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  1. I was afraid this was going to be another post where someone says "if you don't have bubbles, you don't have oxygen!" Some people feel that without an air stone, you don't have enough oxygen in your tank, regardless of what else you have (filters, powerheads, etc). Others assume that because THEY live on the equator, EVERYONE gets temperatures over 90 F regularly in the summer and ends up with warm tanks. I was worried about that, too. Turns out I had no reason to worry, it was a great article! I didn't read your article about water changes, but I think I'll go do that now.
  2. That's a goldfish we're talking about? I thought Tish was still the oldest. He died at 43 (I looked it up to be sure of the age).
  3. I'm pretty sure the goldfish that currently holds the record only lived to 42 or 43. And that's just a common, fancies have shorter lives. noahnjm is right, they must be thinking of koi (or trying to bend the facts to make people be more consciencious).
  4. I always search google for "aquarium volume calculator" and use that first link.
  5. I agree with jdude. A bigger tank will be less maintainance, as long as you don't get any more fish. If you got a bigger tank, like 30 gallons, and just kept one 8" fish in it, you could probably do water changes every two weeks (instead of every week, like most people do). That's the tradeoff -- a smaller tank means more work, but takes up less of your space, while a bigger tank is less work.
  6. Tiny is the orange one, right? Because Tiny looks like even more of a ryukin than Spot! I think they're both at least part ryukin, but they might be some kind of mixed breed.
  7. I guess I'm weird, but I would have gone with the 1 big tank! At least for goldfish. I would never put a common or commet in a tank that was smaller than 50 gallons, but I feel a little guilty putting even fancies in small tanks, because a full-grown fish might not have enough room to swim happily. Also, water parameters stay much more stable in a bigger tank, as does temperature. About the light: it's not necessary as long as the room has a natural light/dark cycle (light during the day, dark at night), and it sounds like it does because it's near the window. Direct sunlight would probably be bad anyway because it would warm the water and possibly cause algae problems. Lights would just be for your own benefit, to see your tank better, as long as you don't plan on getting live plants.
  8. may


    That's why we should all make use of the buying/selling board here! I think a lot of us aren't willing to put the time and effort into shipping (and others aren't willing to pay it) but if there's anything you want to sell, make sure you post it on that board so we all know about it!
  9. In that case, it's probably just really weird water. Do they add anything to the water? I know some places add stress coat or something similar, maybe their additives mess things up. I'm trying to find excuses, because those are pretty crappy readings, lol.
  10. The info on that page seems to be pretty generic, just about goldfish in general. 70 gallon tank/pond minimum is probably great advice for a common goldfish, but I think even most commons would live happily in a 55 for many years (that's the smallest tank I would ever put a common in). A pearlscale will never get to the 14" they talk about on that page... more like 10" for a big one. And they swim slower, so they don't need as much space to move around in. So basically, I think a 55 is fine. I love pearlscales.
  11. Many people recommend nothing less than 100 or 500 gallons per koi... a lot of people who keep the really expensive koi (they can sell for tens of thousands!) give a minimum of 1000 gallons per koi. Any fish that can grow several feet long should NOT be in an aquarium!
  12. I just want to point out that if a fish has been in a bag for a while, the pH is going to be lower because there's more carbon dioxide in the bag from your fish. It's actually good that the pH goes down, because it makes the ammonia less toxic. And if your fish is in there for a while, there's probably going to be a lot of ammonia.
  13. Those cheap goldfish get the biggest.. they can be over a foot long when they're adults! Obviously, if you do well enough to keep your goldie that long and their growth isn't stunted from being in a small tank when young, you'd need MUCH more than a 10 gallon tank for an adult fish. Also, common goldfish can often live for 20 years, and have been recorded at over 40 years. And it's not just the size of the fish that matters when deciding on a tank. You need enough water to maintain good water quality. Goldfish are especially messy and produce more waste than a lot of other fish, because of the way their bodies are set up. A little 1-inch goldfish could fit into a 2 gallon tank, for example, but the water would go bad more quickly. Also, some goldfish are made to swim around a lot to stay healthy, like those common goldfish. I would never really put a common in anything smaller than a 20 gallon when young or a 50 gallon when older.
  14. I think it would be cruel to keep bubble eyes in a tank with faster fish that prevent them from getting their food. They have decent vision, and even blind fish can live very full lives and find food by smell. I certainly don't believe in breeding a fish to bring out a mutation that would really HARM the fish, but I don't believe that the bubble eyes harm them. I've had my doubts about some man-made fish, like those parrot fish who can't close their mouths, but even they seem to have very few problems. I agree that it's the wens that make orandas cute. They end up having those little puppy-dog faces that make you wish you could hug them. Lionheads usually have similar faces, but I think it's just harder to find good lionheads, while they sell orandas everywhere. Edit: I'd just like to add one goldfish that I find a bit ugly... it's a "double bubble eye"... here's a link to a picture of some http://www.goldfishandkoiusa.com/images/go...oublebubble.jpg
  15. Sounds good to me, too... 50 gallons is probably the smallest tank I would ever put a comet/common in, just because they need the swimming room. I'd guess that all 3 could live in there for many years to come.
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