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  1. I used to have two goldfish in a bowl I am just glad that I have the internet, so I figured out pretty quickly that they needed a fish tank! When I first had the fish I didn't even know they made medicine for fish. I thought they just died and you buried them and bought more.....scary! Thank doG for Koko's! Jessica
  2. I don't have one. It's funny though, because a year or two ago, everyone wanted blue or chocolates, and now all I hear about is lemonheads LOL! I used to see lemon heads all over the place, but it's like anything else, as soon as you decide to get one, you never see them =oP Jessica
  3. They never agree because there is no "perfect" temperature for goldfish as far as I am concerned. As long as the temp does not fluctuate wildly it's not really a problem, most people just have them at room temperature. My tanks are about 76 right now. I have heard a cooler tank will keep blacks blacker though, not sure if there is any truth in that. My blacks never faded because of my temps though. In the summer, my tanks are even warmer! Jessica
  4. You should get a ryukin LOL They are my favorite. I had one with orandas, lionheads and telescopes and it didn't hog up all the food or bother them at all =o) Jessica
  5. I voted that I liked it, I do like it and I can't remember what the old one looked like anyway LOL!! Out with the old and in with the new! Jessica
  6. I like growing little fish too, but I've grown so many, I want an already big fish =o) Jessica
  7. Yes if it all works, it's a very good deal =o) Hurry up, I might have to bid!! just kidding ;o) Hope you get it. Jessica
  8. I looked at fish for the first time in forever today. Wow what a downer =o( I want big fish, big beautiful fish, like Woogie and Whitie, two of my old fish. All the stores around here have little fish. Their JUMBO fish are like 3" 3.5" at most They are not very striking either. I like big fins, and most have small or mediocre finnage. And the funniest part, these little fish are 20 bucks! There was this one Ryukin, it was calico and had ok fins, it looked very much like my fish Lovely. Only Lovely is much bigger (I got her as a baby and she is big and fat now) and Lovely has long gorgeous fins. And they wanted $20 for that midget LOL. I remember 3 or 4 years ago, paying 15.99 for a 1/2" lionhead. Isn't that insane? I think it is. I am just going to forget the petstore fish. I'll get a crow bar, pry my wallet open with it and buy a fish from The Fish Sempei. I'm going to call Andrew right after the holidays are over. PS He has a lionhead there, that is identical to mine except his has more wen growth. Same body shape though, same tail tuck, maybe I'm growing and eye for fish. At least I picked one "winner" out of all those fish I've bought over the years I"ll post pictures when I get a new fish, I want a Ryukin, but with a long tail, and I think I want a red and white one, or a white one. I don't have any red and white fish. Jessica
  9. Yes! They love that stuff =o) I checked right after I posted because I felt so idiotic for not remembering what it was called heehee.
  10. My black moors always stay black. One I bought with bronzie colouring on his stomach and he stayed that way. I would KILL for one of mine to turn white LMAO. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a white telescope around where I live? I have never even seen one in real life! I've even tried ordering them! Jessica
  11. OH quick side note on how this works: Goldfish release a growth inhibiting hormone into the water. With 4 fish in a 29 the hormone builds up and slows down the growth. It can slow down growth dramatically, especially if you are not doing your weekly water change. By changing the water more often, you are removing the hormone which leaves your fish free to grow. Jessica
  12. If your tank is cycled, you can try changing 20-25% of the water every couple of days, just scoop it out and add fresh de-chlorinated temperature matched water. You would not believe how fast some of my fish have grown within months by doing that You have to be careful NOT to upset the cycle in your tank. I don't gravel vac when I'm just changing the water, I only do that once a week. And you have to make sure the water is matched so you don't stress out your fish. Also if you are changing that much water, you can feed them more which quickens growth as well. Again don't feed them any more than usual unless you are planning on doing a lot of water changes and your weekly gravel vac or you're going to crash your tank. Feeding more often is better than feeding one or two meals anyway, that way your fish are less likely to get floatie from over eating. Also last time I did this, my fish spawned heehee =o) Jessica
  13. Your tank and fish are so beautiful!! That one fish has such a long tail! I love shubunkins and comets =o) I have 2 shubunkins and one white commet but they are small fish, not big like yours! Jessica
  14. My loaches are piglets too =o) They love just about everything I put in for the goldies. Only one of my loaches likes peas though, the other thinks they are icky! They like shrimp pellets, but I have to soak them for the loaches, because they are too big for their mouths, so they like them soggy so they can just take little bites off. The goldfish can eat a whole pellet though =o) They are in with pretty big fish, so the pellets are larger than they should be for a loach. Mine also love those flakes, I forget what they are called, (d'0h!) they are algea though, and greenish blue colour...someone help me out lol. I think it starts with an S. I have so many different kinds of fish foods, you would think I had a billion fish to feed =oP Jessica
