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  1. Wahoo, that is great news Wynkin! I'll get a Topfin next time for sure! Watch my Perfecto with only a 5 year guarantee blow up at exactly 5 years of age, I would die LOL! Jessica
  2. Umm most of us didnt' think the obvious needed pointing out, it was just funny talking about poo eating fish =oP I saw Tobey eat a huge chunk of turd the other day and watched it come out a lot smaller, he must have digested some of it LOL LOL! Jessica
  3. Do you mean the gills are really red inside? They should be a cherry red colour, and look pretty smooth, not ripped up like hamburger. Jessica
  4. Please excuse my grammer and typos's I am under stress! =o( Jessica
  5. Over the Christmas break, while Koko's was down, my Ranchu Chubby came down with dropsy. I followed the instructions on the Pure Gold site, and did a scrape for parasites before raising the temp, but he still died. Now in a DIFFERENT tank, I have dropsy again! =o( Ok, here's my tank stats : It's a 44 gallon tank, 4 fish, it's been set up for I don't know, 17 months or so. Ammonia, 0 nitrite 0, nitrate 10 ppm. pH 8 My test kids are brand new, and don't expire (according to the box) until 2007 and 2008. This was using my new nitrate test too, because I suspected high nitrates. They eat a variety of foods, including fresh fruits and veggies but the main diet is homemade gel food and Hikari Lionhead. I use Aqua Plus water conditioner. It has a 14" airstone, an A/C 300 filter, and I gravel vac weekly, and usually do a water change of 30-40%. Sometimes I change water during the week, which I have been doing. I gravel vacced the day before yesterday and did another 10 gal water change today. Now that you know the stats, here's the deal with my fish. Woogie was getting floatie, so I put him on a special diet of only gel food, and he stopped floating. I gradually reintroduced him to very presoaked and squeezed pellets and he was doing fine. Then he must have found a Hikari pellet on the bottom (I've been keeping the him off of Hikari but I always drop a few pellets for my small fish and the weather loach while woogie is near the top eating his gel food) because he started floating upside down. Since he was floating completely upside down, I gave him a half a pea with a grain of epsom salt in it. The next morning he was swimming fine, but his tail was split into ribbons. It did not look like any fin rot I've ever seen. It was clean cuts, like it was done with scissors. It was split all over like a lawn mower hit him. I dipped his tail where it was split in peroxide and added 1 tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons. The next day (today) I notice his scales look like they are sticking out a bit. It was hard to tell because Woogies scales ALWAYS stick out, I am pretty sure he is not an Oranda, but a Crowned Pearlscale x Fantail mix. I bought him as a fantail. Anyway, Woogie is the most aggressive fish when it comes to food. He didn't eat the peas I dropped in. I dropped a piece of orange which he usually attacks viciously, and he only pecked half heartedly at it then gave it to the other fish. He seemed very lethargic and week, and just drifted around the tank with the current and then dropped to the bottom. I watched him for a bit, and his scales lifted more. He looks very fat behind his head now. I put him in a breeding net/trap thing because I have two rescues in my q/t tank (d'oh!). I offered him metro-meds and he wouldn't eat them. I finally got him to take it from my hand. He would eat only if I hand fed them to him. After he ate some pellets, he got strength back, and started swimming around in the breeder box, I kept dropping pellets in there periodically through out the day. He ate the metro meds up. I let him out of the breeder box and back into the tank this evening. He was just resting near the bottom a few minutes ago, but he comes up swimming when I go to the glass. Is there anything else I can do? Should I feed everyone in that tank Metro-meds? This is the second tank to get dropsy in a matter of weeks. Whitie Snowflake is in this tank, I can't stand the thought of her getting sick. Woogie's belly is smooshy, there was no signs of parasites, and his gills are lighter than they were last time I gave him the fish physical, they are a dark pink, medium red colour. I can't believe I am killing all my fish!!!!!!
