereation are coming up on a year and it's time for me to say farewell to them, only I need to find homes for them....I want my oranda tank back adn they are still renting it...lol
  25. I agree with daryl ...good job stacyy...we all got to stand up for out little friends, not pets....
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