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  1. *Update* I bought NitraSafe yesterday and stuck it in the filter for 24hrs & tested the water this morningg, the nitrAte went to 0mg/l from 50-70mg/l
  2. Strong Current

    Ty for the replies... I placed my filter on 1 end of the back of the tank...
  3. Strong Current

    Months ago i kept goldfish in my 13 uk gallon tank with a aqua-flow 2 filter(130gph), and the current was pushing my goldie around so i have to cut out a bottle neck to cover the tube which pushs the water out... Anyway how do you guys slow down your filter current?
  4. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    *Update* The tail fin is getting thinner & not lumpy like it used to look like.
  5. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    ok Thanks
  6. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    Today i think the tail is getting much better because of the 0.2% salt, & im going to add another .1% to make it .3%. They heal very slow? DO they grow at the same rate as a goldfish?
  7. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    Thanks Paul I am currently adding salts to 0.3% conc slowly to help heal the wound because the melafix did nothing for a week.
  8. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    Thanks Erika
  9. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    Paul, do you think he is going to heal?
  10. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    Still acting fine & normal, i don't think that yellow pimple is gonna heal Btw he is turning to a peppered loach like your one in your sig.
  11. My (huge!) Black Moor

    lol How big are they Smack? I've red that long snouted horseface loach don't like didn't in the substrate that much than the bent snouted ones...
  12. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    It's at the top of the tail fin with the dark yellow stuff around the edge.
  13. Lump On Dojo Loach Tail

    It didnt work It's still the same size as the first pic Heres the album: http://photobucket.com/albums/v224/FantailFan/My%20Goldfish/
  14. My (huge!) Black Moor

    Nice, they look like squids...
  15. My (huge!) Black Moor

    that white bubble eye looks like a jelly fish lol