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  1. Your tank is lovely, and so are your fish, and your snail is super cute. They have very interesting names too, I like! You should enter them in pic of the week! Jessica
  2. You are doing a wonderful job with your new camera! Your pictures are fantabulous ;o) Your fish and your tank are just gorgeous!! Jessica
  3. I love Shaggy, he is so big and beautiful. He reminds me of my old Blackie, except Shaggy is much more magestic =o) I think Naz is a bit creepy heehee. And I mean no offense to Naz at all, I am sure he is a perfectly wonderful pleco, however some girls are freaked out by mice or snakes, not I, but plecos.....they are scary! Jessica
  4. Your fish are so pretty, and your new baby is just adorable. Congrats on winning pic of the week, Marbles is a beauty! Jessica
  5. Ohhhhh now there is a beauty!! Lovely fish =o) Jessica
  6. Ohhhh I want to pinch his fat little face! And he has such a pretty colour too =o) Thanks for sharing. Jessica
  7. Beautiful parents, and beautiful babies! I just love these pictures of them swimming with the mom and dad, how cute is that! =o) Jessica
  8. You add the salt to a bucket or whatever of tank water and dissolve it, and then add it in. =o) I swish it around with my hand to help it dissolve faster. If you are going for a .3% solution, you don't add the entire 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons at once. You do one tablespoon per 5 gals, and then 12 hours later repeat, and then in another 12 hours repeat again =o) Oh and for nitrite toxicity, 1.5 tablespoons per 5 gallons works nicely. Jessica
  9. Thanks for the great Pearl Scale article, Andrea =o) I have a baby pearlie named Moochie. She was under 1/2" when I bought her. I was hoping for an uncrowned Pearlscale LOL, but if you look at her closely in person, you can see what may be the beginning of a wen. She is still very small, but has grown a lot since I've had her. I hope she is a big beautiful fat fish one day
  10. All I can see is the hood, the rest of the picture doesn't load! =o( Jessica
  11. You know you have no life when you watch your fish digest it's food.....haahaa
  12. I should say, my baby snails are not in the tank with the fish, they are in a big jar, what do you guys recommend for snails that small, for housing? Jessica
  13. They are very very small, I am not sure what they should be eating I fed them fry food for newborn goldies! I hatched two clutches. My snails are in the goldfish tank, and I have a betta in a plastic box in there, I let the betta out today for a swim around (he is fine with the goldies but I never leave them alone together) and he found some snail eggs in the tank and ate them. Well that takes care of that! I don't think I needed any more snails anyway, I have a lot of babies to look after. They are Columbian Ramshorn babies, and now I have to figure out what to do with them all LOL! Can these bad boys live in koi and goldfish ponds? Oh and last time I was at the LFS they had these two snails called Peruvian Snails (probably the wrong name!) and they were as big as a grape fruit! They were massive! Jessica
  14. Actually iodized salt has not proven harmful to goldfish, it's the anti-caking agents you have to watch out for. .1% is 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons. .3% is 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water. Remember if you have gravel and ornaments, that your water volume will be lower. Salt can help cure finrot, kill ich, and a salt bath can strip off some parasites. For a salt bath, it's 1 cup of salt in a gallon of water, and you can't leave the fish in there very long, but the time left can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the fish and what you are trying to accomplish. I'm not sure of the "mechanics" of how it works, but I think it just basically kills some of the bacteria or parasites. It strips the slime coat and the parasites off along with it in a salt bath. In your tank, I salt will help promote a good slime coat, helping to protect it against yuckies. I've used salt at a .3% solution to successfully cure ich, and it was much less stressful that toxic meds =o) I hope this helped a bit. Jessica
  15. Thanks again Laurie and Toothless. My vet is only open on Saturday till noon, so hopefully Woogie will get better with metromeds and maracyn. If not and he is still standing errr swimming on Monday, I will try to get him in. I say try because they don't do fish as far as I know. I don't know what their policy is on clients injecting their own animals, but they know me, so maybe they will be willing to give me the shot. I can give injections and have no problem doing it, although I have never given one to a fish before, only mammels LOL. They do have a marine tank in their office, but the last few times I was in, it was void of fish, so I don't know if they killed them, or what's up with that. Thanks for crossing your fingers, I thought he looked not so pine coned the last time I was upstairs, but knowing me, it could just be wishful thinking. Jessica
