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  1. Actually he was 15, I got him 14.5 years ago, I just went back and creeped the post I made on here when I bought him. Is anyone from the olden days still here?!
  2. Mine was my koi named Ping, he was 17 this year I do believe, he just passed away the other day 😪
  3. Thank for the welcome everyone. This is very exciting to be back. Mr. Hyde I will definitely post some pictures of Ping. They are hard to get on my iPhone because I have a 4 and it gives terrible motion blur. I also found a pic of him on photo bucket from when he was a baby Lol. I can post a "then and now"
  4. Thanks guys *waves* I am happy to be back and glad that the forum is still here.
  5. Welp, I just looked "back in time" in this forum and my white koi Ping is indeed 11
  6. Hey guys long time no see!! I only have one fish now but he must be at least 11 years old. He's a koi named Ping I used to have a Ryukin named Whitie Snowflake that I was always talking about here. Nice to be back
  7. Yes I can post a picture, but my camera battery is dead, I have to charge it. It didn't hold the charge last time, so maybe I need a new battery altogether. But I think it will hold a charge long enough to get at least one picture =o) It'll take awhile to charge, I'll post a picture tomorrow hopefully. My fish Splash is not as big as yours, and not missing as many scales, but I swear they've not grown back and I've had her a year! Jessica
  8. It sounds like your fish is in the beginning stages of dropsy. Do you have a heater for your tank? You can try feeding him a shelled pea if you have one. I have never had any luck with dropsy, not even using metro meds, so I'll leave this for someone else. Good luck, =o) Jessica
  9. I'd say it's a comet. I have a comet the EXACT same colour, I got it out of the feeder tank about a year ago, it was missing scales then, and it still is! About 5 or 6 on each side. They are not matte, they are missing lol, so I am very interested in this thread. My water parameters are perfect, and I don't want to highjack the thread, so I'll leave it at that. Your fish is really pretty I think =o) Jessica
  10. 80-82 degrees, but you have to do it slowly, no more than 2-3 degrees per 24 hours. are you sure it has ich, or are they breeding tubricles, I'll have to scroll down and see if you have another post. Jessica
  11. If it wasn't for the free fish at the fair, I never would have found Koko's and started my hobby of fishkeeping LOL. Kind of an ironic twist. Jessica
  12. No it's not mine =o) It's one from The Fish Sempei, I think he gets them from the Tung Hoi Aquarium co. I read on his site he will take orders for them, they are not cheap though =o) Jessica
  13. I agree with what Daryl said. I have a big pentagon shaped tank, and I LOVE it! I have a Black Moor and a Lionhead in mine. It is a very tall tank, and I can barely reach the bottom standing on the top of my step stool I had to buy LOL! I am barely 5 foot though. Sometimes the fish root up plants, and I don't bother fixing them until tank cleaning day because it's such a bother to get in there. I practically have to go swimming. I have to wear a tank top and get in there up to my shoulders to reach the bottom.....that said, I would buy another in a second Jessica
  14. I like Hikari Lionhead, it's a good growth food for all goldies not just lionheads. And it's a sinking pellet which is good too =o) Welcome to Koko's. Jessica
  15. I might be able to talk my husband into taking me there on a road trip I don't drive. I so need my lisence! What am I waiting for I just figured shipping would be easier, then my hubby wouldn't see what kind of $$$$$ I was spending on fish He doesn't get goldfish, they all look the same to him I think. I showed him one of Andrews $650 fish (not that I will ever be buying on of those I don't think lol) and he said it was "ugly"!!!! It was a beautiful fish Squeeker, your fish are beautiful!!! I really want to go now. Time to butter up hubby lol lol. Does he have a lot of Ryukins? Jessica
  16. Name the calico Pirate, the moor Blackie, and the oranda Lumpy. LOL LOL no one asks me for naming help, because I am aweful! your new fish are cute =o) Jessica
  17. I also want to say, he is a beautiful white fish! All white fish that are fancies, are hard to find where I live! I'm jealous =o) Jessica
  18. How big are these fish? If they are 3" or bigger you can tell from their anal ports. You can tell when they are smaller, but it's tricky if you've never done it before. It's hard for me to even tell on a small fish, and I"ve been looking at fish butts for a long time LOL!! Girls have an outie anal port, and males have an innie. Also males that are mature and ready to spawn will have breeding spurs, you'll see little white specks on their gill covers and along the leading ray of their pectoral fins. No your fish is NOT blind =o) Many calicos have a black eye, it's just a big spot on the eye, I have four calicos with the one and two have two black eyes! What kind of calico is it? Is it a fantail, or a shubunkin or what? It could be chasing your other fish because it's a brat, or it could want to spawn. Jessica
  19. About getting a fish. I emailed him actually heehee. Anyway, he said he'd find out about shipping to my door, usually they ship to the nearest airport, but thats kind of dumb to fly the fish an hours drive away, and then have me drive an hour to get it LOL!! SO I think shipping to my door will not be a problem, I only live 2.5 hours away. He also said he could meet me halfway because he goes to that town regularly, so that would be cool! He is expecting more thai Ryukins in the spring, which is what I *think* I want, I might have to wait till spring though =o( BUT he also is getting albinos from the Tung Hoi Aquarium mwhahahahahahahahah I have never even spent a fraction of what they cost on a fish, but I might have to take the plunge, they are too cool! I'll keep you updated =o) Maybe you guys can help me decide when I figure out whether it can be shipped ground to me. I think I might be too impatient to wait till spring. Jessica
  20. Sorry, that's not an albino =o( It's just a white fish, with red around it's eyes. It was probably red and white, or all red and turned to white, which is why it still has the red around the eyes. I'll post you a picture of an albino. Albino Oranda Trust me, white goldfish and albino's are my passion Jessica
  21. I have two Weather Loaches. Why did I get them? Because they are hilarious! They are way funnier than any goldfish I have ever owned, they crack me up 24/7. They are really cool pets, that's why I have them. I have snails because they are neat, I think they look cool, and I like how happy they are when I chuck a piece of cucumber in the tank, they make me happy. I'm not sure I understood your original post in the context you meant, it seemed kind of harsh! Jessica
  22. You never know with petstore fish =o) I bought a blue fantail, that was actually an Oranda. He grew a big high top wen starting the day after I bought him..... I bought a fantail that grew into a Ryukin hump and all.... I bought a Ryukin that was actually a fantail...... I bought a lionhead that doesn't have a wen yet..... I bought a calico oranda that I am pretty sure is actually a fantail.....LOL They really do not know what they are talking about usually. I saw a bunch of fancies that were all mislabeled just this weekend when I was looking at fish! Jessica
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