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  1. 40 breeders are awesome tanks. Why do you want a sponge filter, may I ask? It looks like a pretty good setup to me overall. Keep us updated.
  2. He is a beauty! I love the single tails. I think I need a pond...
  3. So I got to the third picture and was like "Dang! That looks like a different fish!" And then I realized that I was actually looking at a different fish. The color change is so cool! Two fish in one, right?
  4. It's so fun to watch him grow! Thanks for posting pics.
  5. I love the overhead shots. Those are very pretty fishes you have there.
  6. I had my fixture hanging from plant hooks like this for a while: http://www.amazon.com/Tillamook-Hook-C1520-15-Inch-Straight/dp/B005IZ4ZCG/ That worked pretty well. I just made sure I had them attached to a stud.
  7. I know there are a few people here who kind of stir up the surface of their sand lightly to get the waste up into the water. The idea with this is that the sand will settle much faster than the waste so you can suck more of it out with your water. You might try that.
  8. Looks awesome! Be sure to keep us updated.
  9. Great explanation of this process! Thanks for sharing this info. I plan to use it... someday.
  10. There may be a way you can cut the plastic! But it just depends on your particular hood. If you take a clear picture of your hood situation, we could maybe make suggestions about what you could do. Some hoods don't really allow that kind of tinkering, though, sadly. Which is why I added the bit about the canister.
  11. To put a hang on back filter on a tank, you do need a cutout the width of the filter that is also deep enough to allow the water to pour back into the tank. If your lid doesn't allow this, I'm afraid your non-internal option is a canister, like ninzah said. The downside to these is that they are definitely not cheap.
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