  16. I wrote it, I could not keep my big grumpy mouth shut! I mean, I know everyone starts somewhere, I started with 2 goldfish in a bowl LOL, but as soon as I knew better, I fixed that, and that's what matters. I am willing to help anyone that honestly wants to learn. However this woman did not write me, my SIL did, my SIL is going to give her the info. As far as I know, the woman did not request any info, but my SIL knows better than to keep fish in a bowl, which is why she asked I suppose. So here is what I wrote, I know I probably forgot a lot, but it was only supposed to be a page, kind of hard to fit that much stuff into a page.... So sorry I haven't written sooner, I've been very busy, it was nice to see you and Brian as well =o) I almost didn't bother writing this, because the idea of having live fish at a wedding, like they are inanimate decoration infuriates me, but here it is, for what it's worth, at least your friend can't say she wasn't warned. Goldfish can live for 20-30 years when taken care of properly, the oldest Goldie on record lived to be 42 years of age. That is a far cry from the 1 year that most people think that they should live. Goldfish are very messy fish. Through respiration they release ammonia into the water. Ammonia is also released into the water via their excrement. This ammonia rises to a toxic level very quickly, which is why 1) goldfish need strong filtration, the filter should turn the water over ideally at least 10 times per hour, 2) 10 gallons per fish, 3) a cycled tank. To cycle your tank, you will need test kits. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH are the bare minimums. You will also need a lot of water conditioner because you are going to be doing a lot of water changes every day over the next two months, and probably even longer than that if you have overstocked your tank. Around day 4-7 of having your fish in your tank, your ammonia level is going to start rising rapidly. You need to do daily water changes and test your water daily to make sure you keep that level below 1.0 The nitrites will kick in around day 10. In lay terms the "nitrite" bacteria is converting the ammonia into nitrites. You need to keep doing daily water changes to keep the nitrite under 1.0. If you let it get very high, you'll get flashing, ulcers, fin rot, ich, sudden death etc. Most newbies lose their fish to new tank syndrome, don't let this happen to you! Aquarium salt can be added to aid with nitrite toxicity. Add 1.5 tablespoons of Aquarium Salt or Coarse salt with no additives per 5 gallons of water. You cannot use regular table salt, because most has anti-caking agents, which will kill your fish. After about day 20, nitrates will appear. Once your ammonia is 0, your nitrite is 0, and you have nitrates, you have cycled your tank. Now you need to do weekly water changes/gravel vacuums of about 40% or so, unless you are overstocked, then you will need to change the water several times per week, to keep your ammonia and nitrite at 0. I do not recommend nor endorse keeping goldfish in bowls for any reason, or for any length of time. Bowls are very stressful, goldfish release a growth inhibiting hormone into the water. This not only stunts their growth, but their internal organs as well, which in turn, significantly shortens their life span. (Which is why you rarely hear of fish in bowls living for more than a year!) It also weakens their immune systems leaving them open to bacterial and parasitic attack. I liken it to leaving a large breed puppy in a too small crate 24/7 to sit in it's own waste and see how well the puppy grows/turns out. It's beyond cruel, and as a lover of all animals, including fish, I had to say that. They should eat presoaked sinking pellets, and be warned that moors are susceptible to cataracts and blindness and most do go blind, and end up needing special help (such as hand feeding) to ensure that they get enough to eat. They grow between 8-12" in aquariums, and when full grown will need more than 10 gals per fish. I strongly recommend that your friend rethink this, and use those beautiful glass beads in the bowls with those glass fish that you can buy at Big Al's. If she is dead set on having live fish, a bowl fish would be more appropriate than a gold fish. I also hope that any guests taking these fish home are aware that they should not be kept in a bowl and advised of their proper care.
