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  1. The problem with the one I have no that is not doing well is a) he was also deformed, and B ) he was pummled by a larger fish trying to get a pea..... and now I found HIM stuck to the filter..... into the hospital tank he goes. Why now? I was doing so great, and now....GAAAAA I just want to scream! Jessica
  2. Which brand do you swear by? I'll order them tonight online. Lets just say, my new handle tomorrow may be Dr. Death. Jessica
  3. That is too bad that you had such trouble with your fish. I agree that would be horrible to find your favorite fish dead =o( I've always found tropicals a tad boring (no offense anyone!) And how do you name fish that all look the same? Like neons or something heehee. I guess it depends on why you want a tank...if I just liked looking at fish and relaxing, tropicals would be perfect. But I like something a bit more interactive, like Rich says...."pond dogs" heehee. Good luck with your new choice of fish, make sure you post pictures =o) Jessica
  4. Declan, how big is the fish? I find it really hard (personally) to sex fish under 3", the bigger they are, the easier they are to sex. Look at the anal vent. Females have more of an outie, and it's usually bigger, and rounder. Males have a smaller one, and it's an innie. Now look at the anal fins. They are usually thicker on the edges of a female. Jessica
  5. I carry buckets heehee. I change, lets see, I change at least 50 gallons per week! Wow, that is depressing now that I think about it....haahaa. I am like Touchofsky though, I consider it a workout. As I am carrying heavy pails up and down stairs, I say to myself, "you are burning fat, you are burning fat" haahaa. Jessica
  6. That is awesome! Our local fish stores should do that! That's great that you have a nice fish store near you. All of the fish stores around here have gone down hill in a major way =o( Jessica
  7. Lola is a gorgeous fish! So pretty, and what a cute face =o) Jessica
  8. Heehee, Koko, can I hire you to swipe me one of those Ryukins secretly from Andrea when you visit? heeheehee just teasin!! They are beautiful Andrea. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to watch them grow up =o) Jessica
  9. I don't think you have to worry about it changing your fish gold, unless your fish was going to turn gold anyway, in which case it will bring out the best gold colouring heehee. I've fed my fish Hikari Lionhead and Hikari Gold for 2 years, and none of them turned gold. I have 7 calicos. 5 are true calicos, and the other two have big patches of orange, black, and white, tricolour I guess. One of the tricolour ones is turning white. My blacks (Black Moors) got a bit bronzie, but I am sure that would have happened with any food. And I had a few fish turn completely white, but they were not calicos, and I am sure they were going to turn white too, no matter what they ate. Good luck, Jessica
  10. Koi, can go together with commons or comets, or shubunkins generally speaking to answer your question. Precautions? Well you should isolate any new fish. Because if one has parasites, or an infection brewing, you don't want to transfer it to the other fish. That's why you should always quarantine any new fish. Personally I don't think the koi will grow at all in a couple of weeks. They get very stressed out in tanks, and don't like being moved around very much either =oP Especially when they are that small. I rescued a baby koi, it is estimated that it was about 3 months or less, and he was less than 1/2". He didn't grow at all for about a month, because he was so stressed at having to live in filthy crowded conditions before I got him, and then being moved to a strange place, and getting used to strange noises, and a strange routine. They do grow very fast compared to other fish, but they don't grow massive amounts in a week or two. Good luck, and make sure the koi has a lot of places to hide, like plants to hide behind or under to help with the stress and make him feel safe. Jessica
  11. Hey, thanks for the info. Your name sure is fitting heehee. Jessica
  12. There is no way I could catch Tammy Faye for a photo, she is pretty wild, and is pretty big now heehee. But I found a picture of when she was a baby. This is the day I got her. Does your new fish's black dots look like this? Yes and I got pooed on taking this picture. Jessica
  13. PPS, on my white shubunkin with the black spots, she also has those red gill coverings! It's because of her colour. I named her Tammy Faye because it looks like she's wearing a lot of blush haahaa. What colour are her gills inside?
