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  1. My town uses Sodium hypochlorite to treat the water. How do I dechlor my water for this, do I follow the instructions for chlorine or chlormine? Thank you. Jessica
  2. Beautiful fish =o) And my what big eyes your Tam has LOL. Jessica
  3. You can find Ranchu's all over. Here they are a little harder to find, sometimes they are in the stores, and then poof you won't see anymore for months and months =o) Ranchu's have a tucked tail, and no dorsal fin. Jessica
  4. Mine swam all around like a normal fish before it got sick, then it rested near the bottom. I also have a lionhead that is very much shaped like my Ranchu and he swims all around and is actually quite a fast swimmer =o) Jessica
  5. Your new Oranda is beautiful Touchofsky =o) Jessica
  6. She is actually a Ryukin, (her parents were Ryukins) and her brother had a HUGE hump, but she does not, she looks like a fantail =o) so I don't really know what you would call her heehee. Jessica
  7. Yes do tell! Inquiring minds want to know LOL. Jessica
  8. I wouldn't give up Whitie for a million bucks ;o) She is like a kid to me, I love her dearly. =o) I have photos of her hanging in the living room LOL!! Jessica
  9. Good posts =o) If you suspect dropsy, I would start treating for it now. My fish started pineconing and I second guessed and now he's dead =o( The faster you treat dropsy the better chance you have. (((((Hugs)))))) I hope they both get better very soon. Jessica
  10. OMG all of your fish are so beautiful, especially Moby, you don't want to sell him do you? just teasin ;o) They are gorgeous though, all of them, and they all look so happy!!! Jessica
  11. Here is Whitie Snowflake, sorry not the best pictures. This Ranchu was named Chubby, I just lost her over the holidays. Here is a little comet I rescued a couple of weeks ago. Named Splash. He is VERY tiny LOL. And here is the infamous Ping.
  12. LOL he is HUGE. How long is he? Swampy is smaller than Silly, and Swampy has not grown much at all I don't think in the year I've had her. But she has gotten a lot fatter =o). I've read that the max is 4.5" and I know that is not true, both of mine are longer than that, and I've read the max length is 6", 9" and 12" no one can agree! Loaches are so neat. =o) Jessica
  13. Oh wow, thanks! That picture is worth a thousand words. Jessica
  14. It was always my intention to have two Weather Loaches in my tank, but it unfortunately didn't work out that way. The first batch I bought had serious bacterial infections, and that kind of scared me away from loaches. I've had Swampy for over a year now. Swampy is quite a character, but is not very active. I will see Swampy at feeding times, and occasionally I'll see her slithering along the bottom of the tank. She very rarely ever swims up in open water, just slithers along the bottom like a snake. At night when the lights are out, I will see her swimming up and down, up and down, but that is about it. One day in the store where I got Swampy, there was another Weather Loach. He was the only loach in the tank, and was a total ham! He was swimming all around just like a goldfish would, and he kept resting on top of the thermometer and hanging out behind the heater. I bought him and named him Silly. He is a very pretty gray/green colour. The pics don't show his real colour. Yesterday I needed cheering up, so I introduced Silly to Swampy. Swampy came out of the cave and was hanging half way out staring at Silly. When Silly swam by, Swampy came out and started sniffing him all over, like dogs when they meet LMAO!! Swampy has been so much more active since Silly arrived in the tank. She was out swimming around ALL day. She was playing in the bubbles from the air stone for a very long time, something I've never seen her do before. She is VERY happy to have a loach friend =o) And that makes me happy. Swampy I don't really know if she's a girl, but I am calling her a girl. She is super fat, but that could just be from all the junk I feed her LOL!! Here are some pictures of them. First is Swampy. And now Silly. And here is Silly being silly! Oooooh loachie love =o) And one last picture, Head to Tail. I love loaches heeheehee. I want a whole tank full of them =o) Silly has a different head than Swampy. Swampy has a pointie face, and Silly has a long face, and silly has a much bigger mouth too haahaa. Jessica
  15. Here is a picture of my Calico Fantail "Lovely". She was under 1" when I got her, and I've had her for about 14 months or so, and she is just around 4" or so I think. So she's not really big yet, but she seems to be growing fast lately LOL.
  16. Oh no, I just asked about her on the disease/treatment page =o( I am so sorry to hear this Black Oranda. (((((Hugs)))))) Jessica
  17. Beautiful tank, and VERY cute fish =o) Jessica
  18. How is she doing now Black Oranda? (((((Hugs))))) Jessica
  19. This is a tad off topic (Farnsworth I hope your fish is doing well!) but does anyone have a picture of a fish with Popeye?? I've never seen it before, and I would like to know what it looks like. Whitie's eyes looked bulgy to me today, and I freaked, but when I looked at pictures of her from a year ago, they looked the same then, so I think I am just paranoid now!! I've never seen a picture though, so if anyone has one..... Thanks Jessica
  20. Also if it was really bad, I'd probably use a med as well. But you have to make sure that you have no ammonia or nitrite and your nitrates are at an acceptable level and your pH is stable, or the treatment won't work properly. Jessica
  21. For bad finrot, I was told by the guy at Koi Canada, to dip the affected parts of the tail in hydrogen peroxide and salt to .3% that is 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons. And of course you don't add all that at once you do it in 3 increments about 12 hours apart. Good luck, fin rot sucks! Jessica
  22. Thank you for your kind words everyone. I actually cried so hard when I found him, I am such a baby =o( But after that I was ok. It was really weird. He was one of my very first fish, one of my 'originals' before I got addicted to goldfish heehee. I did something to cheer me up, I decided it was the day that Silly (a weather loach) could go into the tank with Swampy (my original loach). It was hilarious to see them meet for the first time, and it really helped cheer me up. Jessica
  23. Fungus Eliminator is a really harsh med imo, but it gets the job done, and it gets the job done fast! I am not sure what the tic tack thing could be! Do you have long nails, can you gently touch it and see if it moves? Do you have someone that could hold the fish, so you can open the gill cover and gently with your finger nail try to move the white spot? He might have some sort of debri in there. The red spot on the chin..... did you have nitrites in there any time recently? My Whitie Snowflake always gets a red spot on her chin if there is even a trace amount of nitrites. I went through that when my tank was still fairly new. Also, she has had a red mark on her chin from scraping it on a sharp peice of gravel or an ornament. Her red spot usually disappears in 24 hours if I do a water change and get rid of the nitrites. The time she rubbed it on something I think it took a couple of days before it disappeared. Good luck Jessica
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