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  1. Congrats on picking off the fish lice all by yourself ;o) I've been there, and it's a yucky thing to have to do! Good luck =o) And I hope you find no more lice. Jessica
  2. Ooooh good luck. I had my inlaws look after my fish, and that happened too, the electricity went out and my filter did not prime and melted and my fish almost died! It's aweful. I think you are doing pretty much all you can at this point. Keep a close eye on those nitrites and don't let them rise! If they get any higher do a water change! I hope your fish's fin grows back with no problems. Jessica
  3. Well it didn't work! My SIL told me that her friend wouldn't want to "hear that" and that she was afraid she would stop speaking to her if she gave her that info. Well my question then is this: WHY in the world did she ask ME to write something?! WHY! It's positively irratating!!!! Like I have time to waste! She wasted my time! I have no patience for time wasters! GAH I am madder than ever now. It's not like I just threw my two cents in, she actually contacted me and asked me to please write out about moor care. HELLO! Jessica
  4. Thank you for your help and well wishes. Woogie died this morning, and I buried him in my garden =o( Jessica
  5. Ps, do you know why the water that Woogie is in, would stink like that? If you have ever gone on vacation and left a wet dishrag in the sink (bad housekeeper that I am =oP) and come home, it smelled like that. His tank smells like an old dish rag that needs to be washed. I HATE that smell, it reminds me of mold. Jessica
  6. He is still the same, just laying there and barely eating. He spits the pellets right back out. But he MUST be getting a little bit because he's still pooping. I slept less than 4 hours last night, I had to keep checking on poor Woogie. He slithers around the bottom of the tank every now and again. I set this hospital up especially for Woogie, with new everything, so I wouldn't be bringing in anything from the main tank. That means it's not cycled, so I've already done a complete water change twice, I basically have to do the tub to tub deal. His tail is getting worse. I keep finding black strings in the bottom of the tank, it's his tail. I even found a chunk of it, it's falling off in chunks. I literally syphon off his poo as soon as it happens, and as I said I have to keep moving him, but I make sure everything is exactly the same in regards to the water. The water gets cloudy really fast because his slime coat is falling off and floating around. The water was so smelly at 5 am this morning, it made me gag! I tested it, because it stunk and everything was at 0. I promised Woogie if he hung on, tomorrow would be better =o( He is one tough fish, that is for sure. The fish in my main tank (that Woogie came out of) still don't look too happy, but I can't find anything wrong with the water. =o( Jessica
  7. Maniacholic, Beautiful fish!!! That looks VERY much like the one I am drooling over =o) Lucky you ;o) Thanks for the link. Jessica
  8. I have a light coating of gravel in one of my tanks, mixed with glass beads. I would like to take the gravel out, but I don't want to mess up my water parameters. I remember reading a great post about how much gravel you should remove at a time, it was by Koko, I believe, but it was a long time ago, maybe a year ago, so I don't remember exactly how to do it, and I can't find the post I am looking for. I remember thinking it would take forever to get all the gravel out heehee. So what do you suppose a safe amount would be? I don't have a whole lot in there to begin with. I used to think bare bottom was ugly (no offense anyone) but now I actually like the look, and I think my gravel is ugly I am not sure if I will leave the glass beads (I will at first to see how they look lightly scattered, I don't want them deep) and if that looks gross, then I'm going to use river rocks. Thanks! Jessica
  9. Rambo, it does sound like fungus. You could do a water change of 25% or so right now with temperature matched dechlorinated water. I bought a comet from the pet store with a bit of fungus before, with clean water it cleared right up. I also had a black moor with bad fungus once, and I had to use meds for that. Good luck, and let us know how your water checks out. =o) Jessica
  10. Take my post with a grain of salt, because I am a newbee snail owner. My snails are about as big as a loonie. (A loonie is a bit bigger than a quarter if you don't know what a loonie is). Swampy my weather loach doesn't bother them at all. Swampy is a pretty picky eater though, and as long as he gets his Hikari, he's happy. I can see eating a tiny snail, even my goldfish will mistake a pest snail for a pellet, but they don't bother the bigger snails at all. I have seen a goldfish taking algea off of a snail though ;o) Jessica
