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  1. froggydella


    Thank's Imogen. He was a good snail! Although he is the one that ate all the other snail's! Go Pebble's! She's getting really old as well, But she's still swimming like there's no tomorrow.
  2. froggydella


    Wanted to update on my finned crew. Gary (the snail) has since passed on now, It's been about 3 month's now. I first noticed he hadn't moved in day's, Which was pretty usually for that big fella but it had been quite some time since he had last moved from his "spot" I poked him a couple time's and nothing, His body was half hanging out and the smell was horrid! That's when I knew he was gone for sure. I had him for a really long time, I got him well over year and half ago from Heather. He was a good snail! I guess he just got old. Poor fella. I still have Pebble's and she is doing fine, I haven't been keeping up on water changes at all latley! Bad me. But with everything going on it is really hard to fit that in too. One of these day's I will get around to it.
  3. froggydella

    Surfing Snail!

    Too funny!
  4. froggydella

    Cute Little Critter

    Wow! Look at the red on him, He is pretty Imogen.
  5. froggydella

    New Fish From Ebay - Lionhead And Ranchus

    Awwww!! Bambo is my favorite too Erin!! So CUTE!. Congrat's on them! Don't forget you get to move with all those fish pretty soon girly!! LOL
  6. froggydella

    Superbowl Xli

    Im going with the Colt's! Thank You very much..LOL. Someone has too. Even though it's not going to affect me one way or the other who win's I guess. It'd be cool so see either team win! I will watch the commercial's.
  7. froggydella

    Skully's Eye Is Gone!

    I hope someone come's and help's you soon hun!!
  8. froggydella

    Skully's Eye Is Gone!

    Oh No Erin!! Poor Skully! I am sure that you have taken him out and QT him so far--As for the rest, You know how I am with sick fish. I don't know squat! I just hope he get's better soon.
  9. froggydella

    Planted Tanks

    WOW! They are beautiful Jen. But--Where do you live with all those tank's in there?? You must be very proud of all of them Jen--They are all so clean and the fish all look wonderful!! You a good fish momma, That's for sure. Now where are those other 2 tank's that you mentioned??
  10. froggydella

    Do You Want Ketchup With Those Fry?

    Geeeez! Enough is right! Your going to be busier than you thought if that keep's up!
  11. froggydella

    Do You Want Ketchup With Those Fry?

    Whoooo! Congrat's Sharon. The little bugger's are SO cute. I bet your keeping busy with all those babie's!! Congrat's again. I can't wait to see how they look as they get older.
  12. froggydella

    What Color Goldfish Do You Have The Most Of?

    Well--Seeing in as I only have on Goldie left I had to chose Calico. I sure miss my Moor though.
  13. froggydella


    I would agree with Fred--Yes. Some might say no. But it seem's like enough room.
  14. froggydella

    Chapter 9

    I don't think it would of upset people so much Nick, If you had just put in your post that you too thought it was stupid for a book to be saying such thing's. Having you just post that not put in your thought's made it look like you agreed with the book's suggestion's.
  15. I have Glad plug-in's all over the house as well, I have never had an issue with them.