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  1. Sunday - actually so much to do, but no motivation to do it... oh well...

    1. koko


      WOW no way she's Alive... I had to double check thats the name I saw :lol 

    2. DawnMichele


      Nice to see you!!!! 

  2. Where r you ???

  3. Has your back pain gotten worse again?? I hope you got a new doc up there, and I wish he would find something to ease the pain at least.

    I wisch I could turn back time... :)

  4. My Fish Is Sick, Help!

    How are things, Heavenbound? We haven't heard anything in a while - I hope you have something good to report.
  5. Hey girl!! Missing our chats and fun stuff so much! How are you - doing okay? I am so tired...



  6. Dedicated To All Of You

    Wow, that just shows that I need to be here more - I just saw that!! That is so wonderful, Koko, and I sure do recognize some faces. With some, I can only guess. You have done that so wonderfully!! Its beautiful!!
  7. 2009 Northwest Koi Show

    Such beautiful fish, NightAngel!! Looks like you had a ton of fun. As always, the show must have been great. You didn't bring home one itty bitty fish? And such adorable children you have. And so patient...
  8. Goldfish Shoes

    Oh, I would get either the blue slip on with the pond scene on it, or the black one with the giant ryukin on top. But first they had to reduce their prices somewhat. But pretty indeed!
  9. Any Advice For Better Quality Food

    Well, the things that make me think about that food you are having your eyes on, Christo, is the fact that it is floating, plus it has 3 mm in diameter. I would avoid floating pellets as much as I can for goldfish, unless yours are single tails. Floating food and fancy goldfish don't do so well together. I have used floating foods before, and it didn't matter how much I soaked it and squeezed the pellets before I fed them, they still kept floating. That food is better made for koi and single tails in the pond, not for fancies. Plus 3 mm is already quite some size. Again, better made for bigger fish. Hubby fed his baby koi with big pellets like that, but he crumbled the pellets in a plastic container with a hammer. But again, those were koi babies with a different body shape and not prone to floating issues. With the "homemade" pellets like that, espeically without the ingredients listed, there is often a lot of junk in it. Maybe you can ask the seller for the ingredients and see if he is willing to give it to you. They sometimes act secretive, not to give away "their miracle ingredient" for better fish health, when in reality its the junk they want to hide. A lot of grinded fish stuff like bones, meal or even corn, I would be careful. Ask him and see what you get out of him.... I know its always tempting to go for cheaper food. It might be good for a while, or as an emergency stash if the good stuff runs out. But in general, I would rather spend a bit more on food, and know that it is a better quality. You can always supplement your fish with some frozen things as well to stretch the expensive food some - any kind of brine shrimp, bloodworms and whatever not hops around in the freezer section of the pet store. Peas are cheap too, or making a batch of gelfood with all kinds of goodies - and tossing in a few pellets of the good food. I always found tons of ways to work oround being tempted by cheaper food. My personal golden rule - if there are the words "floating" on the package, I don't even look at the rest of the food anymore. I don't buy it. Only exception - Goldfishconnection's floating seafood flakes. Those flakes sink within seconds of hitting the water, and are just wonderful!
  10. Lumps?

    It as been a few days since your last post, Lemonlily - how does that lump look today? Any chance of a picture? Gives us a better idea what it might be. And since you are at it, how about a few details about the pond? Size, gallon, what filter, how many fish, how often do you change water and such. Any plants in it? Any new fish lately?
  11. Ich?

    Well, Ich can show up in small numbers - however, just one dot seems a bit unlikely. Did more dots show up since then? Did you get a close look at it? Could it have been a fish louse?
  12. Help! 911!

    You might have to separate them permanently - if that is the only way for the little guy not to be bothered.
  13. Help Please! Flashing, Jumping, Etc.

    Hi Jill4Joy, how did the fish do while you were gone?
  14. Really Red Streaks In Every Fin

    Hi Newbiefishgirl - how are things? Is that new system in sight already?