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  1. Ok what exactly is an airstone. I saw these ones that looked like little tablets....do you need to attach them to hoses? DUH I know absolutely nothing about them, so please enlighten me. I would like to purchase one, but dont' want to go into a petstore with sucker written on my head Thanks Jessica
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm going to get some lionhead food. I was just concerned that it might harm my Ryukin since he'll probably pig some of it down LOL. Thanks Jessica
  3. So far I've been feeding my lionhead regular pellet food, and fruits/vegtables. But I did see that Hikari has special food for them. Is that necessary, and if so, can the other fish eat that as well or would it be bad for them? Jessica
  4. Ok Whitie has a few red veins in his tail. I'm not sure if they were always there, or if it's something bad! It's not bloody looking, it just looks like veins. He is not acting sick. He's a white ryukin. Do you think it's just veins I am seeing, you have to be right up close to even see them, they are so fine. He was in a 10 gallon, ammonia 0, nitrite, 0, nitrate under 5. Filtration, aqua clear 150. No additives except cycle once a week. I did water chages about every 4 or 5 days because he's a good sized fish. Food: Hikari pellets, soaked in tank water before feeding, and peas a couple of times a week. He's in the new tank now. So everything is at 0 still. He is acting perfectly normal if that helps any. Am I worried over nothing? Thanks Jessica
  5. Koko, I am in awe. That tank looks amazing. You have inspired me. LOL in a million years mine will never look like that, but I think I will try a few more live plants and see what I end up with. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Jessica
  6. Now that is a fabulous tank! I would like one like that....but in my case being only 5 feet tall, I would need scuba gear Jessica
  7. Superpet in Canada, has the fluorescent canopy onsale for 65 bucks canadian. They have the incandescent for 35 bucks. The problem with this one is that it will heat up your water. Jessica
  8. Koko, thanks, sorry was it you that suggested that? LOL of course you are not Daryl That is a great idea. I was trying to figure out how was best to cycle new tank that I am hopefully getting Thursday or Friday. I think I'm going to use an established filter, some tank water, and some plants like you suggested. Wahooo. Thank you for having the best board ever. You have no idea how much I have learned by coming here! Thanks again Jessica
  9. I think it was Daryl that mentioned this below. I would like some more info. So it is possible for me to have a filter running on a new tank, then add another filter that is already established from another tank? If so, Sweeeeet. Would that help it to cycle faster? I never even thought about this before Jessica
  10. Thank you all, sounds good! I've made a note to self.....the more filtration the better. I am so glad that I finally asked this. Jessica
  11. I have been wondering this. Say you have a filter that is good for 20 gal, but you have a 60 gal, could you buy another filter for the larger tank, but then use both for extra filtration? Thanks jessica
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