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  1. Oh yes, I can use PP--I have both new HP and new PP crystals. The only swabbing I did thus far was to the chin ulcer, but I am wondering about swabbing all these spots. Or a dip? But I'm afraid that might be too stressful. Though PP is less stressful than HP, maybe, I don't know (I've never done a dip).

    The pet sitter knows how to change the water, but not so happy about having to sit for a few hours while it fill slowly over an airstone to minimize the PH difference (my tap is 7.4, but after it ages it's 8.5 or so). I am sure I could prevail upon her to do it once, though. And I'm sure she'd test for ammonia. Maybe I won't need a water change if the fish in 30 gallons (I'll fill it up) and running the Aquaclear 70 (300 gph turnover) for 10 days? [No, no, upon thought that sounds overly optimistic...]

    I think you should do a PP swab, not a dip or the paste. This isn't advanced enough to need that harsh of a treatment. The reason I say PP is because the HP that was in date didn't do much, PP will kill off pretty much anything.

    I look at it this way, you cut your finger you put neosporin on it a couple of days later it's still red and infected you go to the doc, he gives you a stronger ointment and tells you to come back if that doesn't work, then you move to the antibiotics.

    You don't want to pull out the big guns until you need to that's how we get superbugs.

    And yes the MMs are a good idea and probably the salt too, if you have done a full course of the PC and no more worms have reared their ugly heads then salt is prob your best move in that dept.

  2. Just wondering if you made sure your HP was still in date? I know I've made that mistake before.

    And I think the bio bandage is a good idea, have you any PP? It's stronger than HP, and might give the infection the kick the butt that it needs to go away.

    Your water needs to stay pristine, is your pet sitter familiar with water chemistry and willing to do water changes?

  3. Ive never seen that before..

    I do think its a bacterial infection, like the fish got cut. My first thought to do is get some aquarium salt in there and use some Primafix. Before doing any harder medications.

    You know it almost looks like an bacterial infection that ulcerated. I wonder if a PP swab with a q-tip or a PP dip would be a good idea in addition to the salt?

  4. (Didn't I tell you to stay out of D&D? I'm moving this!!! No seriously I'm moving it because I think you'll get more answers in general discussion.)

    I moved it! In my librarian mind it didn't belong here! Wrong category :tantrum but I'll let it slide if you say so Sarah! :teehee

  5. The rams horns are little and they lay eggs everywhere so yup in the filter. The problem is not getting the adult snails out but the eggs, they lay clear egg masses and they are really really hard to find. They hatch, lay more eggs, you get the picture.

    BUT thankfully you just have a brown apple snail so no worries but it's always a good idea to wash plants in bleach solution so you don't bring in pest snail eggs.

  6. You went to get food whilst in the middle of a water change?! :blink:

    We're all here to learn and we've all made mistakes, haley22, has seen what can happen in a blink of an eye and I am sure she's learned from it. I know I've done silly things just not thinking about it, let's not call people out on things like this.

  7. Does your brown snail look exactly like the other snails? Because at first glance he looks like a ramshorn snail and trust me you do not want to keep him around they reproduce asexually and you will have 50,000,000,000,000,000 snails. They will get every where in your filter, in your gravel, everywhere. Once they get established they are nearly impossible to get rid of, ask me how I know :glare:

  8. Just popping to say that pale fish, with scale loss, and jumping out of the tank is a classic sign of parasites.

    If you will post your tank parameters we would be more than happy to help you figure out what's going on with your fish :)

    How does she look today?

  9. I was just about to say two things

    1. Oh that is no fun and I am so sorry you are dealing with anchor worms

    2. get some PP, it should kill the anchor worms attached if you miss any and help sterilize the wounds

    But that ryukingirl kid beat me to it, but seriously PP is good stuff for external parasites, I've used it on fish lice too.

    A tip on finding PP if you don't already know this is to look in the home improvement stores in the plumbing area, a lot of people use it for wells and filters in their homes.

  10. Ok will do! Nitrates: about 30, almost perfectly between 20 and 40.. I'm going to do a 100% water change today though so that'll drop like it does every other week.. should I be doing 100% WC every week with 3 in a 30g and two filters?

    Nitrates aren't too bad, but the larger the water change the better! 3 in a 30gallon is pushing it so you could even (time permitting of course) do two smaller changes during the week.

    I am going to move your thread into disease and diagnosis ok? I think the 911 part is over here : )

  11. The baskets I have don't really look like they'd be up for layering. I could put the media itself in the actual filter if I wanted to layer it, but I can barely fit the felt I'm using for now in the baskets I have...

    Do you think it'd be okay to put the media directly in the filter?

    Yeah you should be able to with no problem just makes sure all the whirly pieces still move and all that.

  12. Very nice, haha. Looks like she's going to loose all that black very soon though....you'd get her home and the make up would come off ;)

    Haha yup isn't that how all we girls operate? We reel them in with makeup and nice clothes and then after a couple of months it's cold cream and sweatpants :rofl

    It is a gorgeous fish though, great lines.

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