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  1. my tap water comes out as the following: pH - 6.4 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 Ironically, after my water is aged 24+ hours, my pH is 7.4..is that normal?
  2. I am not sure, but arent live plants suppose to help out with nitrates..I have a problem with nitrates all the time also...I didnt used to when I lived in a ifferent area, I will test my tap water as son as I finish this posting and see what I got going on from the tap.
  3. I am really glad that you caught that in time...I know how much a heart breaker it would have been to lose one...I lost soo many fish last summer(most of my fry) do to constant power outages that cause all my tanks to get out of balance and made it so hard to keep my tanks params steady.
  4. I was just thinking about the idea of goldfish by request. I am not sure how petstores work completely(I only know tha my local vvvv get their new shippment of fish on tuesday morning), but how do they decide what goldfish to order and sell. Is there any way to reguest or get special order of goldfish that are not common to your area.
  5. wow, we all want one.....but i have yet to see one...
  6. i wish we had a concusion to the story here
  7. wow, those are cool....makes a great djft
  8. lol...wow, i want it....best wishes withthat...I can see me having 10 goldfish in one tank....wowzer
  9. I though that was a ug filter....I used to ahve one and would clean it every six months....that muck was gross
  10. I hope all works well fo your goldie
  11. wow...I'm glad my cats never did that...but I guess they never new how to unscrew the cans...lol
  12. I hope that she sees the light..I know at times I can be overstocked, but I gave up the fish bowl after having goldfish for a few months(That was in the late 1980's) I had 5 goldfish in a 5 gallon bowl cause the guy at the pet shop said it was okay. But I got tired of chaning the water every day(had 10 water gallon sitting out inder the deck where the bowl was at all times). They were so happy to get a ten gallon tank, then a 20 gallon tank. mosdt lived 5-7 years and two lived to 10 years and one to 11(before I put her to rest)
  13. Did you ever get that oranda you wanted? I like the tanks
  14. i would totally agree...but what about in comparison to medium or large tropicals...I love my goldfish, just wish goldfish in general would get more respect that they deserve...cause fish bowls are horrible....if we were forced to live in carboard box homes, we would be messy too...lol
  15. I agree with daryl...its hard to find quality goldies in my area..and the oranda are normally red/white, red/black, all gold and calico....very hard to catch them with other breeds....telescopes are evem more limited..so if i can breed my own, I will be happy and I can make others in my area happy...just a side venture...not a business like profit breeding....anyone in md that breeder, feel free to step up...lol
  16. whats the best way to chill goldfish... I have a few males(one from my fry a year and half ago)...they started chasing females for a week, but no spawning this year...
  17. wow...that seems cool..I have been playing around with live plants and I mainly have amazon swords...they tend to do good with my non fancy goldfish, but my orandas are plant munching machines...lol... Ijsut set up my first tropical tank and have been using it to cultivate some other plants that Iw ant to try in the goldfish tank...let me know how your tank works out..I am very limited to plant species at my lfs... but will look online if you find some plants that work well....can;t wait to see how it workd for you
  18. thats great..I think that anyone that wants to work in the fish department should have prior knowledge to fish....at least enough to give the right info to buyers...great job
  19. Lately, a lot of people have been asking me to help them set up fish tanks and ask me what kinda fish should they get. THe first fish that I suggest are goldfish. I have learned that most people have bad opinions about goldfish. "They are too mesy for me." "They make the tank dirty." "They are too hard to keep cause they are always dying" "They dont have any personality" Blah Blah Blah...When I tell them and then show them my goldfish, they are amazed how big and how beautiful my fish are. They ask how I keep my tank so clean and how my fish live so long. I explain to them about the 10gal per goldfish and that a tank needs to have adequate filtration. Because of the miseducation about Goldfish, they have gotten the dirtybird reputation...I hope we can fight to get rid of it...
  20. wow...this seems like a battle taht will go on for a lifetime...I think that goldfish are under-rated and their care is missunderstood for just those reason, "They are just a fish". There is a difference between feeder fish and goldfish(from heart tail to fancy). Because of people inadequately taking care of goldfish, tehy get a bad rap for being dirty, or always dying or other crazy things I have heard. I have won several goldfish from carnivals and they have at least 5 years, with the oldest living 11 years before I euthenized her. I think that Goldfish should get their own section.
  21. please say it aint so...lol....you should not trade them in...you have beautiful fish that seem to be in good health...why do you want to trade them...cause they are too small for your liking?.....i hope you make the right decision...do you have pictures?
  22. he only thing I can see to be concerned about is that you make sure they unfert eggs are eaten or removed before they begum fungus ridden and make the tank nasty
  23. all my fish are to nosey....but I did have one years ago that would be weary of new food or new plants I put in the tank....took her a long time to know it was okay to eat
  24. awwwwww.he looks like he is soo sad and molly looks like she is pleading his case..lol dickey's_assistant that was excellent..I like to write too...been away to long..thank you for inspiring me to get my butt back to it
  25. sadden to hear that my friend....my bigest female oranda goes crazy when she sees me come in from work in the evening..with her I miss you now feed me dance...lol...good think though she is to round to really do anything but splash the surface
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