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  1. Word Association Game

  2. I think some pics are needed! We'll even be satisfied with empty tank pics!!!
  3. Oh My.................................UPDATE NEEDED!!!
  4. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Just finished my water change about 30 minutes ago.
  5. Word Association Game

  6. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Sorry to hear about the baby Pearly I, too, lost a goldie when I first got my Python years ago. It was awful! My hubby rigged up a "thingee" out of netting & a rubber band that I used until THE CLAW came along!!!
  7. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    IT is an attachment that keeps your fish from being sucked in while siphoning water out with a Python Gravel Vacuum Siphon (0r whatever "brand" you have.) Early on when I got my Python I had finished vacuuming I was still removing water but was not WATCHING the intake tube closely and a goldie was pulled in and killed. It was awful! I researched and found the Lee's Ultimate Gravel Cleaning Claw. (Another fact is that I always hooked it to the sink removing & adding water. Later I realized it didn't need to be hooked up to the faucet to remove water & vacuum as there was plenty of "pull" to clean with!) So I only hook it up when adding water.)
  8. My oldest (plz note I use the purchase date as the DOB unless I have further info on them) is Fred a Calico Shorttail Ryukin purchased 8/2015....So almost 3. Next is Lucy a Red & White Oranda 1 1/2. Zoey a Panda Moor about 8 months. I also have 4 baby Ryukins (Sunny, Rose, Pumpkin & Freckles) about 7 months old. All from Petsmart.
  9. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    I used to do the mesh & rubber band thing but then I got THE CLAW. I really like it....easy to use & works great!!
  10. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    So far I have gazed at them on & off while reading posts on Koko's!!
  11. Lets See Those Koko's Pearlscales!

    Cool! I was browsing thru some older posts & ran across yours! So cool that you had recently updated to a current photo!!!
  12. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Water change yesterday This morning watched my beautiful goldies first gobble up their food like they were starving then watched them glide around!!
  13. Word Association Game

    Roller Skating!!
  14. Open Chat :)

    I am late, but I wanted to add my condolences!!!