  11. Andrea, YES that is the one, wahoo!! Do you know my taste in fish or what LOL! I would totally trust Andrew to buy a fish from, and to have it shipped, although I think I would prefer to drive there and get it myself, I am about 2 hours away give or take. I am scared because I am having a terrible time with my fish right now! That fish is so beautiful, and someone has put a lot of time and care into it, it would be a shame for me to buy it and kill it. That's what I am scared of! I promised myself if I could keep my petstore fish alive and healthy (I love them dearly) for 2 years, then I could buy a "quality" fish, but now I am going through this mess, and I think I should wait longer, until I know more about what I am doing! Jessica
  12. Ohh congrats Touchofsky! He sounds like a beauty =o) I can't wait to see a picture!! Jessica
  13. He might be just resting, or he might be stressed if there is a problem with the water quality in the tank. Can you do a water change right now, with temperature matched dechlorinated water and see if that perks him up? Do you have test kits? They are very helpful, and would help us to know whether he was just resting or if it's the water. Good luck =o) Jessica
  14. He probably bumped his scales on something. It's no biggie, they will regrow, but sometimes it takes awhile =o) In the mean time keep your water in tip top shape so he doesn't get any infections. Next time you go to the pet store, take some of your tank water, most pet stores will test it for free! =o) Jessica
  15. Hey do they do layaway on fish? You could pay so much every week LOL!! I know how you both feel, there is a $125 Ryukin at The Fish Sempai, that I drool over daily! I am too scared to buy it though! Jessica
  16. His scales are flatter than they were yesterday, and they don't stick way out like Chubby's did! Yes, our lfs sells the Maracyns, but not test kits go figure, whenever I need new test kits I have to drive to the city or order online! I do not have medigold, only metromeds, I can order Medigold from The Fish Sempai though. Do you think I should get some of that too? I emailed the ag school about locating a vet that will treat fish. They are part of the University of Guelph and have an excellent vt program, so lets hope they reply with a good vet. Whitie Snowflake doesn't look sick, but she doesn't look happy either =o( Jessica
  17. I hope you get it too! =o) And I agree, your floors will hold that, if they wouldn't then things would be falling through left right and centre heehee. Jessica
  18. (((((((Hugs))))))))) Jessica
  19. Wahoo!! I LOVE the name too, I can't wait to see a picture =o)
  20. OMG that is hilarious!! The first pic, I knew was shaggy, the second I looked at and saw a moor and a bristle nose, I thought that was Shaggy, and I guess a giant pleco? LOL In the third photo, I did not even see the small moor Naz, I thought that was a rock!!! LOL I deeply apologize to Naz for saying he was creepy, he is beautiful. I think it was late when I read this, and I obviosly must not have read it very well, and mostly just looked at pictures. I need glasses, I am turning into Mr. Magoo, they say I have computer eye syndrome =oP No doubt! I believe them now haahaa Jessica
  21. Ps my heater is huge, it was given to me, and it's one with a dial, that you can't set the exact temp. It was a challange I'll tell you. I basically stood over the heater since my post this morning about the temp, and had to literally go and check the thermometer every few minutes to make sure it was not rising too quickly. I have two rescues in my q/t tank right now, I can't believe the odds that I would get another sick fish, right when I have them in there. I just used an extra rubbermaid for Woogie. I had to get a piece of glass to lean the heater on. I think that was someones tip on here, and it came in very handy! Jessica He doesn't look very good does he?
  22. Woogies been sitting on the bottom all day. He ate a bit of Metromeds this morning, but after that its like he couldn't eat. He goes nuts for the pellets, and grabs them like he's starving, and he tries to chew them, but they come flying back out of his mouth, it's like he can't eat =o( He won't take it from my hand today either. I don't think it's the taste, because he ate them earlier, plus Chubby went through this with his usual food before he died, he wanted to eat, but it seemed he couldn't. He has eaten a bit though, and his poo this morning was white, but now it's the colour of the metromeds. He got up once and did a few laps around and even came to the surface, but now he's sitting on the bottom again. His tail was even more ripped up this morning, and I tested the water in my main tank again, it's the same except the nitrates were under 10ppm this morning. The water in his hospital tank is obviously prisitine. I hope he gets better! He is swimming around a little bit on the bottom, but he doesn't actually swim, he sort of wiggles around the tank like a snake. Jessica
  23. I'm not sure if 84 is too high, JoAnne/Ingrid (PureGold) recommend raising it to 86 as fast as possible. Thanks for you help Laurie. Jessica
  24. I never did ask this, on the Puregold site it says as fast as possible, I'm talking to 82-84 from 76 degrees. How fast does that mean, like 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days? What is safe? Jessica
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