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  1. How long has it been since you last swished/cleaned your filters? I think a good rule of thumb is to swish in old tank water once a month. Here's a link to a thread by one of our great members on filter maintenance that you may find helpful Filter Maintenance
  2. Goober needs to get off his lazy shell and do something I wanna see the results of this regardless of the participants!
  3. I agree that you should wait on the HP. Fungus is pretty rare in fish and is generally caused by extensive time spent in very poor water quality. A picture would be best in helping us help your fish. This could be a myriad of things from a pH crash, to a thickened slime coat due to stress to a fungal infection.
  4. I agree with Stakos I've never had an issue with my driftwood. Organic build up can come from a number of different sources, not rinsing your filter media out enough in old tank water at water changes, over feeding, too thick of a gravel bed etc. Popeye is almost always caused by nitrates which are caused by organic overload. Keep up the large water changes and make sure your filters aren't too gunky and your fishy should be fine in no time
  5. Getting a picture will really help us help your fish. Salt and raising the temperature of the tank is the best least harsh way to get rid of ich if that is indeed what it is, however, a picture will help us determine if that's what it is. Do you have test strips or drops? Next time you take the water to the store get them to write down your results so that we can see them.
  6. Could something have gotten to your fish like a racoon or a bird or something of the like? I've never seen such prominent fin rot like that in just one fin, I would think it would be effecting other fins at this point.
  7. Imber I am so sorry you lost him. You did everything you could have for him and he had a wonderful life in your care.
  8. Maceo

    Dalek Fish

    My avatar is a dalek! I knit it myself An Exterma-tank would be awesome!
  9. I have the aqueon too and I love it, I like the mechanism on the vac part of it much better than the python.
  10. How to disinfect a tank Drive by linking That should help answer your question!
  11. If your other fish aren't showing any symptoms there is no reason to do anything other than regular water changes
  12. I don't think this is a good idea at all. If you feed them medicated food when they are not sick, and then they get sick they may have a bug that will be resistant to the meds. The same reasons docs don't give you antibiotics all the time, superbugs!
  13. Oh no! It looks like his scales are raised. We maybe dealing with dropsy now. Is he bottom sitting?
  14. Sponges are not aquarium safe! They have chemicals in them just on their own. If he's not perked up by now, I would do a 100% water change just to be sure and make sure you temp match the water to make sure you don't stress him out.
  15. And remember that Racoons are smart! Make sure your rigging of the chicken wire or hardware cloth is really really good. I've even seen the aftermath of those bandits pulling a chicken bit by bit through chicken wire they are big pests!
  16. Any amount of ammonia can stress a fish out, keep on changing the water 100% a day until you get the ammonia under control only really large water changes are going to help, if you do 50% you are going to see the waste build more quickly than if you do 100%. Also, have you checked your ammonia out of the tap? You should reconsider that hollow log, hollow ornaments are bad news, they can create stagnant water and create a wonderful place for bad bacteria to flourish in your tank. Step up the water changes to 100%, check your tap water for ammonia, and see what happens with larger changes.
  17. I second what Grace said about dechlorinator but if you've had him 5 years I am sure you used it. He could also be shook up from the move or from a temperature change. Leave the tank lights off and don't disturb him for a while and see how he does.
  18. If the pH was a bit different that could totally have done it, pH can effect the slime coat. Just make sure you keep the pH steady for him and as Trinket said clean water and a close eye on that cycle!
  19. Gently lift him to where his head is above the water line, take a q-tip dipped in HP and gently swab the area, make sure your hands are wet with tank water when you scoop him up. A word of caution with HP, too many applications can impede tissue healing, you NEED to do it now to help kill off the infection but it's not a long term treatment. Good luck to you and your fishy! He's so cute!
  20. Since you know she's eating (yay! good sign!) I would fast her then give her some more peas. Water changes are a great idea! I am SO glad there's been some improvement in her!
  21. I have extremely soft water too and I have had great luck using crushed coral in my tank to keep the Ph stable. You have to be extra diligent at water changes to make sure you add back the correct amount of buffer to make sure your Ph stays stable. Soft water is no fun.
  22. Ok first I need for you to answer the questions in the box above, we need to know your water parameters etc. Second, don't change your filter pads that is where your good bacteria live, chances are your tank isn't cycled and that is probably contributing to whatever your fish's problems are. Third you can attach a picture through photobucket or a third party hosting site like that. Get the direct link to your photo, click the photo icon at the top of the post response box and paste your link then your photo should upload.
  23. I agree with dnalex, he seems to just be a normal comet, they can be a bit spazzy with quick movements. Keep him in some pristine water and keep an eye on him then you can always re-treat with something if he's still worrying you.
  24. I would say it certainly is possible especially if he had a walloping case of flukes. They can cause an increase of a fish's slime coat, counter intuitive I know since they eat through it too but if he had a slime coat built up then the Prazi may not have been getting to him as effectively hence the need for a salt dip.
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