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  1. you should post that question about carp pox in the section Disease Diagnosis/ Treatments...sure you will get more help there about that
  2. thats really cool...both the goldfish teasing and the cat in the tank..my kittens didnt care about my goldfish until I cleaned the tank..I guess they wanted some of that umm umm good fish filtered water.....
  3. wow..thats awesome....I'm very happy about that...we got to do the best we can to save such great fish
  4. wow Blue...I think thats wild, yet awesome..I think I need to breed some of my goldies with dyson to get some of they genes in my goldfish pool
  5. I had cross breeding happen..wasny a plan of mines, but it happened....lol....fantails, commets and my oranda....it happened when I was setting up my oranda tank and had to move the fish into the tank together....what a mess.....lol most came out as comets, but they are kinda plump in the bellies....lol....and the fantails, I'm hoping one will be an oranda...or at least have a wen...lol
  6. congrats on your muve...I had a successful one also....I did lose one of my babies for the fry I had last year...only have 3 left...one of whom has already tried to mate....lol
  7. wow..I have only seen them once in my life....I lofe telescopes more...but would ve nice to have them one day...what colors did the lfs have?
  8. is th tank a big open space....are there thigns to swim around or through at the other end or the end that they are in?
  9. wow...that takes me back to watching my fish grow..I need to take some pics of my babies.....and post them....congrats on the progress...one of my babies has mature into a male and has tried to mate already and he is just a year and a half....I hope my new oranda is a male so that I can ahvehimmate with my two female orandas...and if I can get another tank...I hoep to have a telescope tank Breeding rocks....
  10. I'm glad that you caught what was going on before it got nasty...I hope that putter is happy that you rescued her....as for the oranda, I hope that you can go back and get him/her... It is very important to QT fish for the reasons of health, but also to condition them to their new home and new regime....many times when I get a new fish they might be shy or listless the first day cause they ahve to get adjusted to a new home, new feeding schedule, new sites, and new params....once they get used to all that, after a stress ride from the lfs...they will be okay normally with no problems... I do think that the oranda was very hungry and that lfs dont feed the goldies well...appearance is a big factor...they dont wnat dirty tanks, but it is okay to have dead fish...I never understood that....but best wishes with getting that oranda back
  11. cool...good luck on your exam...and hope to see what pics you can take soon....have a blessed weekend
  12. I agree with koko, my goldfish grew the same accoding to what she said about the breeds....
  13. wow...your fish are really nice...I like cinnamon....I never had a pearl scale....when Iw as younger, I thought they all had droopsy and stayed away from them....lol
  14. I had put m new chocolate oranda in a 29 gal tank by himself and he seem listless...but when I oput him temporarily in my 20 with my other fish, he has brighten up and his appetite has grown and I think he is starting to grow also...once he gets a lil' bigger...going to put him with Shynobi and Kaigynobi. my oranga tank
  15. hey you....can you take a pic of that lemon comet..I'd like to see it...I'm like Devfs...I love lemon goldies, just never see them in person....I was looking for a lemon oranda, but now that I found a chocalate one, I'm happy with it...
  16. wow jewelz, I'm used to hearing the black going away....thats different...do you think its has to do with the diet we feed them?
  17. Hey, I found some chocolate orandas and I got one...it was at a lfs 45 minutes away from me...I hope the lil bugger is a male being that my other orandas are females ...might be nice to have them mate next year or so when he is mature...lol...he is only like an inch and half long(tail included)..full developed wen
  18. best wishes on the 30 gallon tank and congrats for mothering your baby back to health
  19. oh gross with those mosquito larva...worms in teh bathroom is a NO NO NO!!!!!!
  20. they are soo adorble...reminds me of mines...now I want my goldies to breed again..only most my males passed away during last summer craziness...but one of the babies is now matured and has his breeding stars....hopefully now I will get to do it all again...congrats mommy
  21. I agre with jewels...they need to hire experienced people to be in teh fish department..some someone that just just looking for a job to make a little extra money....most stores I visit have teen agers in the fish department who can not answer any questions most novice fishkeeper have and it saddens me...I even tried to volunteer at one store and they said they didnt need any extra help...lol...but there were dead fish and half the live plants were rotting...go figure...I just dont get it....any idea how expensive it can be to run just a fish store?
  22. thank you for the lesson..I need t get better....only tested whenthings got off wack....used to have a weekly log book..will get back to it
  23. thank you guys....I think shynobi, my bluescale oranda, was jsut anxious about the move...cause now that she is here...she is doing great...jsut as rambutious as ever...lol....just as all the other fish are....My 30 gallon tank has been up and running for a week now and the live plants have had a lil time to get rooted in the new tank set up...I will be placing my two orandas back into their home. She continued to float upside down for the first day and a half in my new place...then she was back to normal...They have a super active appetite now..it must be the water in this new area I moved too...I'm loving it
  24. oh wow....thank you guys for that info..I'm going to start looking into that...I found a vvvv in bowie that has chocolate goldfish..going out today to see what tehy have...they had one I really liked, but I wasnt going straight home so I had to pass on getting him...hope that lil bugger is there when I get there today..will take pics for you guys...I will look up Ken of Dandy Orandas and see if I can get in touch with him..
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