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  1. Velvet is gold specks right? I've never seen a picture, so I don't know for sure. But Whitie has had this gold on her head for a couple of months. I think maybe it's just her colour, but it does sort of look like specks or dust. Maybe someone who knows what velvet looks like can tell me. I think I am just being paranoid now ;o) She is swimming all around now and not just laying on the bottom. But she still has the red blood streaks on her tummy. I think they have faded a bit today, they looked worse yesterday. That is the gold colour on her head. Another of the gold colour. Sorry for all the dust on my camera, I had it at the barn. And this is the blood on her tummy. Thanks guys. If you think this is velvet or think of anything else that I will need med wise, please speak up, I can stop at the petstore tonight. It's in another town and I don't get there much. She is being treated with maracyn two and metromeds. Jessica
  2. Yep I looked under the microscope. I didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing there, I don't fully trust myself LOL. Should I try something for parasites after I finish this treatment? I am postive she is a girl, she's layed eggs before. =O) Her fins weren't clamped, only her dorsal fin was down, the others were normal. My pH seems fine, how do I know if it is crashing? She is doing much better today. Oh and I do have a heater! My SIL gave it to me back in the fall. It's come in handy. As for being egg bound or impacted, I am not sure how to tell. The reason I was not too worried at first when she was bottom sitting, was because last time she did that she layed eggs. This time though, no one was chasing her, and it seemed to get worse, with the red streaks in her tail. My male fish died back in the winter =o( I am not sure if her tank mates are male or female. She is alone in the hospital tank right now. I will lift her out later this afternoon and check if the red on her belly is gone. She is swimming around though, that is a good sign I think. Jessica
  3. Ammonia Level 0 Nitrite Level 0 Nitrate Level 10 or 20 (it's hard to tell, 10 and 20 are like the same colour) pH just under 8 (same out of tap) Aqua Clear 300 Aqua Plus Water Conditioner Feed an assortment of food, Spirillina sp, GF Flakes, Pellets, Shrimp Pellets, Veggies etc Tank has been running for a 2 or 3 years 44 gallon tank, 3 goldfish Cleaned weekly, 35-50% water change, and I have a 14" airstone For a week Whitie Snowflake was resting on the bottom. Her dorsal fin was up still, and she would swim around at feeding time. I tried not to worry too much, and just tested my water. Everything checked out. After a week of sitting on the bottom her dorsal fin went down =o( and her tail split into ribbons, and got red streaks in it. When I lifted her out, she had blood streaks all of her stomach. I think it was from sitting on the bottom. I have basically bare bottom, but I have handfuls of glass beads in the bottom she was laying on. I took her out of the tank, peroxide dipped her tail, and put her in a hospital with some salt. 0.1%. Then I found Maracyn Two that I had and started that. I also started her on Metromeds. (Last time I had lethargic fish, they all dropsied within a week and died). This is day 3 in the hospital. Today she was swimming around the top. Her dorsal fin is still up even when she is laying on the bottom. And she seems really hungry. She doesn't seem to have parasites. Her gills look good, her stomach isn't mushy, and her slime coat is good. Any ideas on why this happened. Normally I wouldn't just start medicating not knowing what I am dealing with, but this is Whitie Snowflake!!! And she is looking better today. Jessica
  4. Ok so if I kept the same water on day 5, I'd have 6 pills in there. But if I want to do bucket to bucket, I only need one pill in each bucket? GAH this is so confusing. But my fish is looking much better today! Jessica
  5. If you changed all the water, and cleaned everything, you probably just crashed your cycle. I would do 30% water changes with temperature matched de-chlorinated water EVERY day, until you can find out what your water parameters are. Crashing your cycle will cause harmful ammonia buildup in your tank, that will make your fish's condition worse. Good luck Jessica
