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  1. things are going well so far...I haven't lost any....i have a count of 13 fry and one is definitely bigger than the rest, I am going to video tape tomorrow and but it on youtube...stay tuned
  2. did your goldies ever get back "in the mood" again?
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! They look just like mines....I cant wait tos ee what mines will turn out to be...I have a shubunkin and a chocolate oranda for parents
  4. Tazz Knight


    Im so excited for you...I can only imagine what its like to have a pond...I used to go to the national arbetorium just to see the koi there...I hope to have a bond in my yard when i move out my townhouse into a single family house
  5. Tazz Knight


    congrats daryl....I love the excitement of fry raising...it never gets old
  6. Well, this is the first time that my Goldies successfully mated in my new home. The last time was about 3 years again. I will be posting pictures soon and hopefully they all will make it to teenage years okay. I was away working my job a few days and when I came back I observed my tank and Mista Man(chocolate oranda) had some white stuff on his face and I noticed a small tear in his anal fin, so I immediately got concerned. The other two goldies in the tank seemed to be okay. I looked at the gravel and the ornaments. When I looked at the plastic plants(which had been uprooted and floating at the top of the tank, I saw all the eggs all over them. Panic set in and I ran upstairs looking for something to put the plants in. The two 2.5 gallon tanks I had before from the last time where now snail tanks...lol. I took the one with the ramhorn snails and plucked him all out and put two of the 3 floating plants in there. I really didnt expect anything to come of it all cause the last two years not of the eggs had been fertilized. But something told me to do it just in case. So two days later I see something swimming and I am thinking it was a worm(that tank was notorious for having worms a few years back), but upon close examination, I saw a few of the fry stuck to the glass and one swiming around. I began to panic cause I knew that I was going to be away from home a few days with little to no chance to get back home. I rushed to the pet store the next day(cause the day I noticed the lil one swiming, it was after 9pm) and got some firstbites. With GOD's blessing, He(or she) is the biggest one in the tank. Over 90% of the eggs were not fertizled, but I think that had to do with the plants being uprooted and floating on the top of the tank.
  7. wow...this makes me want to have a telescope tank again....I miss my 5 teles....many in the near future...although I got baby fry again this year...I thought I was done, but my goldies pulled a fast on on me when I was away from home on work travel....lol...came home and saw eggs all over the place When daddy's away, the goldies will play
  8. You just cant stop mother nature....fish need releases of stress too I suppose...lol
  9. daryl hit it on the head...i normally introduce two hours after feeding time. I watch for the first few hours periodically...then, if possible(depending on your feeding schedule), feed them together
  10. you guys are lucky to have someone to pass the tourch to...I'm the only one in my family beside my lil bro that likes fish in my family...
  11. I live alone so no helpers for me, but even when I did live with my family, they would watch but never help...go figure
  12. wow, I never had soo many tanks though people think I do arund here...i would love to have a tank bigger than 29 gallons...my goldies would be happy campers...I hope to get into breeding again next you to gardengirl..I was movind late march early april so I wasnt able to have everything together for it. but I am enjoying my last two offspring from 2 years ago...lol....
  13. i dont think you really missed anyhting new, just some similiar products with new names, thats just about it...good luck with starting over, what kinda goldies will you get?
  14. thats really interesting, I'm currious as to how it turns out..I have a fry, well I guess its not a fry anymore being that he is 2 years old now, that has black marking on his fins and he does not seem to be losing it at all...and I have no light in that ank at this time at all and the ammonia level is zero..
  15. hey guys and gals, I was just wondering....how do you measure how much water youe filteris really filtering...I was just reading the article about 80 degree temps and it made me think. It seems lke every month when I do a thorough cleaning of the filters it filters great but about the mid of the third week, the water floow is less..any ideas?
  16. wow..thats great...a rarity worth having...you are blessed....love to see pics of the goldie
  17. I dont think i is a calico, I had fry that color and they all end up being various shades of gold...after a year and half going on two, only one still have that coloration you are looking at.
  18. oh wow..that could come in handle for when I do get my petstore started..thank oyou for sharing
  19. wow, I'm impressed..I'm very happy about that....changes are being made in the society aout goldfish....kudos to them
  20. what size tank do you have and what type of substrate do you have?
  21. awwww....look out for the thunderstorms....cloudy tanks are sure to follow...lol
  22. that brings about an ideal to connect to tanks to have goldies in one and plants in the other...wheels ah turning now
  23. thank you ilovefish and d_golem...I will try and if I make any progress, will post all that happens from that point on...I wonder who the local breeders are in this area... maybe I can get my chocolate oranda(Given that it's a male) to breed withmy bluescale and gold oranda...lol..though lemon or panda oranda would complete my oranda list
  24. I was thinking about doing just that (at least until I can open my own lfs)...I think that will be cheaper than trying to order on my own.
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