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  1. Unless you're showing nitrites salt isn't going to really help the only thing that will help is a huge water change, and figuring out what's got your cycle out of whack. Do you ever change your filter pads out? Changing them could cause a bump in your cycle.
  2. I agree that the tank, filters and all media need to be totally sterilized and potassium permanganate is your best bet for doing that. Make sure you get the media, you will lose your cycle but trichodina like that kind of mucky vegetal like waste that can build up on your media. Like Alistair said there are salt resistant strains of trichodina, and your best bet is something like Quick Cure or anything that has formalin in it, if you use Quick Cure or anything similar make sure you turn the tank lights out or you will deactivate it.
  3. Gorgeous fish! I love your tank too so simple and clean, love that look!
  4. I bet you are going insane not being able to get that puppy running! I would be! Can't wait to see it all filled with fishies. You do know the newspaper trick for checking for leaks right? You place it on newspapers then very carefully fill it not spilling and then you can see if there are leaks very easily because newspaper gets dark when it's wet.
  5. Pictures would be most helpful. A lot of times poor water quality can cause red patches and gulping at the top with fish. Your nitrates are high you should do a very large water change. And, how large is your tank you didn't mention that.
  6. water changes are the only thing that is going to get your fish better because it's the only thing that will get your tank cycled and hopefully stabilized. Salt is a good idea because it will help lessen the effects of the nitrites.
  7. Then you are going to have to step up your water changes, larger 75% or more, until your tank cycles.
  8. All of the symptoms you described relate to ammonia in the water as well, have you tested your tap water for ammonia? And have you checked the expiration date on your Prime?
  9. Peeling skin and the other symptoms are classic signs of a Ph crash. I am sorry the fish didn't make it.
  10. I wouldn't consider any thing cat proof those little boogers are smart. I fully expect world domination by a master race of cats one day. That being said, if they were after the fish they would make enough noise to wake you up I would think. Putting a book on top would probably be enough to keep a curious cat from being able to lift lid.
  11. Keep up the water changes and keep an eye on him. A true fungal infection is pretty rare from what I understand so chances are he's stressed and will continue to improve with time and clean water. Do you have a heater in the tank? A nice steady temp I find helps to keep a fish from stressing.
  12. Yup good water quality at this point is your best bet. I would like to see a pic of the spot too, it could be any number of things, they can get thick white patches of their slime coat when they get stressed or it could be something else.
  13. If you can get your hands on some bio bandage that would be a good thing for his wound as well as clean clean water
  14. Is one of your fish any larger on one side? That is a sign of a gravid fish, and could be why the nipping is going on. I have found that a large water change can entice a fish to drop eggs and help the aggressive breeding behavior to slow down.
  15. Plants are so nice in a tank Can't wait to see what you do with them! Just a friendly reminder to disinfect before you add! (I am sure you know this, I just can't help but remind )
  16. Wait on the PP paste. If it's healing over it should be fine with some salt and clean water. I agree with Amy on MMs
  17. That's excellent news! I would suspect that the PC was not helping the situation
  18. The only hesitation I have with a linked system is, is there a way to keep infection or parasites from spreading to every vat?
  19. If things aren't worse I would definitely watch and see. Don't do anything just yet. With the salt and a couple of days in clean water she may heal on up. 12 days in the salt won't hurt her.
  20. I think you should do a PP swab, not a dip or the paste. This isn't advanced enough to need that harsh of a treatment. The reason I say PP is because the HP that was in date didn't do much, PP will kill off pretty much anything. I look at it this way, you cut your finger you put neosporin on it a couple of days later it's still red and infected you go to the doc, he gives you a stronger ointment and tells you to come back if that doesn't work, then you move to the antibiotics. You don't want to pull out the big guns until you need to that's how we get superbugs. And yes the MMs are a good idea and probably the salt too, if you have done a full course of the PC and no more worms have reared their ugly heads then salt is prob your best move in that dept.
  21. Just wondering if you made sure your HP was still in date? I know I've made that mistake before. And I think the bio bandage is a good idea, have you any PP? It's stronger than HP, and might give the infection the kick the butt that it needs to go away. Your water needs to stay pristine, is your pet sitter familiar with water chemistry and willing to do water changes?
  22. Video Forum Here ya go! A link to the Photos and Video part of Kokos!
  23. Haruka gave you excellent advice. I just wanted to add to test your tap water too, just to make sure you know that your water doesn't have ammonia or anything else in it.
  24. You know it almost looks like an bacterial infection that ulcerated. I wonder if a PP swab with a q-tip or a PP dip would be a good idea in addition to the salt?
  25. I always always always bleach or PP (I know you can't) but I had a horrid pest snail infestation once and I will never ever ever risk that ever again. I have never had a bleach solution harm a plant.
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