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  1. Guess Where We Went!!!!!

    Sorry RACE FANS we have been going practically none stop lately!! Plus.....amazingly I didn't take a single picture with MY phone.....I was just transfixed & thrilled with actually BEING THERE! Luckily my hubby DID take pics but hasn't had time to put them in my photobucket! I just placed a Sticky Note on his computer!!
  2. Guess Where We Went!!!!!

    This was the race : Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series 2017. Homestead-Miami Speedway 11/17 & 11/18 We met Brandon Jones. (He is 21 years old......but looks even younger! I asked if he had a driver's license!LOL!! )
  3. Guess Where We Went!!!!!

    I agree Koko! A young one would be miserable there. Just to loud. But get someone to keep her & ya'll go!!! You will love it! (At the very least bring regular ear plugs!)
  4. I won a trip to Miami for 3 Days of NASCAR...........it was fun..we sat in "The BOX", met the drivers & had a blast....................but on the way to the airport my hubby diverted off because he found Fish Farm not too far away! He didn't tell me where we were going til we pulled in!! I was amazed!!!!! The lady was SO nice & let us walk all around & look. I Ooooooooo'ed & Aaaaahhhhh'ed over & over! They had the MOST gorgeous goldfish I have ever seen! Small to Huge! Unfortunately they didn't ship!!!!! "I would have gotten 2-3 right then & there !!! That being said If you get a chance to go to a Fish Farm GO THERE!!!! It is right up there with Disney World!!!
  5. Open Raffle for all

    It would be excellent for that as long as you research & find a really good instructor. We put our three in Karate class years ago for them to learn discipline & protection. After watching a few classes both my husband & I decided to join too! One of my kids went all the way to Black Belt...my hubby & I went to Brown Belt....our instructors moved out of state & we decided not to test under anyone else.
  6. Open Raffle for all

    Put Justine in a Karate Class so she'll learn to Kick Their TAILFINS!!!!!!!
  7. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    Yeah, mine look like that too. Oh well......like I said I'll take care of them. But I REALLY wanted Ryukins!!!!
  8. New Fish!

    The last pics are Mom & Dad trolling around in search of baby fry SNACKS!!
  9. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    NO PROBLEM MJ!!!! You have FULL PERMISSION to Blow Off Steam here anytime you want to!!!!!!! I will be disappointed if they aren't Ryukins.....but they will just become part of "The Crew" anyway! (FINGERS CROSSED!)
  10. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    Well..........OK then. Sorry it went to crap for you!(I really mean that) Hope mine do ok, I wasn't expecting Show fish..but hope they are Ryukins! We'll see. I'll care for them no matter though.
  11. New Fish!

    That's SO neat!! Your pictures are great!!!
  12. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    This is the seller..... User ID fishy_business_95 Search "Ryukin Calico Goldfish Fry (2) They were $15 + $10 shipping (I received mine in 2 days!!)
  13. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    Chubs-Fed & White Oranda 10/17/15 Fred - Calico & Yellow Shorttailed Ryukin 8/23/15 Lucy- White & Orange Oranda 10/1/16 Zoey-Panda Moor 9/26/17 (name changed from Scooter) Calico Ryukin-Sunny 10/16/17 (Orange & white mostly white fins) 1 button eye Calico Ryukin-Rose-10/16/17 (White & Orange w/ long black & white Doubletail) Calico Ryukin-Pumpkin-10/16/17 (Tiny mostly white w/2 button eyes) Calico Ryukin-Freckles=10/16/17 (Orange w/black Doubletail) ((All Calico Ryukins bought off of Ebay...... small young goldies))
  14. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    Something has flubbed up with my camera Gotta get the "Tech Dude" (Hubby) to check it out!!!!!! Be patient.......(easy for ME to say..I have VERY LITTLE PATIENCE!!!!) LOL!!!