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  1. I started out having some cute little goldfish catch my eye YEARS ago. I bought 3 or 4.....why not I had a 10 gallon tank at home that hadn't been used in years. I took them home, filled the tank, plunked the fish in there & then went to find where I had stored the filter. You can imagine it didn't take long for things to go TERRIBLY wrong. The poor lil' goldies started swimming less & less....then started dying. I started searching the web & stumbled across KOKO's. I quickly found I had not near enough tank & way too many fish! MY hubby bought me a 20 gallon tank. I think one goldie survived the ordeal. My learning curve was long & slow but I eventually learned & can now enjoy them!!
  2. I just finished trimming back my Anubias plant! It had gotten HUGE!! Then I pulled up Koko's & found it interesting that ALMOST exactly one year ago I did my Anubias trimming!!!!!
  3. Jeana727

    Thought I needed to UPDATE my Goldie List Fred: Calico & Yellow Shorttail Ryukin 8/23/15 Daisy: Red & White Oranda 10/1/16 Zoey: Panda Moor (Now Completely White)9/25/17 *Freckles: Orange Calico Ryukin w/black fins10/16/17 *Rose: White & Orange Ryukin w/black tailfin10/16/17 *Punkin: Mostly White Calico Ryukin w/2 Button eyes10/16/17 *Clyde: Dark Brownish w/slight Orange tint. Doubletail 10/16/17 (dates are when I got them....but I use this kinda like their DOB)
  4. Jeana727

    Thank you my Friend!
  5. Oranda turns black

    That is a beautiful color change!!! Black on MY goldies ALWAYS goes away.......& I'd REALLY like to have a big ole Black Oranda......but I'd be absolutely thrilled with one like yours!!!
  6. Open Chat :)

    I agree 100% with the others It Looks GOOD On You!!!!
  7. Jeana727

    Goodness! I have been hanging around this place for THIRTEEN YEARS!!! WoW!!!
  8. Word Association Game

  9. R.I.P. Comet :(

    I'm late but Here's a HUG!!! Sorry for your loss
  10. Word Association Game

  11. Word Association Game

    Charts.................this is NOT the 1st word that came to mind but I decided to behave myself!!!!!
  12. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Awwww HOW NICE!!! All my Maintenance stuff done..............I am just gazing at my goldies swimming around the tank!! WOOHOO!!!