  6. The fact that they seemed fine in the q/t and then got sick in the main tank again, tells me that something is off probably with the water in that tank. Do you have test kits that you could test the water with? If not take a sample of your water the local fish store and have them test it for you, they will probably do it for free. Can you pick your fantail up in the water and bring her to the surface slowly. She should open her mouth, check and make sure she does not have a rock stuck down in there, sometimes they get a rock stuck inside their mouth, and then they won't eat. Jessica
  7. Wynkin not to freak you out more, but I've seen a crack like that before, and it did get bigger! I think you should cash in on the warranty. It should have one. Heck the tank I got at nnnnnn has a 5 year guarantee. I'm sorry this happened, what a bummer =o( Jessica
  8. You can get Coarse salt, at the grocery store, make sure it says right on the bag, no additives because the anti-caking agents will kill your fish. A .1% is 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons For nitrite toxicity I use 1.5 tablespoons per 5 gallons a .3% is 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons and you shouldn't need to go too much higher than that, unless you have a real problem. Jessica
  9. So you know if you have ammonia in your water? What is your nitrite out of your tap? Can you do a water change and get the nitrites down to 0? Clamped fins means that their fins are pulled in tightly to their sides, and if they had a dorsal fin, it would be lying down flat. Can you go and find out what med you added, do you still have the container? Do you have carbon in your filter? You will need carbon to get the med out, so if you want the med to stay in, you'll need to remove the carbon if it's already in there. Good luck Jessica
  10. Yes, I don't think I've ever welcomed you to Koko's so Welcome! I don't have a problem with you being 12 either, I seriously remember being 12 like it was yesterday, I can remember entire conversations I had with my friends ;o) Jessica
  11. My fantail Toby eats poop, you can borrow him for awhile LOL Jessica
  12. Thank you all, you guys always make me feel better, even at really sad times! I am so sorry to all of my fellow memebers how have lost fish to dropsy, that disease or symptom or whatever it is, really stinks! Jessica
  13. Nah, I've seen Pearlies in ponds up here, and it can get pretty cold before they are brought back in, so I think that is a fib ;o) They should be fine at 71. Mine is at 76, but that is just how warm the tank gets in the house. Jessica
  14. I lost him over the holidays while Koko's was down or I would have posted this sooner. Chubby was my beautiful white Ranchu, and I've had him for over a year. He got dropsy, and I'm not sure why. I checked for parasites, none, I did the fish physical and everything checked out except his gills were lighter than they should have been imo. I ordered him metro-meds but he died before they came. I followed the PureGold advice for dropsy to a tee, but I still lost him. RIP sweet Chubby
  15. Ammonia test kits are only 8 dollars Canadian!!! My fish sometimes react like that and I KNOW I have no ammonia in my water. I really don't think you can say for sure, unless you had the test handy. It was just as possible that there was no ammonia, as it is possible that there was. Good luck Jessica
  16. My snail has green algea on it, I hate it, I want to brush it off haahaaa, so there is no way to clean it? Jessica
  17. Kat thank you! My tank is at 76 degrees, I don't have a heater, it's just room temperature. The fish I started this post about, are doing fine, as of right now *knock on wood*. Woogie wasn't floatie at all today, and Whitie looks ok. Her dorsal fin was half down when I started this thread, but they've never clamped all of their fins down. As for the water supplier, yes there has been a hike in something, sodium content. I don't know how that would effect the fish? The water is still drinkable to people unless you have a sodium restricted diet, what do you think of that? Could that be a problem. The fish with the mushy stomach and floatie problems (although no floating today =o) ) is a male. I can feed him medigold, if you guys think I should. I order it from The Fish Sempai. I have wondered about lack of oxygen, how would I know for sure? I have one of those long airstones, it is 14" long, but other than that? Thank you Paul and Kat. I am doing my daily water changes, so hopefully that will help, in a few days I'll have a new test kit, and can tell for sure! This is going to be interesting I think. Also I do have a sick fish in the hospital tank, but he's not sick from the water, I'm not sure what his problem is. He was hit pretty hard and pinned down by a bigger fish, and then he wasn't well. He is still alive today, in nice warm water, with 0.3% salt, so we'll see how the poor little bugger does. I've only had him for a year today, it's too soon for him to die =o( Jessica
  18. My favorite is anything that isn't a bubble eye or celestial. My favorite colour is pure white, my least favorite colour is anything not white haahaahhaaa. Jessica
  19. Your tank is actually 44 gallons, I have the same one! =o) Exactly the same, even the same stand! Jessica
  20. I use Aqua Plus. I tired Aqua safe but my fish near had a heart attack from it. They do not like Aqua Safe, any idea's why? Jessica
  21. I've used pimafix many times (I had a big bottle!) and my professional opinion is, that it sucks. Don't waste your money! =oP Seriously, it did nothing, for anything! Jessica
  22. I'm going Boxing Day, my relatives all live in London. Big Al's had better have some decent sales mwahahahahahhaahhaha Jessica
  23. If you crash your cycle, it depends how long it will take to re-establish itself. There isn't a set in stone answer for that. Does the whisper take a cartridge that is plastic on one side, and fuzz on the other like a penguin? If so, when it gets really gunky and you need to change it, cut, or rip away some of the gungy fuzz, and stick it in the filter with the new cartridge. That's what I do, and so far I've not crashed my cycle. Jessica
  24. Congrats on your new tank by the way =o) Your fish will love you for it. Jessica
  25. Heehee I'm going to London this week. How much do you want for it? I am soooo bad. Jessica
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