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  1. Love those fish especially Blue rams even tho I couldn't keep them alive :(

    Yeah, I have either heard they're impossible to keep alive or they are super hardy and need no special care, same thing I hear about gouramis and I can't seem to keep those alive. I hope Heinrich (that's my ram's new name) will make it.

  2. So, I went by the LFS today and found some rummy nose tetras, I got a school of 7, as of right now three are schooling together like nothing ever changed and four are huddled under the driftwood scared outta their minds I hope they acclimate alright! And I got a German Blue Ram, I want to see how he does, I have a lot of plant coverage and am putting in a cave for him so hopefully with peaceful fish he will play nice.

  3. I bet you are going insane not being able to get that puppy running! I would be! Can't wait to see it all filled with fishies.

    You do know the newspaper trick for checking for leaks right? You place it on newspapers then very carefully fill it not spilling and then you can see if there are leaks very easily because newspaper gets dark when it's wet.

  4. Ashlee is right about goldies picking on them, which if it doesn't cause injury it is certainly stressful, stress can lead to death. Also,snails cannot live by algae and the hopes that they get to missed goldie pellets alone, they need veggies or pre-prepared snail food. There is a good website that sells snail cookies, a quick google search should bring it up but it will be hard to keep the goldies from the snail food. I am not a fan of snails in goldie tanks but people certainly can make it work.

  5. I would only salt until you do water change to get your ammonia down. Have you tried daily water changes?

    :exactly water changes are the only thing that is going to get your fish better because it's the only thing that will get your tank cycled and hopefully stabilized. Salt is a good idea because it will help lessen the effects of the nitrites.

  6. I wouldn't consider any thing cat proof those little boogers are smart. I fully expect world domination by a master race of cats one day. :rofl That being said, if they were after the fish they would make enough noise to wake you up I would think.

    Putting a book on top would probably be enough to keep a curious cat from being able to lift lid.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    I have been looking at tetras, I think the black skirts are cool and I like the phantoms too, oh and the bleeding heart tetras are neat too.

    I can't picture white clouds in my head right now, I know I know them, off too google I go!

    I will keep you guys updated as I get the tank really going again.

  8. So now that I am back at my Mom's house I want to get my tank going again. Right now it's just home to a shoal of 5 corey cats and one lone platty that made it through the freezing temps and no filter during a big snow storm that caused a power outage.

    I don't want anything too high maintenance in case I get a job and have to leave I don't want her to be stuck with something that is really finicky (hence the no goldies right now).

    We have really soft water and a ph around 6.0. I have two Emperor 330s, a Neptune heater, and a bubble disk going in the tank and it has about .5 inch of gravel in the bottom just enough to cover the bottom.

    I would love to hear what you guys think would work in this tank.

  9. Well, I just did an HP dip yesterday and the wound looks like it is healing over--maybe I ought to wait on the PP paste?

    RE my Metromeds question, I see she has a poo that is stringy and then has air sacks or something like that it in it just now. But she is acting tine.

    Wait on the PP paste. If it's healing over it should be fine with some salt and clean water.

    I agree with Amy on MMs

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