  6. Out of pure curiosity, why would taking them out of a package make them ineffective?
  7. Basically I want to do bucket to bucket. So in the first tank I have the two tabs of Maracyn from yesterday. Today I need to add the third tablet, but I need to move the fish into the next tank/tub. So can I add two tablets to the new tank and add the fish, then add the third tablet (today's tablet). But really all three would be added on the same day. Because it's a new tub. Whereas if the fish stays in the same tank, two were added yesterday and one today. I am wasting a lot of meds :0/ Jessica
  8. Here's the question. With Maracyn 2 on day one you add 2 tablets. On day two you add one more, on day three one more etc until day 5. You don't need to do water changes if your pameters are in check. But what if you want to do daily water changes? Could you add the two tablets on day one, then on day two, scoop the fish out with some of the tank water. Then add the fish to fresh water that you dissoved two tablets into, and then add the fish and the third (day two tablet) all on the same day. Then on day three, do the same thing (basically dissolve 3 tablets) add the fish and the fourth tablet? Or do the meds somehow evaporate or become less effective over time, making the meds more toxic if you dissolved that many on the same day? Did anyone understand what I was trying to ask? LOL. I can tell my problem in another post if anyone is interested, I think this post is already long enough and complicated enough LOL. Please if anyone knows the answer, could you let me know asap? This is important. Jessica
  9. It depends on what is causing the dropsy. In my experience a fish with Dropsy due to a temperature drop, is not contageous to the other fish. But due to parasites, or a bacterial infection, it is contageous, because you are transferring the parasites or bacteria. I had this same thing happen, it was terrible, I lost a lot of fish. It probably was transferred on your syphon, that is what I did, I am sure. You could probably soak it in bleach, and then rinse it VERY well, and use a lot of dechlorinator on it to make sure it is safe again. I got rid of my gravel and just left some glass beads, and I have hollow ornaments, so I have started scrubbing them out religously. Good luck, Jessica
  10. I got the food at the lfs! I cannot take pictures of the worms because I already threw the food out! One of the worms was alive! I don't like worms =o( They were brownish red colour. And were pretty small. My poor poor fish!! Jessica
  11. Ok as some of you know, I've been having a lot of problems with my fish lately. Some have even died. I have about 20 different bags and containers of food LOL Today in one of the newer bags, I found a worm, it does not seem to be alive, they are brown and crusty OMG. This is a bag of pellets. I don't know about fish, but with horses if you feed from wormy bags, you are in serious trouble. All sorts of bad things can happen. Could this wormy food be linked to all of my problems? Floatieness, bacterial infections/dropsy??? Now I have to go through all of my food, I am really scared because some of it I have had for a few months, this bag was one of the newer ones!!! YIKES Jessica
  12. Yep Barbara is right, the 94 degree tank temp was because of the heat! Whatever the temp is in the room, seems to be the temp of my tanks ;o) I try not to look a the tank thermometer in the summer any more it scares me LOL Jessica
  13. Thanks everyone, yes I have done the fish physical and checked for parasites. =o( The rescue fish that I spoke of above, I had, had for well over a year before it died. I do have two rescues right now, but they are in the q/t tank. Moochie seems to be doing fine today, if all goes well, I can hopefully put her back in the main tank after her maracyn treatment. Who knows what are wrong with them? I certainly don't! Jessica
  14. Ok do you remember that I lost the two little deformed fish a couple of months ago, one was my fry, and one was a fish with a severely deformed mouth that I rescued. Well the fry died, and I figured it was due to it's deformity, because that is what it looked like to me. (still very possible). But then it's tankmate started hiding, but it came out to eat, and was still acting normal (no fins clamped etc) just hiding a lot more. Then suddenly it was floatie and weak for no reason, I found it stuck to the filter. It of course died. Then a few weeks later in another tank, my ranchu started resting mid tank in the corner. It was still eating and would swim when I approached the tank, so I didn't think too much of it. Dropsy. It died. It also had a split in it's tail, and became floatie right before it died. A week later, in yet ANOTHER tank, Woogie is floatie, his tail splits to ribbons, his scales start to stick out. DROPSY, he died. And now, Moochie is acting funny. Moochie has actually been acting funny for a long time, probably close to a month. She is a pearlscale, and is a fat little thing. She has been hiding behind the flowerpot in the tank, and wedging herself right in there, usually head standing, but sometimes tail standing. If I approach the tank, she comes out, swims around, eats, she's pooping etc. So I figured maybe she was just a bit floatie since she was a pearlscale. There is a really good current and strong aireation in that tank, so