  17. I am so sorry to hear about Gemini (((((Hugs))))) With really tough cases, I have had good luck with a betta version of tub to tub. Move the fish into fresh water every day, it's hard though unless you have a lot of tanks/heaters or a really warm house, but I've had good luck with it. Again ((((Hugs))))) I know that Gemini was a special fish, but take heart in knowing that you did your best, and that he was much loved. Jessica
  18. ps, someone has been pooping white every now and again, but I don't know who it was, so it may or may not have been woogie. Jessica
  19. Thanks again Laurie, and Toothless. My pH is 8, I thought of pH swings too, I've been doing a lot of reading on here heehee. My pH is as steady as a rock. I've had no pH swings. I can get the Maracyns here, so I will stock up. Why exactly would someone give a baytril shot, what does it treat? I keep reading about Baytril, but I haven't read what it is used for? Does it help with Dropsy? Jessica
  20. Ok, so my SIL emailed me, and asked me if I would mind writing up a page on the care and requirements of Black Moors. A friend of hers, who is an animal lover and a vet tech (doesn't sound like a fish lover or she wouldn't be doing this!) is having a wedding. At her wedding, she is having the center pieces, bowls with a Black Moor goldfish in them. After the wedding, the guests can take their fish with the bowl (UGH) and the rest will go in her 30 gal, or 38 gal (can't remember right now) tank at home. Part of me feels bad and I think I should write something, the other half of me wants to reply with a scathing flamefest of a note telling her where to stick it. My fish that I love dearly and dote on daily, and slave to take care of are sick and I don't really feel like I have time for this crud. As if anyone will listen to anything I write anyway! As if anything I say will change her mind about her Black Moor centre peices. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Should I write up a page, or save my breath? I am having an angry day! Jessica
  21. Thank you for your help Laurie. He is a male, he's about 6" long. He has to eat the metro-meds for 2 weeks and if he makes it, then only gel food for him. I am trying to figure out if his fin splits were from whatever is causing the dropsy, but I guess I will probably never know. I just checked on him, he was lying on the bottom but did a happy dance for me and swam to the top, I caught him in a container, well I didn't have to catch him, he swam in, and I fed him so more metro-meds. Metro-meds I was worried would make him floatie, but so far they don't. After he eats, he seems stronger. I have not added Maracyn to the tank, I know some recommend that for dropsy, but others are against it. I think it might be useful, but in this case probably not, I think more meds would tox him. I have epsom salt, temp raised, and metro-meds. If he gets stronger over the next couple of days, I will be more open to meds if I can figure out what I am supposed to be treating. Is there anyway to tell if you have a bacterial infection besides doing a culture? Jessica
  22. Ok his first symptom before he dropsied, was split tail fins. What else besides water quality will split the fins? I am searching for an answer right now, but if anyone knows, please share! Jessica
  23. Laurie, I have no idea what caused this. I just finished reading the section on Dropsy, I've already done all that =o( It was not poor water, it was not temp fluctuation, it does not seem to be parasites I did a scrape and did not find any, they aren't under any undue stress, I am pretty sure it was not hydrogen sulfide poisoning. I really think it must be bacterial, this is the second fish in a different tank to get dropsy. It would be much easier if I knew why this was happening, I wish it was something stupid like the water quality, at least then I would know how to fix it. I am honestly dizzy just thinking about this, I feel like I'm going to faint. *cries* My only hope now is the metro-meds. I forgot to mention, my tanks are always at 76-78 normally when no one is sick. Are their injections for this? I will go to any lengths necessary to try to save this fish, but I have no idea what else I can do, or how I can find out what is causing this. It's driving me mad! It's very upsetting, I am very close to giving up goldfish right now, I can't stand to bury another one in my garden, I've had all my fish over a year (except one) and many longer, Woogie was one of my first fish, I don't want him to die :*( Jessica
  24. I am having the same problem as you =o( My water appears perfect, I don't stir up gunk, I hardly vac any waste because there is hardly none, have excellent airation etc, and my fish are still getting sick. I just told hubby today that I think I need something easier like tropicals, but I would probably just kill them too. It's frustrating!!!!! I feel your pain. Jessica
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