  14. They look like the specs on my Shubunkins, and my new fish Tobey. It's their colour. When I first bought my shubunkin, I was freaked out about those spots, but they are still there over a year later. The first thing I though of was fish lice when you posted. When I bought a fish with lice, they started as a small pinprick sized black dot. But they were ever so slightly raised, and you could scrape them off with your nail. When I saw your picture, it is definately not lice =o) I am almost sure it is his colour. ps. Good luck with your new rescue, he looks like a beauty! Jessica
  15. You know what, out of curiosity, I'm going to buy the dipstick type nitrate kit and see what it has to say, because I've often wondered about this, because it sounds like high nitrates to me too =o) The test I have now, is a hagan one. You add 5 drops of #1 5 drops of #2, shake, shake #3 and add 3 drops of it, and wait 5 minutes....or longer, and shake heehee. It has two sides on the booklet to compare results. One for saltwater and one for freshwater. The test starts at 5ppm. The salt water side is a lighter colour, and my results are way lighter than the 5ppm on the salt water side. If that kit lied to me, I'm suing Hagan. Just kidding. Jessica Jessica
  16. Errrika, thanks! It's new, but I doubled checked the date anyway. I've gone through a billion tests since I set this tank up, I think the nitrates may have gone up to a whopping 10 while cycling. But since then, never over 5, usually pretty much barely there. =o) Because of that, I had a lot of problems getting this tank to finally cycle. I had 0.1 nitrites for months, before I finally got everything figured out. But for the past year or so, it's been good ;o) With the second tank I ever set up, the nitrates where off the chart! But after the tank cycled, they quickly dropped to 0. I never had a nitrate reading in that tank at all! I posted about it before, but no one really had any ideas why. With the test I have now, it read high nitrates on another tank when it was cycling. This tank that I am talking about with Woogie and Whitie was my first *real* tank and I seeded it from a 10 gallon I had. I have no idea why the nitrates never go up! I do have a lot of algea if that makes a difference. Although I do scrape it off the front of the tank =oP Jessica
  17. Thanks! It wouldn't be the first time I bought a fantail and it *grew* into an oranda heehee. I hope he's a fantail though. =oP Jessica
  18. He is very plain right now, and oh so tiny! Under a 1/2". I think he will grow into a very nice fish And hopefully he is really a he, because I intend for him and Whitie to spawn, obviously when he's bigger. I am going to chart his growth. If he's anything like the baby calico fantail I had, he will be about 4-4.5" in close to a year. I promised myself no more petstore fish, but omg, I just couldn't leave him to die in that deathtrap of a store. Plus he is the same colour as that $125 Ryukin I want. So here is my baby fantail Tobey. The more I see full grown fantails, the more I like them. They really are one of my favorites! Do you think he'll turn all white? He is white with black speckles.
  19. Beautiful pictures, your tank and fish are just gorgeous! What big beautiful fish! Jessica
  20. I just love Moors! They are one of my most favorite types of fish. So innocent and sweet, bumbling around the tank heehee. Your's are so cute! You must be a proud mom! Jessica
  21. I wanted a Tosakin until I found out that they should be in bowls. If I ever get one, it's going in my tank heehee. So I guess it would not make sense for me to shell out that kind of money, just to ruin the trait that cost me so much in the first place. So I'm going with a butterfly tail. It's a beautiful tosakin, and maybe someday I will have one =o) Thanks for sharing. Jessica
  22. Ok here's an update. (No the temperature hasn't changed at all, well not more than a degree either way ;o) ) The day after I posted this, Woogie was completely fine for the first time in months. No floatiness whatsoever. Go figure eh. He was fine the day after too! 2 whole days. Today, I fed him a pea, and while he has his mouth full, I drop some presoaked hikari pellets to the other fish. The other fish eat the pellets before Woogies mouth is empty normally. Usually they get gel food, and I drop some pellets for the weather loach, because he thinks the gel food is yucky. Well today Woogie must have found a hidden pellet, or pellets that landed under an ornament or plant, because he was floating completely upside down this afternoon. He's never done that before =o( I've thawed gel food out, and I"ll feed him day after tomorrow. I checked Woogie and Whitie under the microscope and saw nothing =o( Well nothing of importance. I saw air bubbles, slime coat, and some debris that I can't identify. Thank goodness for that website with all the pictures and videos! But I didn't see parasites, not even one! I read on that website that it would be normal to find a couple, but I didn't even find that. In a warped way, it was almost disappointing not to find even one. And I even got called a nerd by hubby LOL. Whitie seems to be fine as well. I think she is sleeping when she does the tail standing, with her dorsal fin half folded. She used to sleep on the bottom under a plant, but I've noticed she doesn't do that anymore. Sometimes I think I over anaylize these poor fish. Thanks =o) Jessica
