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  1. glitterfish, you hve a beautiful chocolate oranda...mines died after a month from SBD...
  2. hey, Bruce is great..wishI could meet him in person....wish my goldies got that big
  3. we all have to stand up for what we beleive.....dont be sad
  4. aww...they are cool together..I hope they grow old....hope the guppies have fin an another tank
  5. mmm sux....lol...thanx for that info...it will indeed come in handy
  6. another thing I can suggest is moving things around in the tank or puting something new in ..to give the fist some mental stimulation
  7. I personally like using fish to cycle my tank..I ahve a lot of patience
  8. I'm so glad that you made it though....hope all remains well for you
  9. this page is really cool..>I like it a lot
  10. I think we have been abandoned.... hope the experiment went well
  11. wow..t.hat was too funny...I think I might have burst out laffinhad I ben there
  12. that is awesome..I hope the states take to that banning of goldfish...just this sunday i was at a carnival and they had the goldfish bowl game...kinda made me sick to the stomach(remember when I was younger I loved that games and alsways won a fish or 4...and they lived a long time)
  13. I want a panda oranda also, but I dont know anyone that has successfully keep one without it losing it's color eventually....I wish it was like a shubunkin or moor and was genetically stable and breed to keep the black
  14. Tazz Knight


    I used turkey baster to remove the waste adn uneaten food...it works well
  15. genetics are key I beleive...certian breed of wen growing goldfish naturally develop better when than other...my blue scale oranda has very little wen growth in comparison to my red/white and my all gold orandas
  16. how are people able to sell things like that on ebay?
  17. thanx graham....sooo much...I live to see goldfish and koi happy...
  18. sure thing graham(click on the pictures to see a bigger picture of them)....I'm about to pm you now...and Tamianth, thanx for the link..I will share it with him
  19. Mariposa-I think she will be okay were she is now...as for raising fry, I think that a 5 or ten gallon tank would be okay raise them iin when you are ready for that
  20. Ive never heard of tht...but it sounds interesting...hope that you visit that store again soon with your cell
  21. sadden to hear about your lost...I hope that you will never have to go throught hat again
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