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  1. I just added a bubble wand curtain thing but the bubbles seem to be coming out way fast. I have only ever had small airstones so I'm not too sure what my wand should be doing. there are lots and lots of bubbles coming out at a high speed but my fat fishies seem to like them. So is it ok?

  2. I took a sample of water to my local fish store and they tested it for me and said it was fine but that was like a week and a half ago. I have a power filter with biological filtration for a 15-30 gal tank My tank is a 20 gal the only conditioner I use is just the chlorine and various other bad things in your water killer stuff when I change the tank water by vaccuming the gravel every week I change it 25% once a week and 50% once a month. There are three fish in the tank one 3 inch fantail and one 2 inch telescope and a comet 1 1/2 inches all estimate measures not including their tai fins all of the fish arrived at the same time and I have had them 7 months and the tank has been running 7 and 1/2 months (2 weeks without fish) They aren't acting strange and seem very healthy they all have a bright orange "glow" about them and are eating llike pigs in true goldfish fashion :) I feed them sinking pellets and treats of tubifex worms and various veggies like peas and fruit like oranges.

  3. I have a rather large fantail who has a fuzzy white spot on his tail fin and I just noticed that my telescope has a spot on his tail fin too. I have been reading through past postings and salting seemed to be the concensus on what do do first is that the route I should go?

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