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  1. I'm not 100 % positive as to the sex of the fantail, but the tank has two other fish in it that don't get chased around at all, so I just presumed she/he was the only female. As to their size... I had three fish for 2 years in a overcrowded and small tank with very few water changes. I bought a 3 foot tank, got more fish and ran into problems. I've since found Kokos and learnt a lot. I had no idea my big new tank was actually the right size tank for 3 fish to begin with! Since then I've bought another tank and the three original fish are all still alive and have grown a wee bit. So it is possible for a male to be 'confused' when it comes time to pick a partner?
  2. I've got a comet who has 'breeding stars' on his cheeks and keeps 'bum-sniffing' my fantail. From what I've read on this site the fantail should have a bulging belly full of eggs right? She doesn't seem to have a big belly at all... Is it possible for a male to become sexually active like this while the female is not pregnant? ...and I don't have any more room/desire to raise any fry at this stage, is there an easy way to stop my comet chasing the fantail around? She was looking real tired/stressed, so I separated them for a day. They are back together now and it seems like the breeding behaviour has stopped. Thanks for any help!
  3. benno


    Never tried cucumber! might have to give it a go sometime. I feed cooked pumpkin sometimes - it's real mushy and they seem to really like it.
  4. benno


    not sure... I'm still using up my spirilina flakes. I soak them for about a minute before i put them in my tank. It makes it easier for the fishies to eat. But yeah i'd like to know too for future reference.
  5. Those fish look really cool. I like the panda oranda!
  6. i liked reading this thread, a nice and lively discussion!
  7. All your fish look great, i like desi, bette, and the new black and white one!
  8. I've found that the best way to get oxygen in the water with these types of filters is by getting your water level right. If you have the water level right up in your tank to the lip of the filter the water just plops into the tank. This results in quiet operation but doesn't aerate the water much. If you have the water level in your tank down a bit so that the filtered water actually waterfalls into the tank, it aerates the water much better, but is pretty noisy... I'm not sure if waves or ripples on the surface actually put much oxygen in the water at all... Do you have an air pump for your tank? If you don't and your worried about the oxygen level in your tank, i'd recommend getting one.
  9. My goldies haven't been sick on any counts... so I haven't had to treat them for anything. I don't know how the snails would react to meds....
  10. I have a couple ramshorn snails that do a reasonable job at keeping the tank clean. I haven't had any problems with them breeding either - my goldies seem to act as population control.
  11. Aquaclears are good filters. I have an aquaclear 70 and an intenal power filter. I've found this combination works quite well and collects a lot more poop and other material than just one filter. I HIGHLY recommend two filters than just one biggy. Sorry can't help you with tank manufacturers, most of the ones around here are generic glass types. I asked my local fish store guy about who makes the tanks they sell and was told that the manufacturer had 30 plus years experience and as far back as the guy could remember no one had had any problems with them. Good luck with the 25, getting new tanks is good fun.
  12. Have a look at this thread HERE, specifically the 3rd post by Wynkin. Going by these results a UV Sterilizer should solve your problem.
  13. Just bought myself a new calico ryukin, tentatively named fatty. any better suggestions?...
  14. Your tanks and fish look really good. Hope your run of bad luck ends!
  15. Me too! Normally I'm swimming with my fish in the biggest aquariums.
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