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  1. In my neighborhood, I tend to see fantails, moors and baby orandas
  2. my goldfish will eat the nnnnnn bulb plants but only nibble on anarcharis
  3. Tazz Knight


    I could see the difference in my fry tails in two weeks...but I still dont know who the mom of them are...lol
  4. My goldfish mated about two weeks ago. Ironically I have two males(both comets) and 4 females(2 fantails and 2 Orandas). I anyone away of the ratio that the fry mill come out as. I was looking at the fry last night(as I do every night, so excited cause it's my first time have my fish breed) and I saw 2 fry with twin tails, so I am assuming they will be either a fantail or oranda. Thanx for your comments and help! I'ma Granddaddy...lol
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