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  1. AWWWWW!!! your fishie's adorable!!! i like `em when they're fat!!


    it'd be hard to say without a picture. are you sure they're not snails? i know when my snail had babies they looked like tiny clear bubbles with a slight coloration in the center the size of a needle point.
  3. my common goldie keeps harassing my oranda that way.. he's such a perve.. i've taken him out of the tank twice and stuck him in a jail cell just to give her a rest... at first i thought it was cute... but when she starts to look exhausted and cant swim straight, it gets upsetting. very good video, though.. i know it'll help alotta people. i guess that's why most shops suggest getting 2 or 3 females for every male you buy... i wished i listened when i got my guppies... i lost 5 females to a bunch of males in heat. :crp ... btw.. your fish are gorgeous.
  4. WOW!! your new fishies are huge!! frostbite's lovely and your black one's head nice and bubbley... i think it makes the fish sooo cute when the bubble's nice and full... but i gotta say... i'm in love with your red cap.
  5. moonie has so much character!! i love that tail i think your tank set up sets his color off really well
  6. Thank you!! lol! I love shubunkins too! I saw your calico shuby. it's adorable!! lol! I found the avatar in the avvy album.. i couldnt resist it Thank you!! lol!! They're too funny sometimes. I'm glad you liked it I left my cam on and it took alot of stills. haha... it's so funny what they do when you're not looking Thank you all for stopping in and taking a peek! I'm glad you all enjoyed it *grin*
  7. boy guppy meets girl guppy... they fall in love and share a kiss... but what she doesnt know is boy guppy is very naughty and tries to bring in a 3rd party.... girl isnt that kind of guppy and swims at them in a fit of rage.. boy guppy is a lover, not a fighter, so he swims off in fear!!! girl guppy goes her way... and boy guppy goes his... i guess it's true... love's strictly for the birds.
  8. oooooooooooh!! i love your tank set up!! your yellow and white goldie is beautiful!
  9. wow!! when i tried the bare bottom look, mine looked crappy your's looks awesome... kinda like feng shui for tanks that's a great look, selena
  10. after seeing the first pic.. i thought crow was gonna be a cute little tike.. then i seen the one with fins flurried out amazing!!! your fishies are adorable!! the reddish one looks like it'd be gorgeous... from the pic.. it looks wine colored. you must have alot of patience to do all that for your fish.. i'm impressed
  11. wow!! maxi was like a little mite it's so exciting watching fry grow i think brain will look good any color... so much character to your fishie
  12. i lovvvvvve your tank!! it's so natural looking... your fish are gonna be some major happy campers.
  13. lol!! that explains why i dont recognize the plant.. i didnt even know it was plastic they look live!! tons cheaper.. and looks way better than the pet store plastic plants!! thanks for the tip i know what i'm gonna do this weekend!!
  14. i need to take some lessons from you.. my poor babies have been looking at the same crap since last november.... haha... (decorations.. AND poo? ) okay.. i take the poo out.. haha.. but it doesnt take them long to replace it best wishes to your gorgeous peep-peep! *smile* any chance you have a pic of poop-poop?
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