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  1. I second the Azoo Palm filter. My bettas have always liked them. Another one that I've had my eye on but haven't tried yet is the Elite Stingray filter.http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Stingray-Submersible-Filter-Gallon/dp/B0009YF47G It is submersible which I like for a betta tank I think it disturbs the water less. I had a Whisper submersible in a 20 gallon tropical set up that I put together for my mom's classroom and I like the water flow, and her betta doesn't seem bothered by it.

  2. Try her on some brocolli if the peas aren't doing the trick. Just zap in the microwave with a little tank water to soften it, and then make sure it cools before you feed it.

    I thought the aquaclear 110 only gets 300 gph, I may be wrong but if that's the case you may want to up your filtration.

    Just a suggestion/thought here, have you checked the expiration date on your test kit?

  3. Hi,

    The only things I have access to are Jungle fungus clear and parasite clear as well as some sort of yellow powder (I can't remember the name binox maybe?).

    As an alternative to metronidazole I have used Flagyl to treat dropsy fish in the past with success.

    Which of these do you recommend? If it is the flagyl what dosage do I use on the 10 gallon?

    I thought flagyl was only used as a parasite killer. I am not familiar with it but I will see if there are some others who can advise you a little better given your med restrictions.

    If your mystery powder is indeed bionox that might be your best bet here but I would hold off until we can get some other opinions.

  4. Right but if the fish isn't pineconing and is still eating I think that Maracyn I and II used in combination will help. Used in combination they will kill both gram positive and negative bacteria and I have had great success using this combo in the past.

    It's my general working method to go to the least harsh most effective method first and then move to the antibiotic foods and such if the fish is in serious distress, in this case he has popeye and no other symptoms so the Maracyn in my opinion is a good route.

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