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  1. Goldfish genetics are awesome and weird at the same time. Years ago, I lost most of my goldfish when I moved from parents home to my current house. the two that ended up surviving were my shubunkin(female) and my chocolate oranda(male)...before my male died, he had spawned with the female a week prior and I was anxious to see what I would get from that mix. But the time the fry were 3 weeks old, my female died. None of the fry were fancy and in the end, only 5 survived(Roulette, Spade, Joker, Jinx and Dorothy(the runt of the litter...lol...kept here in a tank with my cory cats cause she was sooo little)....almost a year and a half later, the first four(Roulette the only female) spawned and amazingly, 25% of the fry came out fancy. I kept 5 regular goldfish and 3 fantail(how I hope turn out to be orandas) Its been a year and half and the five single tail goldfish spawned two weeks ago and I can see quite a few fancy goldfish in the making. so soon, I will have fish to give away again....lol.
  2. agreed, the cats do need their own refuge in the tank to get away from the tank world. I always had a barrel. plant corner and ornaments they could swim through. most times the enjoys swimming with my orandas and fantails. I love having albino cory cats with my goldfish
  3. hey Guldklumpen, is that zucchini that you are feeding your goldfish in the picture?
  4. I always wanted to breed my teles, but could get them in the mood...lol...you are so lucky. cant wait to see the pics
  5. I am going to make a new video of the fry....only have five remaining of the 13....they are so fun to watch
  6. kewl, i look forward to seeing them
  7. Tazz Knight


    what kinda filter system are you using?
  8. this is the video from week 3
  9. yeah, I hope so to...so much fun watching nature take its course...hope to read about your adventures next time
  10. Quick update....the three smallest didnt survive...so now I am down to 10...one seems to have a swim bladder disorder....when he eats...he floats to the top..I have video recorded for week 3 and Im going to do a video tonight for week 4...and try to post both videos up tonight or tomorrow morning
  11. I love oranda...Lani looks like my male oranda
  12. Do you have any pictures of your tank? And thank you, OLDFISH...if it wasnt fry, I would definitely give the sand a try...but with them being small....I dont want to get it logged in their lil' mouths
  13. I was just asking about this....the sand that I have is Tahitian Moon, from Super natural Aquarium Gravel. HEre is a link to the product. http://www.caribsea.com/pages/products/super_nat.html It works well in my tropical tank and I don't have issues with it when it comes to gleaning the gravel, but I dunno if its good for goldfish, which is what I am trying to find out before I move my fry to the tank with the sand.
  14. this had been a very interesting thread and I still have not made my final decision as of yet, but the sand that I am planning on using can be seen here, " http://www.caribsea.com/pages/products/super_nat.html " and the kind that is already in the tank I plan on using for my fry when they get an inch long is the "Tahitian Moon" one. Its in a 20 Gallon tank with corys and mollies at the moment. The tank is already cycled and would be an easy transport. But if I need to take the sand out and have a graveless tank then I will...has anyone used Super Naturals Aquarium Gravel before?
  15. I agree with anymitchell, I vote for Oliver He is a handsome goldie....Im jealous...lol...I guess I always want them all when I see a nice one....I vote for Oliver
  16. Thank you two for the fast responses and link...I will read it...I will probably just have to take all the sand out the tank and have a gravelless tank for my goldfish fry...will keep you posted...just looking ahead...got at least 2-3 weeks...I wanted to use that tank because its is already cycled and ready to go..with plants in it that the goldies cold nibble on
  17. I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but here goes it. I have a few tanks that I experimented with(tropical tanks). I have black sand in there and it seemed to be good for the fish and the plants. I never tried it with goldfish before. I know that Goldies love to forage through the gravel looking for the "food that got away" from the earlier assualt. Would sand be an issue with goldfish? Has anyone had any experience with this...I ask cause I am moving the few tropical fish I have into a smaller tank(I used to have 10 in a 20 gallon and now I have only 3 left) so I think I will place them in my QT 10 gallon tank. That way I will have a 20 gallon tank to move my goldie fry into as they are starting to get big in their 2.5 gallon tank. Any suggestions...I dont want my fry to have issues witht eh sand in the tank I am going to be moving them to in a few weeks.
  18. Tazz Knight


    are there any pics of the little ones?
  19. thats a bummer...I like the excitement of it all and hope everyone gets to experience it...how are your goldies doing? Hope they are doing well!!!
  20. From my experience...that is the milt from the male as he was trying to fert the eggs that may have been laid....sounds like what I experienced when I came home from work...my tank was a lil cloudy and he had white stuff on his face and body...then when I looked around and inspected the tank...I saw eggs all over the plants....do you have any eggs in your tank?
  21. Thank you...I was watching them last night and they are starting to show more colors...the white ones are starting to get some black colorations now and one looks to be getting some orange spot...one of the smallest looks to be suffering from some fin root....i am thinking about getting a half gallon fish bowl for him to treat him in
  22. I was hoping so, but it seems like all of the fry have single tails....so now I am hoping that one will row a wen...lol...I will try to do a weekly recording for them...I cant seem to find any place where I can get brine shrimp eggs in my area to feed them...all I have been feeding them are first bites any ideas as to when I can start small water changes?
  23. Here is a link to the video I put on youtube of the goldfish..I just uploaded it...enjoy and tell me what you think My Fry and Their Parents
  24. Tazz Knight


    wow...I cant wait to get there...mines are two weeks as of today....making a`video of them
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