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  1. Saw a Pealscale with a wen

    Goldfish genetics are awesome and weird at the same time. Years ago, I lost most of my goldfish when I moved from parents home to my current house. the two that ended up surviving were my shubunkin(female) and my chocolate oranda(male)...before my male died, he had spawned with the female a week prior and I was anxious to see what I would get from that mix. But the time the fry were 3 weeks old, my female died. None of the fry were fancy and in the end, only 5 survived(Roulette, Spade, Joker, Jinx and Dorothy(the runt of the litter...lol...kept here in a tank with my cory cats cause she was sooo little)....almost a year and a half later, the first four(Roulette the only female) spawned and amazingly, 25% of the fry came out fancy. I kept 5 regular goldfish and 3 fantail(how I hope turn out to be orandas) Its been a year and half and the five single tail goldfish spawned two weeks ago and I can see quite a few fancy goldfish in the making. so soon, I will have fish to give away again....lol.
  2. Albino Cory Catfish

    agreed, the cats do need their own refuge in the tank to get away from the tank world. I always had a barrel. plant corner and ornaments they could swim through. most times the enjoys swimming with my orandas and fantails. I love having albino cory cats with my goldfish
  3. Colouration

    hey Guldklumpen, is that zucchini that you are feeding your goldfish in the picture?
  4. Georgie And/Or Lisa Are Mommies!

    I always wanted to breed my teles, but could get them in the mood...lol...you are so lucky. cant wait to see the pics
  5. Fry Day

    I am going to make a new video of the fry....only have five remaining of the 13....they are so fun to watch
  6. Gravel Vs Sand

    kewl, i look forward to seeing them
  7. Fry!

    what kinda filter system are you using?
  8. Fry Day

    this is the video from week 3
  9. I Think Its Happening

    yeah, I hope so to...so much fun watching nature take its course...hope to read about your adventures next time
  10. Fry Day

    Quick update....the three smallest didnt survive...so now I am down to 10...one seems to have a swim bladder disorder....when he eats...he floats to the top..I have video recorded for week 3 and Im going to do a video tonight for week 4...and try to post both videos up tonight or tomorrow morning
  11. Growth Spurt!

    I love oranda...Lani looks like my male oranda
  12. Gravel Vs Sand

    Do you have any pictures of your tank? And thank you, OLDFISH...if it wasnt fry, I would definitely give the sand a try...but with them being small....I dont want to get it logged in their lil' mouths
  13. Substrate Question

    I was just asking about this....the sand that I have is Tahitian Moon, from Super natural Aquarium Gravel. HEre is a link to the product. http://www.caribsea.com/pages/products/super_nat.html It works well in my tropical tank and I don't have issues with it when it comes to gleaning the gravel, but I dunno if its good for goldfish, which is what I am trying to find out before I move my fry to the tank with the sand.
  14. Experiences With Sand Irritating Gills?

    this had been a very interesting thread and I still have not made my final decision as of yet, but the sand that I am planning on using can be seen here, " http://www.caribsea.com/pages/products/super_nat.html " and the kind that is already in the tank I plan on using for my fry when they get an inch long is the "Tahitian Moon" one. Its in a 20 Gallon tank with corys and mollies at the moment. The tank is already cycled and would be an easy transport. But if I need to take the sand out and have a graveless tank then I will...has anyone used Super Naturals Aquarium Gravel before?
  15. So Olive...

    I agree with anymitchell, I vote for Oliver He is a handsome goldie....Im jealous...lol...I guess I always want them all when I see a nice one....I vote for Oliver