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  1. I'm not actually sure of the volume yet, I only just got it today and it's dark outside, but I can get a photo tomorrow. I would guess around 20 gallons, probably no bigger. I will look into that, I like a DIY job! Thank you.
  2. Hi guys! I've just bought a half barrel for my patio and since I've been out of the 'goldfish scene' for quite a few years I've realised I have no idea where to start when looking for a filter for it (like best models or type etc.) since everything's changed since I last went fish stuff shopping lol! Also consindering heating it so that I can keep a couple of goldies out all year (in UK), I wonder if there are many small pond filters with inbuilt heaters and if anyone has any experience with how reliable these are (or even seperate small pond heaters!?). Thanks for any advice
  3. Wow that's pretty cool. I like how that branch thing has sort of 'caught' the mossball like a hand ^.^
  4. Righto, I've done it. But it just looked like it all just came out the hole after I pulled the needle out.. but I guess it's still in the water.
  5. Thankyou for the link That's slightly different to info I've found.. but it looks like I should be ok to give her 0.1ml. I think I know what I'm doing now. I found a thread I just remembered I have that Fancy Goldfish book right in front of me which explains injecting etc. a bit. Explains where to stick the needle too which is helpful!! But if anyone has any tips for holding a telescope with pretty big eyes to inject.. that would be reeeally helpful!!
  6. I am searching because I know it's in a thread here somewhere (ages back) but just incase someone can reply quicker than I can find it.. Does anyone know the dosage of baytril needed for a fish around 3 inches? My Freddie has septicaemia and is pineconing a tiny bit. I have maracyn and medigold, but it's all about two years out of date.. and I can't easily/legally get it in this country to get any more. But my friend has some baytril and needles which she's bringing round shortly. Which is probably better than the maracyn anyway?
  7. Yeah, I'll probably do that.. see if there's someone I can email.
  8. Thanks Claire hmm, yeah that say's he must have blue.. he seems to be most of the other things on the list though. Just he's not very pointy.. and I have no idea what they mean about the eye shape.. I haven't sent of the thingy with the cheque yet.. I need to do that, cheers for the reminder!
  9. Ok, what I originally meant to say.. lol I can't actually remember.. yeah. I would have thought standards were higher in the US, just comparing most of the show fish I've seen here to US fish I've seen pictures of. But.. I'll chuck him in a show.. see how he does I guess.
  10. Your fish won't get to 5-6" in 15 gallons. I had two goldfish in a 15G for two years and they grew from about 1" to 2-3" but just stopped there.
  11. This may sound insensitive, but if it's an emergency don't risk your own lives to save your fish.. but yeah if you can, definately turn off/unplug filters and lights (if you are throwing a blanket over you don't want that to catch fire!) and if you have time and know somewhere you can put the fish, just net them into a bucket or something and take them with you.. but if the risk is low, I'd just leave them there, it'd be less stressful for them, even though you might worry more. Usually these alarms are just a precaution.
  12. I guess deviated colour patterns mean patterns that are abnormal or differ from what they 'should' be? You gonna get to reserve one while they're QTed?
  13. Yeah. I think also the showing of goldfish in this country is still very old fashioned, I've yet to meet anyone under 60 and female at shows! lol I don't think the standards are very up to date with the breeding that's going on in the world at the moment.
  14. Thankyouuu Maybe he could count as a tri colour, 'cause technically that's all he is if there's no blue.. I'm in UK btw, so going by these standards: http://www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk/goldfish/globe/globe.htm I guess looking at that he'd HAVE to be judged as calico, as that is the only other option apart from black.. and he's not black lol. I dunno.. I'm joining the Goldfish Society of Great Britain soon so maybe if I go to one of their meetings, I'll ask someone there about the colouring thing.
  15. All the other fish are adult size.. 0.o Oh, apart from the apple snails, but they are easily moved to the goldfish tank if it causes problems. I don't even know what species the plec is, it was given to me from someone who needed to rehome her fish quickly, it's not huge yet, so I took it. I do not know about the snails and plants yet, the plec is fine with them, but I have only had the snails for a few days.. although from past experience there are certain plants they like, but they prefer cucumber!!
  16. Hmm, tiny bit, I'm going by 1" of fish per gallon it works out fine, allowing for differences in different fish, like the kuhlii loach is about 3" but no way would that fish produce as much waste as a 3" gourami or something because it's so small and thin etc. etc. But, thanks
  17. Thanks, I was thinking he looked more butterfly. Only I think proper butterfly the tail should be lifted so from the side you can see the anal fins.. I may be wrong though. I'm sure there must be shows in Canada, just look into your local aquarist society and you'll find things
  18. Added about half the plants on sunday after aquiring them for free from the planted tank guys donated display tank All that Java fern and stuff was already there. In this tank are 5 harlequin rasboras, a pair of sky blue dwarf gourami (benjamin and delilah), a bronze cory, a black kuhlii loach, an unidentified plec similar to a golden nugget, but not (called Dude, lol), a pink apple snail, a blue apple snail and a golden clam. Benjamin The rasboras The pink one lol
  19. I'm not very good at guessing sizes but I'd say they were a good 8-10". Same with those big Ryukin and Orandas.
  20. There were some ammmaazing ryukin there! The show tanks are about 2-3 gallons. They are small. Most of the fish seem to cope with it well, their owners are always there testing and changing the water when needed. Although we did see a large oranda that had flipped over onto it's back and it's spine seemed to curve backwards.. not good. That fish got moved into a bucket out of sight, I'm not sure what happened to it, but it didn't look good
  21. I need some imput from those of you who show/breed for show I really want to start showing fish, so at the festival this weekend I picked up this guy, he cost me ?25/$50. Now I know he's not amazing and I can't really find much, if any, blue on him which is worrying (I think standard is 25% blue at least).. but that wouldn't get him disqualified would it? He also has quite a few metallic scales which he'd loose points for. But other than that, he has twin anal fins, his caudal fin is split properly, his eyes are even, he has good body shape, he carries himself really well and the colour he has got is very intense. The man I bought him from told me he is eligible for showing. Is there anything I can do to improve this fish in the next year or so? He's about 3" from mouth to base of tail. Oh, he's called Freddie btw. Oooh and is he a broadtail or butterfly?! That's the best top-view pic I can get at the moment. Thanks for any helppp
  22. I'll add this one here, this is the fish I bought from those tanks. Named him Freddie <3
  23. By the way nnnn is pets at home, they changed their name to pets at home after getting a bad reputation.. I think they were something else before that too! I'm sure I've seen an improvement in the fish there aswell, a new one has opened in the last year and their fish are always generally healthy and I was listening to a girl refuse the sale of a goldfish because the woman didn't have a filter in her tank and they do seem to be better trained in fish stuff.
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