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  1. I had some cory cats in my goldfish tank years ago and the lived for five years, no problem...I would however suggest that you give them their hone house or safe haven they can go to when they dont want to be bothered by the goldies. Many time thought, my cory cats loved to swin along with my goldies..I had fantails and moors at the time...hope that helps
  2. thank you daryl, any suggestions as to how to find reputable breeders?
  3. I was going to say to add an airstone or some type of air bubble system to keep the water moving and circulating...that helps keep the tank water steady and also, my fish tend to like to swim though the bubbles...also, if the plastic bags work for you...I would keep going with that also. I used to have a lil ziplock tuckerware tub that I would fill up with tank water and let freeze then jsut drop the big ice cube of frozen tank wnater back in the tank..that seemed to work...also, one summer, I would use a regular ice cube tray and do the same thing, but I would put the cube in the filter so the water coming out would be cool..the fish liked that a lot...hope these are helpful suggestions
  4. hey, has anyone seen any panda oranda, chocolate or yellow oranda in your LFS? Is the only way to find one is to order them online?
  5. I have had fruit flys and a occasional silverfish or what ever those creepy crawlers are that climb on your walls with all them lil legs and are lightning fast. Anything else, my goldies must have had a good lunch...lol...I would ot have though you to be weird doing the ""Ewww a nasty spiders on my arm" dance ..I might have joined you...sounds like a good party to me...lol...
  6. Hey everyone....I'm finally back on koko's....been like almost a year...some will remember me..some won't(whihc means now is a good time to meet a fellow goldfish lover!) Anywho... I just moved into my first house and I have started the process of moving my fish. Yesterday, my bluescale oranda started floating upside down. I really didnt want to move here, but it was already scheduled...I have allmy babies crammed in a 20 gallon, while I am setting up the 20 gallon and soon will be setting up a ten gallon QT. Any suggestion from anyoen as to how do I help my baby girl feel better from the stress of moving and the sudden swim blagger malfuntions...she seems to swin well when it's feeding time, but after that, she turns back upside down...I'm at a total lost..first time this has happened to me...thanks all for the help.
  7. thats excellent..I wish you the best with that....I hope you get some pics soon..I am glad my goldies didnt bred this year cause my area had soo much trouble with power outages htis summer nad I am jsut getting my tanks back to normal...I lost most of my fry and most of them breeding parents because of it...but the fry(a lil over one year now) that remain are getting just as big as the parents.....and I am loving it
  8. I use my hands for the most part..I had to use a net for the fry..they were too fast and delicate for me to get
  9. I'm agreeing with the majority here....
  10. wow...I love the video and the tank does look big...how big are the goldfish?
  11. I always knew goldfish were smart....I woudl train them when it was feeding time ll the time and change it after a couple months...I once trainged them to only come to me and away from everyone else...I love them...bst pets ever!!!!
  12. I still want to get a panda oranda....I took the pictures...but I have 9 more pics to take before I can get the film developed...I need to invest in a digital camera...pics are coming soon..I promise
  13. I agree with bettaqueen, it looks like spawning activity. Do you know hte sexes of your fish?
  14. well I have comets fry from last year(which makes me wonder when you stop calling then fry) and I need to find places for them to go...lol
  15. wow...congrats on your I wish you the best and it seems like you made the right move cause you wee blessed with a tank...now you have plenty of time to get the tank ready while he.she is in quarantine
  16. wow...6 months...dealers would go out of business if they gave money back for fish that were away from them that long a period. Unless fish dealers have soem type of 1-year warranty they re selling these days
  17. lucky ducky...I wish I had a place to get one...but ihave beautiful now
  18. from my experiences, blue oranda tend to be the leat "wenned" oranda. I dont know what it is about that breed, but they dont seem to develop as well as other orandas
  19. yeah, it had to be fate, cause I wasnt even reallyplanning on going to Petsamrt originally....going to nnnnnn later today to get hte picture developed in the one hour photo line Side Note, where are you from fishcrazy?
  20. wow...thats excellent...I have one fry telescope..I hope he lives...I see him swimming every now and then...too bad all my males passed...cause my one female(albino) love to make with the calico and especially with the black more....was hoping to get a panda telescope
  21. what I used to do is put some water in a small tunkerware container and freeze it...during the hotter parts of the day, I would put it in the tank...if you have extra trays, take some tank water and freeze it and then drop the cubes in the back of the filter or in the tank.
  22. thats excellent....glad you had that experiences of spawning...sadden about the losses...the goldfish will cahgne colors in time....hope your pond is suited for the cold weatehr...best wishes
  23. wow...thats excellent...I hope they enjoy their gigantic paradise Side Note...tropicana, do you have pics of mr. blue?
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