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  1. Ohhh two different fish, we're talking about. Ok. Tired brain. Sorry. That's less concerning, good move putting her in Qt though. Why don't you try a week or so without the UV and see what happens it certainly won't hurt anything, I really think that if she's not showing any other signs of distress it might just be a weird reaction to flucuations in water quality, I had a tele that would float if the nitrates got over 10ppm, freaked me out but I figured it out and stepped up water changes.

  2. If your QT is cycled I would move her in ASAP, better safe than sorry for the other fish and I think it's strange that she's having labored breathing and head standing, I wonder if it's a parasite of some sort, I am sure you've treated for flukes right? What do her gills look like at the moment? red like raw meat or pale?

    Hmmmmmm :hmm

    The fluid around the eye looks like an injury to me. Which could have been from itching from flukes.....or maybe if you had a cycle bump the head standing is from stress adjusting to that? :hmm

  3. Hey thanks for the responses :)

    All great ideas you guys have there. Heres what I have come up with, with your help of course! : Bring the fish to my friends in rubbermaids with airstones. (Hopefully the mollies will be okay without a heater.) Put the filter media and my palnt in a sealed rubbermaid with tank water. Put the filters, airline tubing, air stones, light, thermometer, etc in the drained tank and seal it with plastic. After the 6 hours unseal tank, setup tank with new water, and put fish back into temp matched tank.

    Viola! Think that will work ?

    I think that would work. Just keep a close eye on everyone for the first couple of hours afterward :)

  4. Taking the fish to your friends will only do so much if the the pesticides get into the tank, I would cover them really well with plastic and tape down the edges so that you get a good seal on it.

    Oops, Maceo thanks for emphasizing this. I meant to, but it slipped my mind :doh11:. Turning of the filter and closing it hermetically would be best. Maybe lowering the water level and putting the filter media in the tank? Anyone else any thoughts about this? (I was thinking about reducing the lack of aeration)

    Good idea about the aeration and the media in the tank.

  5. As for the MM he is only 6 days in so I have to finish the 14 days right? So should I just switch it up with peas/veggies for the next 8 days or feed MM exclusively?

    I am going to make him some new gel food soon with lots of veggies.

    Oh and with the Jumpstart that I have, I only have two months left till 6 months opened. I don't use food after 6 months. Is it something that can be fed as a staple or just after sickness/meds.

    Finish the course of MMS and then you can switch it up. Just don't overfeed and hopefully he won't get floaty!

    I would only feed the Jumpstart as an after meds food, I see it like a probiotic you take after being on antibiotics.

    And BTW sometimes curled gills are a genetic trait, my brother had two huge moors that both had very curled gills.

  6. His gills look healthy to me a nice raw meaty color.

    I think the white you're seeing is just slime coat it's easier to see on black fish and sometimes can make us worry and if he's getting a little backed up then he may be feeling a bit stressed and stress leads to a thickening of the slime coat.

    Glad to hear he's righted himself!

  7. So sorry to hear about your cory cat. I have 3 in my guppy tank that I have had for about 4 years as well. I never knew the lifespan of these little guys but now I do.

    Thanks. Just FYI, the lifespan is different for different species of cory cats, the Emeralds happen to have a shorter lifespan :( than most of the other cories I've researched.

    Thanks for the sympathy guys. :):heart

  8. Bleach or boiling it is your best ways to go.

    Don't be afraid of bleach, bleach is just chlorine, so you rinse and rinse it until you can't smell it any more and then add more de-chlorinator to your tank that you normally would just to be safe and you'll be fine.

  9. I was changing the water on my tropical tank today and found one of my emerald cory cats was dead. I think he had just lived out his life, I've read their life span is only about 5 years and I've had him nearly 4. His body didn't have any signs of disease, so I am pretty sure he was just old. I will miss him though! I love my cory cats so much they have such personality. I will have to get a couple more to replace him and keep my shoal going. Poor little guy RIP.

  10. I personally think you might be overfeeding her. I would only feed two pellets once a day and I agree with Koko, give her a couple of days of fasting and see if her belly doesn't go down. If it doesn't she may be gravid sometimes a rise in temperature and a large water change can get them to release eggs.

  11. PP is a beast, it will kill any and every living nasty thing, apparently my grandmother came up with some nasty nasty fungus right after the Depression and had to soak in the stuff it was the only thing that got rid of it and I as you know already have used it to nuke a tank with great results. I moved the tank to the garage, filled it up, attached the filters and let them run until the whole thing turned brown, then I did it one more time just to be sure, used a little hydrogen peroxide, drained it out, rinsed it and let it all dry out in the sunshine.

    May the force be with you Chrissy_Bee! :rofl I don't envy your task at hand.

  12. I agree that the tank, filters and all media need to be totally sterilized and potassium permanganate is your best bet for doing that. Make sure you get the media, you will lose your cycle but trichodina like that kind of mucky vegetal like waste that can build up on your media.

    Like Alistair said there are salt resistant strains of trichodina, and your best bet is something like Quick Cure or anything that has formalin in it, if you use Quick Cure or anything similar make sure you turn the tank lights out or you will deactivate it.

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