I figured that she probably liked to wedge herself back there to keep from being thrown around the tank at night, so she could sleep. Today I caught her lying flat on her back, on the bottom of the tank, wedged behind the pot. I thought she was dead! That is definately not normal. She seems floatie in the sense that she can't swim well (she used to swim fine) and she does barrel rolls and summer saults. She does NOT float up to the surface, she seems fine to stay at the bottom. She is pooping just fine. She looks fine. Her tail is split a bit, but one of the other fish in the tank, could have nipped at that. It does not look like fin rot yet. She just hides a lot, and is NOT normal, she is acting weird. I always wait to medicate, but I've done that twice with the same symptoms, and I am 2 for 2 with dead fish. I moved her to the hospital and added Maracyn 2. I started her on metromeds, but I did not run the temp up yet. How the heck do you even tell if a pearlscale is having symptoms of dropsy? Seriously I thought I would be able to tell, but I can't. She looks really, really fat, very bloated like she is going to explode. She was always round, but I am sure she never used to look like a bomb about to go off. I will state my params once again, just in case anyone missed them before, I might as well add them now, and save some typing since this post is already a novel. 30 gallon tank, running for a couple or a few months, was seeded from another tank and precycled. Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10ppm pH 8 Temp 76 A/C 300 filter, 14" airstone Aqua Plus water conditioner no salt, no meds. No unusal findings except all of my tanks have had fish dead/or dying out of them. All tanks have the same parameters except, they are different sizes and have been running longer than this one. Weekly gravel vac, how much water changed depends on how much I need to vac, I usually do at least 40% and on a rare occasion 50%. I do a water change during the week, without a gravel vac, usually 25% or so. And since I've been having these problems, I have been doing a lot of water changes. / They have a billion different things that they eat. Jessica
  15. My tank has hit 94F in the summer before, and my fish never missed a beat. I am sure it would not be healthy to have it that warm every single day, but they were swimming, eating and pooping, business as usual ;o) I used bottles of frozen water too, but when the tank is that warm, it's really hard to regulate temperature, because you can not bring the temp down too fast, and when you do get it down, it's impossible to keep it there unless you stay up 24/7 adding bottles of water and watching the thermometer. I still mantain that having a fairly constant temp, is better than a wildly fluctuating temp. Jessica
  16. Do you have any ivory ones ;o) Cool snails Toothless!!! =o) Jessica
  17. 2 of my tanks are in the kitchen, I have a 30 gal and a 10 gal in there, and I'm buying another 30 gal to go into the kitchen so I'll have 3 in there. ;o) Jessica
  18. Also if it is in a bowl, you should be doing 50% water changes daily, and it will soon out grow the bowl =o) Jessica
  19. Put a mirror beside his bowl/tank so he can see in the mirror. ;o) Jessica
  20. A couple of months ago or so (who knows now, time flies) I bought some plants. I took the plants out one day and I noticed this little blob moving, it looked like a worm and was scaring me, so I quickly put the plant with it's creepy bug back in the tank. Time passes as I am afraid to look. I work up the courage and now it looks like a worm with legs. I put it back again, as a) I thought it was creepy and didn't want to touch it b ) I don't like killing things when I don't know what they are and c) it didn't seem to hurt the fish. The next time I looked, it looked like a little tiny lobster. I was told on this forum it was probably a ghost shrimp. More time passes, and I found two in the plant pot today. I took one out and put it in with my baby snails so I could watch it grow. The other is still in the plant pot in the tank. It is really small and looks like a see through lobster. What does it eat, I am guessing plants since it was in the plant pot. Will it hurt my baby snails, or will my snails hurt it? I also found some pest snails in the pot. I was really excited LOL. I took one out and put it with my baby ramshorns. Will it be ok with them? Thanks Jessica
  21. So which one is going to be white? mwahahahaha I can't wait for them to get colour =oP They are beautiful babies! Good work. Jessica
  22. Maybe you are taking such good care of him that he is in the mood for spawning. ;o) My Oranda rest his soul, was a brat at first too. If you really hate him that much, take him back to the lfs. Jessica
  23. DUH! I did not read your last sentence, my water conditioner is fine then =o) Thanks. I know some places use chlorine gas around here. Jessica
  24. Ok great, so now I am drinking bleach (ok I'm not I drink bottled water) but my fish are swimming in it. How will this affect them, I am just trying to figure out if I am adding enough dechlor to the water. Do I use the regular amount, or double it (such as for chloromine) so far I have been doubling it, unless I am aging the water. I am not sure if I am adding too much, or not enough / Jessica
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