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  1. You're not going to be able to tell until you test again Salt can be really help for dealing with cycling stress in fish though, so hopefully your water params will be a-ok!
  2. OOOOooook, I was very tired last night and missed that, that makes me feel much better. A lot of times the Dollar Store has pure ammonia that's where I always find it anyway.
  3. Wait. Do you have fish in the tank you're trying to cycle? Don't add ammonia or anything else for that matter! It's just going to be a long road with one small fish, he just doesn't make enough waste to quickly cycle your tank. Hang in there keep up the water changes and it will happen
  4. Where was this? In the ATL? I am jealous that you got to go but I might forgive you since you posted pics!
  5. You again?! You mean getting you married off didn't keep you from coming back?! Darn it! Ok, well maybe I am a little bit happy to see you back here....ok maybe a lot bit! We missed you!!
  6. Yup it's just chlorine, you wouldn't want water without it
  7. My concern here aside from food, would be aggression quicker fish have a tendency to pick on slower fish. This may not be the case with your fish but I have seen it happen in the past.
  8. Try her on some brocolli if the peas aren't doing the trick. Just zap in the microwave with a little tank water to soften it, and then make sure it cools before you feed it. I thought the aquaclear 110 only gets 300 gph, I may be wrong but if that's the case you may want to up your filtration. Just a suggestion/thought here, have you checked the expiration date on your test kit?
  9. How odd! I am glad Shepherd is doing ok now! Just out of curiosity what type of salt were you using?
  10. Yes Metro is more effective in food, as it only really works when you get in inside the fish and suspended in water it doesn't get administered well
  11. I thought flagyl was only used as a parasite killer. I am not familiar with it but I will see if there are some others who can advise you a little better given your med restrictions. If your mystery powder is indeed bionox that might be your best bet here but I would hold off until we can get some other opinions.
  12. Right but if the fish isn't pineconing and is still eating I think that Maracyn I and II used in combination will help. Used in combination they will kill both gram positive and negative bacteria and I have had great success using this combo in the past. It's my general working method to go to the least harsh most effective method first and then move to the antibiotic foods and such if the fish is in serious distress, in this case he has popeye and no other symptoms so the Maracyn in my opinion is a good route.
  13. Ok, I think the best thing for you to do now, is a course of Maracyn I and Maracyn II used together they will most likely kill whatever it is in the water causing his popeye. I don't see any reason to think this is internal. Give the Maracyns a try.
  14. Gorgeous! I especially love the black and white one with the deep red-orange. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Looks like crumbled up fish food to me like accumulated left overs but that can't be what self respecting goldfish leaves behind leftovers?
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