  15. Hi Amy. That looks like wen growth to me. Sometimes in a dirty tank, or even a clean one, debris will get kicked up and caught in the wen. Then you get those white tufts growing there. I would not medicate if the white tufts are just in the wen. Can you see white dots anywhere else on the fish? What are the water parameteres in your tank? What is your pH. It could be this fish came from a certain pH and then was dumped into the tank water at the pet store with a different pH. Some fish are more sensitive than others. Also high nitrites will cause some fish to stand like that. I had one fish that even with the slightest amount of nitrite would start standing. Check your parameters at home, and make sure they are perfect. Then I would add some salt. I would add one tablespoon per 5 gallons. Use aquarium salt or coarse salt with no additives. You can buy a big bag of course salt at the grocery store for next to nothing. Dissolve the salt in a pail of tank water and then slowly pour it in. If you have snails or sensitive scaleless fish in there, I would remove them. I have weather loaches, and they don't mind the salt at all, even though I've heard it will kill them. I've had them for years and added a lot of salt over that time ;o) In 12 hours, add another tablespoon per 5 gallons the same way you did the first. And see if your fish looks any better. If he doesn't I'd add another tablespoon per 5 gallons in another 12 hours, bringing it up to 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons in total. Presoak his pellets or feed shelled peas for a couple of days and see if that helps his weird floatieness. Good luck Oh and about missing scales, it sounds like they were pulled off in nets, or if the fish are swimming around quickly to avoid a net they could bump themselves on the glass or other fish and loose scales. I would not worry about a few missing scales. They will grow back, but they take quite a long time to come back. Jessica
  16. Oh I think I am back for awhile =o) I just needed to leave for a bit, I really miss Whitie Snowflake! And I didn't want to post a big "I am leaving" post because those are a huge pet peeve of mine LOL. It's nice to be back, and I missed all of you very much!! Jessica
  17. Thanks Graham, DO does have nice fish =o) I think it is time for me to invest in some heehee. Jessica
  18. I say 30$ is a steal. In some places they cost a fortune. I bought a Lionhead that was only 1/2" (half an inch) long, and it cost me $16.00 it was not imported from Asia and I bought it from a dump of a place (as far as the fish section is concerned). They are hard to find in some areas, and if you find one with good shape, good health etc, I don't think $30 is too much if they are scarce in your area. Jessica
  19. Hi all, I've not written in a long time =o( Back in the spring some weird *disease* swept through my tanks, it was aweful All my parameters checked out, and nothing I did would fix my fish, I think it was some sort of bacterial infection. Not even metromeds helped. Some of you *oldies* may remember that. And Whitie Snowflake died on Mothers Day...ugh. I did not care for goldfish so much anymore........ I pretty much neglected them after that I am sad to say. I only have 4 tanks now and not so many fish left. I still have Shy Starlight who is the first non bowl fish we ever bought way back when, so we're doing good there Little Blackie and my two weather loaches. And then I still have Lovely (calico fantail who I think is actually a ryukin), who is humungous now, and I still have Gretal the calico oranda who never grew a wen and I think is really a fantail. I still have my shubunkins and a common that I rescued from being turtle food and that's it. So sad! Oh and Ping the white Koi is still alive and well. I would like to purchase a few more fancy goldfish, but all the fish around here suck. Seriously! It's hard to find a fish that is even 2" big, and when they do have bigger fish in the city, they all look like crap (can I say that here?) with frayed fins and just not healthy looking in general. And I am not going to pay $30 for some 4" petstore fish, unless it looks half way decent!! So yeah, that is my fish life lately in a nutshell. Besides that I've been busy with kids, dogs, and horses ;o) I just wanted to say hi, and some of you emailed me a little while back, but my computer was being dumb, it has a boot virus and it's hard to even get online. Thanks for thinking of me. Jessica
  20. Thanks everyone. I knew the people here would understand. Fishmerised, no she got sick a few weeks ago, but then she got better, and then she got sick and died today. =o( Errrika, she was that little fry's mom, the big white fish that I had, my very favorite fish ever, my own first goldfish! She was very big and very white =o) I have a picture of her hanging on the wall in my living room. She has not even been gone a day and I miss her. My fish tank looks so empty. =o( Jessica
  21. Whitie died today, I feel terrible. I don't even know what was wrong with her. Jessica
  22. Thank you! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. Her gills look really good. Maybe a bit paler than usual, but not too bad. And they are not raw or imflamed. She isn't gasping at all either. The only real symptom she's shown was lethargy. She was bottom sitting for a week, but her dorsal fin was up. Then at the one week mark, her dorsal fin went down and she seemed to have trouble getting off the bottom at all. Like she swallowed a weight or something. Prior to that she could still swim around at feeding time. She also had the red marks on her stomach, which I thought were from sitting on the glass beads on the bottom of the main tank (could be there because of something else though) and her tail split up. That's when I put her in the hospital. She is swimming well now. And is acting normal. At the end of this maracyn treatment, I'm going to move her into a larger tank alone for a few weeks to finish her recovery and metromeds. Jessica
  23. That sounds like what Whitie had on her tail, it would come and go for well over a year. I think Whities might have been something viral?! I never did figure it out, and I posted and read this disease forum for over a year trying to figure it out. I haven't had the white spots appear in awhile though, *knock on wood* but her tail always has splits in it, no matter how pristine the water is. I think the moor snacks on her tail to be honest. He doesn't see to well. Good luck with your fish, I hope you figure out what the problem is.
  24. I was just reading about velvet, and my fish don't have any of those symptoms, well other than whitie being lethargic for a week, and the gold colour on her head. Wouldn't my other fish and Whitie as well, be flashing, and sick. Wow, I'm scared now, I cross contaminate all of my tanks all the time, which means if this is velvet, I'll have to medicate all my fish. And how do you medicate loaches =o( *crosses fingers* that it's just her colour. I hope someone see's this soon, I'm freaking out!!! =o/
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