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  1. Any amount of ammonia can stress a fish out, keep on changing the water 100% a day until you get the ammonia under control only really large water changes are going to help, if you do 50% you are going to see the waste build more quickly than if you do 100%. Also, have you checked your ammonia out of the tap?

    You should reconsider that hollow log, hollow ornaments are bad news, they can create stagnant water and create a wonderful place for bad bacteria to flourish in your tank.

    Step up the water changes to 100%, check your tap water for ammonia, and see what happens with larger changes.

  2. I second what Grace said about dechlorinator but if you've had him 5 years I am sure you used it.

    He could also be shook up from the move or from a temperature change. Leave the tank lights off and don't disturb him for a while and see how he does.

  3. dnalex, could you please tell me how to correctly put the Hydrogen Peroxide on his head without stressing him too much?

    Gently lift him to where his head is above the water line, take a q-tip dipped in HP and gently swab the area, make sure your hands are wet with tank water when you scoop him up. A word of caution with HP, too many applications can impede tissue healing, you NEED to do it now to help kill off the infection but it's not a long term treatment.

    Good luck to you and your fishy! He's so cute!

  4. I have extremely soft water too and I have had great luck using crushed coral in my tank to keep the Ph stable. You have to be extra diligent at water changes to make sure you add back the correct amount of buffer to make sure your Ph stays stable. Soft water is no fun.

  5. Ok first I need for you to answer the questions in the box above, we need to know your water parameters etc.

    Second, don't change your filter pads that is where your good bacteria live, chances are your tank isn't cycled and that is probably contributing to whatever your fish's problems are.

    Third you can attach a picture through photobucket or a third party hosting site like that. Get the direct link to your photo, click the photo icon at the top of the post response box and paste your link then your photo should upload.

  6. I would say it certainly is possible especially if he had a walloping case of flukes. They can cause an increase of a fish's slime coat, counter intuitive I know since they eat through it too but if he had a slime coat built up then the Prazi may not have been getting to him as effectively hence the need for a salt dip.

  7. Her fish is in a bigger tank right now, 16 gallons I believe. So I read it as she will be keeping him in the 16 gallon until school and will have a nice strong cycle :)

    But someone will still have to maintain it.

    Have you thought about the holidays and how you are going to transport him back and forth and where you're going to put him when you get home etc?

  8. I remember reading somewhere that goldfish have good eyesight up to 3 feet. They get excited whenever I go near the tank. If I'm at my cutting board they are huddled along the left wall of the tank watching me.

    Huh! Who woulda thunk it? :) That's really interesting! I wonder if the same is true of all fish.

  9. I have been thinking about this with my tropical tank as they always zoom over when I come to the tank, I think it might be the looming shadow over the tank means food? I can't imagine their eye sight is that great especially through the glass too.

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