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  1. Hi,

    I tried without success to get some photos this morning but Mr. Tangerine wouldn't stay still long enough and I was late for work. The rings around his eyes are the same from yesterday. A bit smaller than they were initially but no change since. I am continuing to maintain the salt at 3% and doing regular water changes.

    I hope i'm not being impatient but I hate to see him sick and i'm just wondering how soon I should be expecting to see more results or when/if it is necessary to move to meds? A lot of pet stores aren't open on the weekend so I just want to make sure I have everything I need on hand..

    In the past I've seen most all cases of popeye treated with clean water and salt. It takes a little time so unless he's not going down hill, stay the course and give the water and salt some time to work. It's hard I know but time is on your side here since he has no other symptoms :)

  2. it's hard to tell on photo so............ what next :undecided:

    Large water changes and keep 'em coming! Clean, clean water is your best bet here!

    If you have a lot of ammonia or other bad stuff in your water adding medications is only going to kill your fish, so changing out the water and giving your fishy some nice clean water to heal up in is going to be the best thing for it. :)

    Welcome to Koko's we're happy to have you!

  3. Yup Ashlee18 is correct,ich is always present in low levels. A cycle spike, a new fish introduced to the "herd", temp fluctuations etc can stress a fish and out pops an ich outbreak.

    You know that the salt treatment is not going to make your plants happy and have rehomed them temporarily which is a good move, you might want to give them a quick bleach disinfection just to make sure non of the ich is hiding out on your plants.

    Bleach is used at 1 part bleach to 19 parts water. Dip the plant in the solution for 1 minute (for delicate stem plants), 2 minutes for tougher plants like java fern and anubias. Rinse several times in clear water, followed by a rinse in dechlorinated water.

    Hang in there girl! We all go through rough patches with our fishy friends.

  4. What do you mean by a nitrate and nitrite level of 1?

    I think you should step up your water changes, 25% in a fully stocked tank once a week is not enough, you should be going for at least 50%

    I have heard of hard plastic plants causing fins to fray but never causing bleeding or problems with a wen.

    Can you get a picture of this spot? And when you say you treated it with melafix how did you go about doing that?

  5. Your cheapest and perfectly sound option is Morton's Canning and Pickling salt though now I see you are from Trinidad so I don't know if you can get Morton's salt. This is what is looks like in case that helps Morton's Canning Salt

    Give her at least 3 days in the .3% salt and clean, clean, clean water, popeye is generally caused by poor water quality even the slightest spike in nitrates can cause popeye in some fish.

  6. I agree that you should wait on the HP. Fungus is pretty rare in fish and is generally caused by extensive time spent in very poor water quality. A picture would be best in helping us help your fish. This could be a myriad of things from a pH crash, to a thickened slime coat due to stress to a fungal infection.

  7. I agree with Stakos I've never had an issue with my driftwood.

    Organic build up can come from a number of different sources, not rinsing your filter media out enough in old tank water at water changes, over feeding, too thick of a gravel bed etc.

    Popeye is almost always caused by nitrates which are caused by organic overload. Keep up the large water changes and make sure your filters aren't too gunky and your fishy should be fine in no time :)

  8. Getting a picture will really help us help your fish.

    Salt and raising the temperature of the tank is the best least harsh way to get rid of ich if that is indeed what it is, however, a picture will help us determine if that's what it is.

    Do you have test strips or drops? Next time you take the water to the store get them to write down your results so that we can see them.

  9. I had an awful infestation of rams horn snails they even got into my filter and caused problems. I ended up having to tear my tank down and bleach it and leave it in the sun for a few days to dry up any residual eggs. I am not a fan of rams horn snails. Mystery snails or Apple snails are cool but any snail that reproduces asexually can cause big problems in your tank in my experience.

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