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  1. The temp changes could have causes more stress on your fish. I think you might want to try using some melafix since extra water changes arent working
  2. are the scales falling off in random scattered spots or is it all in one main area? Oh when treating for ich you gradually rise the salt level to .3% Cant remember the exact dosage... someone else should know this
  3. i might sound stupid but i have no clue what clove oil is! Where do you get it and what else is it usually used for?
  4. yea i hate it when they put poor goldfish where they dont belong... just like how they advertise goldfish in bowls! <_< Oh but my goldies are spoiled.. fancies are in a 55gal and one of the big ponds is full of shubunkins, commons, and comets. well i guess im gonna have to forget the whole tall tank thing... id rather just find somewhere else for a long tank so i can have the fish i want! Im just not into the small guys anymore.. I just filled my empty other tank w/ 3 tinfoil barbs, 3 bala sharks, and 3 silver dollars just last month and i really like em after having all small fish forever! cant wait til they get big. O well time to beg the mom for a nice long tank, hmm maybe another 55gal! Thanks for all the help tho
  5. ok how about this tank: 20gal Or these: 2 more tanks
  6. I dont have the tank yet, but I was thinking maybe a 30gal lemme see if i can find a link to something im looking for
  7. Just make sure the water is extremely clean and it should heal on its own and skin should cover the hole hehe cute name
  8. oh i wasnt planing on going with goldfish... So you said small fish are best huh, Whats the biggest i can get away with? B/c i really like fish that are at least like 4 inches full grown, little guys are kinda boring to me lol What about Angel fish? I heard those are good for tall tanks, is that true?
  9. im kinda shocked to see freezing as a least humane! Thats the method i would have used!
  10. yay! glad to hear theyre doin good All you have to do is rinse off the lettuce in water and you can actually find little clips that hold the lettuce and other fruits n veggies at the petstore prolly. If you dont have anything like that then for now you can try to hand feed them by holding the leaf of lettuce or tearing it in little pieces for them to catch.
  11. oh i just noticed your last question... Yes you still have to vacuum/syphon the gravel. Id suggest everyother day waterchanges taking out 2gals or 20% Make sure you use a water conditioner too. good luck on filter shopping!
  12. i think it should be ok, my fish always do that to get my attention or in otherwords they want FOOD! If theyre itching themselves on things or acting liek theyre trying to shake something off of them then you might have a problem, but just make sure water quality is good and keep an eye on them since theyre new fish. Thats nice to get a fish like that
  13. isnt spitting and clear, white poop a sign of internal parasites? But i really doubt that because you havent had anything that is very new to the tank and no1 else is acting odd. my goldies will have that kinda poo once in a while 2. Sorry i cant really help ya out but one thing you should do is get the algae eaters away from the goldfish. If you dont have another tank then just get a tank divider
  14. Ok I saw Blinkys pics and some other and it inspired me to get some live plants! I was thinking of dazzling up my 55gal goldie tank with plants and some driftwood. I ALWAYS seem 2 kill plants everytime i get them so i want to start off right! lol i read the post at the top of the page and was wondering.... when your syphoning the rocks do you just go around the plants? and if i have driftwood with something like java moss growing over it do i have to lift up the wood to syphon underneath it? Or do i just let the poops sit in there and let the plants soak it up? And I have the bigger rocks so would it be better to plant the plants in a pot or in the rocks? Im a complete plant dummy so bare with me! Any help would be appreciated!
  15. wow i wish my fish would grow that fast! lol I agree w/ what has been said... you big goldie needs more room! Bigger tanks are always great to have... Bigger tank= MORE FISH!
  16. im so sorry about Holly **hugs** Its so hard to euthanize our goldies but sometimes its the best thing to do no matter how guilty we feel. The picture was beautiful and thats great that you took such a good pic to always remember her by.
  17. hey there! Well since you got 2 goldies in a 10gal you should maybe try getting a filter designed for a tank a little larger than a 10gal so it will help stay cleaner. I personally like "hang on the back" filters, and that would prolly be the best kind for a 10gal. But dont get one too big b/c then there will be way too much of a current and stress the fish. In my 10gal and 5 gal tanks i have Whisper filters which work pretty good. Ive used Whisper, Penguin, and Aquaclears, which all work pretty good. One more thing.. a filter with a bio~wheel is always good because that collects the beneficial bacteria and you dont ever replace the wheel. The problem with some filters is that they only have one filter pad and when you replace the whole filter with a clean new one the cycle can be lost so its good to have one with 2 filter pads or w/ 1 filter pad and a biowheel.
  18. aww he grew so much, what a pretty color! hehe id cry too..tears of happiness and sadness! I CANT wait til the day my koi get HUGE! the biggest is prolly around 8 inches, and my pond goldies are a lil smaller too.
  19. im soo sorry Ive had that happen to a few of my pond fish before. Its so sad, but theyre in fishy heaven now! the worst thing happened to one of my shubunkins named Betty... I found her floating w/ no head!! It was terrible Anyways hope you feel better
  20. Looks great! Just one question tho.... dont your goldfish eat the plants at all?
  21. You need to get a water conditioner ASAP like NovAqua or Prime Your fish is acting like this most likely from chemicals from the tap water. You have to use water conditioners everytime you do a water change to remove harmful substances and if possible let the tap water sit out 24 hours before putting in tank. You really should look into getting a 10gal as soon as you can, you can find them decent priced at petstores, nnnnnn, etc.
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