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  1. Maceo

    New betta tank -- from the Edge to the Half Moon

    Nice! The fish are gorgeous and I love the heavily planted look and I am sure the bettas love it for lurking!
  2. You're not going to be able to tell until you test again Salt can be really help for dealing with cycling stress in fish though, so hopefully your water params will be a-ok!
  3. Maceo

    Gave the betta tank a makeover

    Lovely tank!! As for the bump I have found that Bettas are good at getting weird cysts from time to time keep an eye on it he should be fine just make sure if it bursts to change the water and keep it pristine while it heals --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=26.689690,-81.742648
  4. Maceo

    Betta tail damage

    How is your water quality? Water temp? --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=26.690147,-81.742225
  5. Maceo

    Betta tank with live plants and no filter?

    An amazon sword will get rather large. Also plants are going to make a lot of detritus materials that can in fact up your nitrates if you don't carefully clean the bottom of the tank often so be careful of that. High nitrates can cause tail issues. --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=26.689650,-81.742617
  6. Maceo

    Poodle grooming

    As a poodle owner for the last 14 years, I think she looks great! I'd let you groom my Josie girl any day! My only suggestion would be to make the poms on the front legs not go up quite so high so you get more of her leg line but I think she looks wonderful!
  7. Maceo

    Filter recommendation

    I second the Azoo Palm filter. My bettas have always liked them. Another one that I've had my eye on but haven't tried yet is the Elite Stingray filter.http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Stingray-Submersible-Filter-Gallon/dp/B0009YF47G It is submersible which I like for a betta tank I think it disturbs the water less. I had a Whisper submersible in a 20 gallon tropical set up that I put together for my mom's classroom and I like the water flow, and her betta doesn't seem bothered by it.
  8. Maceo

    Dog dental hygiene :D

    I have a toy poodle and they are notorious for dental issues so Josie gets a dental done at the vet every 6 months. She's 14 years old and I am very proud to say she's only lost one tooth which for a poodle is a big accomplishment. I don't brush her teeth because she won't let me but she only eats dry dog food.
  9. I have never had luck finding a hearty gourmai they always die on me in a few weeks no matter what I do but maybe that's just me. I have always kept cories with my BN pleco and have never ever had even the slightest hint of an issue. Rummy nose tetras are cool schooling fish and would do well in your tank. I've been enjoying my Dwarf German Ram but he can be a bit territorial.
  10. Maceo

    Pest snail ID?

    And just as a word of warning if you aren't super vigilant you can transfer them from tank to tank and they will lay eggs in your filter so if you are wanting to get rid of them, make sure you clean it out well --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=26.689754,-81.742527
  11. Maceo

    This is for Helen (Stakos)

    Aww bless her little heart! Poor thing probably thinks you're not coming back! Love the snoring my old lady poodle snores, in fact she was sleeping in my lap snoring while I graded papers today.
  12. Maceo

    Syno. catfish squeaks?.

    I know that. Blue catfish and channel cats croak and squeak when you catch them out of the river or lake
  13. Maceo

    Kringle is hanging out with me at the computer

    Awwww he is adorable! Such beautiful coloring. My budgie screams when the water runs too! I wonder why that is? Weirdo. Sorry to hear you lost your budgie RIP little guy.
  14. OOOOooook, I was very tired last night and missed that, that makes me feel much better. A lot of times the Dollar Store has pure ammonia that's where I always find it anyway.
  15. Wait. Do you have fish in the tank you're trying to cycle? Don't add ammonia or anything else for that matter! It's just going to be a long road with one small fish, he just doesn't make enough waste to quickly cycle your tank. Hang in there keep up the water changes and it will happen