  23. Oh dear, I too am glad that you caught that in time. That could have been a major disaster, thank goodness for Dr. Phil, and his interesting show that caused you to linger LOL. I hope your stand is ok, and I hope you never have to go through anything like this again. Jessica
  24. Why is this thread called the second chance, did I miss the first chance LOL? This is exciting! Wahoooooooooooo
  25. First of all, none of my fish are *really* sick. However, I do get the feeling something is not right. They are just not themselves, you know? Here are the details. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 1ppm (it has never gone over 5!) pH pretty much 8 pH out of the tap, same thing, pretty much 8. It's a 44 gallon tank, and has been running for 1 year, and 3 months. It has an aquaclear 300 on it. That is the biggest HOB that will fit on the hood. I also have a small sponge filter, I'm not sure how much it actually does though. And I have a 14" airstone. This tank gets a weekly gravel vac, and the amount changed depends on the condition of the tank that week, usually 30-40%. Sometimes I change water (no gravel vac) during the week, usually 10 gallons, maybe 15, but only if the mood strikes me. I use Aqua Plus for water conditioner. I have Aqua safe, but the fish don't seem to like that stuff. No meds in the tank, there was a bit of salt, but it should be long gone by now. There are 4 fish. Their sizes INCLUDE tails =o) Whitie Snowflake she is about 6-7" but her body is only about 3-4" heehee. Shy Starlight a lionhead 4" and Woogie probably close to 6" with his tail, he's an Oranda. Plus my weather loach who is not very big 4-4.5" maybe? No new fish to the tank. They eat all kinds of things, Hikari Lionhead mostly, peas, homemade gel food (another mostly) freeze dried brine shrimp, Hikari Gold, and sometimes some cheap Wardly type pellets, soaked with the air squeezed out. Oranges, pees etc. Woogie only gets peas, gel food and oranges now. Unusual behaviour. A couple of months ago, maybe longer, Woogie suddenly decided he was going to be a floater. He was never a floater before. I've had him over a year. He doesn't flip right over, he just floats at the top, he *can* swim to the bottom, but he has to swim hard, and he is completely vertical. When he is swimming mid level, his bottom floats up to the top, so he doesn't swim normally. His problem started after eating. So I switched him to gel food. This worked for a bit, he wasn't floatie, but now he is floatie after he eats anything at all. It's no wonder. His entire head comes out of the water, and he gasps air, even his eyes are out of the water. He eats bubbles too, I think, to try to relieve his problem. His tail has some splits and frays in it. They are clean cuts, not like fin rot. They seem to be minor, but they are there, all the same. His gills look great! Bright Cherry red. His stomach is completely mushy to the touch. Horribly mushy, I couldn't believe it. Shystarlight and the weather loach are acting normal. Whitie Snowflake is a bit off too. She just sort of hangs around in the middle of the tank. She tail stands, but is not completely vertical. It could be a bit of a bouyancy problem? She is very fat, like a tennis ball. She has a couple of white spots on her dorsal fin, and used to have some on her tail, they come and go. Greasy white looking spots. Bigger than ich. She has been going to the surface more than normal too. She is not what I would call hanging out at the surface, I thought maybe she was looking for food, but she hung out there too long, and gasped a bit with Woogie. She mostly sits mid level with her dorsal fin at half mast. She used to swim all over. Her gills look great too! Her belly feels great, but she is a little extra slimey! Not a lot, but more than usual. I did a scrape and looked under the scope, and didn't find anything in regards to Whitie. But A) at the time I didn't know what I was looking for, and B) I"ve had this scope for ages, and it is really outdated compared to what I was using at school. I am going to call my vets (whom I am SURE do not do fish) and just ask them if I can bring my fish in, and use their microscope. They know me, the owners wife was head of the vet tech unit at school. I really think (hope) they will let me come in. So do you have any suggestions as to what I am looking for, or should be looking for? I am going to look at those links Toothless posted below, the videos of parasites. I guess you can't really help me out much, unless I find something, right? *sigh* it just made me feel a bit better to write this all out. Thanks guys :listen: Jessica
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