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  1. Actually he was 15, I got him 14.5 years ago, I just went back and creeped the post I made on here when I bought him. Is anyone from the olden days still here?!
  2. Mine was my koi named Ping, he was 17 this year I do believe, he just passed away the other day 😪
  3. Thank for the welcome everyone. This is very exciting to be back. Mr. Hyde I will definitely post some pictures of Ping. They are hard to get on my iPhone because I have a 4 and it gives terrible motion blur. I also found a pic of him on photo bucket from when he was a baby Lol. I can post a "then and now"
  4. Thanks guys *waves* I am happy to be back and glad that the forum is still here.
  5. Welp, I just looked "back in time" in this forum and my white koi Ping is indeed 11
  6. Hey guys long time no see!! I only have one fish now but he must be at least 11 years old. He's a koi named Ping I used to have a Ryukin named Whitie Snowflake that I was always talking about here. Nice to be back
  7. Yes I can post a picture, but my camera battery is dead, I have to charge it. It didn't hold the charge last time, so maybe I need a new battery altogether. But I think it will hold a charge long enough to get at least one picture =o) It'll take awhile to charge, I'll post a picture tomorrow hopefully. My fish Splash is not as big as yours, and not missing as many scales, but I swear they've not grown back and I've had her a year! Jessica
  8. It sounds like your fish is in the beginning stages of dropsy. Do you have a heater for your tank? You can try feeding him a shelled pea if you have one. I have never had any luck with dropsy, not even using metro meds, so I'll leave this for someone else. Good luck, =o) Jessica
  9. I'd say it's a comet. I have a comet the EXACT same colour, I got it out of the feeder tank about a year ago, it was missing scales then, and it still is! About 5 or 6 on each side. They are not matte, they are missing lol, so I am very interested in this thread. My water parameters are perfect, and I don't want to highjack the thread, so I'll leave it at that. Your fish is really pretty I think =o) Jessica
  10. 80-82 degrees, but you have to do it slowly, no more than 2-3 degrees per 24 hours. are you sure it has ich, or are they breeding tubricles, I'll have to scroll down and see if you have another post. Jessica
  11. If it wasn't for the free fish at the fair, I never would have found Koko's and started my hobby of fishkeeping LOL. Kind of an ironic twist. Jessica
  12. No it's not mine =o) It's one from The Fish Sempei, I think he gets them from the Tung Hoi Aquarium co. I read on his site he will take orders for them, they are not cheap though =o) Jessica
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