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  1. I need help with an ongoing problem with my goldfish. I have 2 goldfish , they are both in a 10 gallon tank. The ph is around 8.0 and the Ammonia is 0 although I don't know what the nitrate is. The tank has been established for a long time almost a year now. One is a red cap oranda Phoebe and one is a telescope eyed orange fish named Melon. Melon floats after he eats. Phoebe does NOT have this problem, ONLY Melon. Melon has had it since I got him. I feed progold pre-soaked and sometimes some goldfish wafers that are also presoaked. I usually feed Melon by hand since he seems to find his food better that way but sometimes he will find food at the bottom too. The other one Phoebe WONT eat out of my hand so does not gulp as much air when finding food. Melon will eat, then a couple hours LATER will bob to the top of the water and have trouble maintaining himself in the water so that he can swim mid-tank. He basically sits at the top of the water (upright) because he can't swim down and stay down . After a few hours he is fine and can swim around normally again. He does this most everyday, ONLY after he eats, ONLY a couple of hours after he eats and recovers by the next morning for his next feeding. I have tried feeding pees and they help but only for the day that he eats them. He won't float after eating peas. But the day he goes back on pro-gold, flakes or any other kind of food no matter if its presoaked, hand fed, dropped to the bottom or what he floats. The only other kind of food that does not make him float is frozen brine shrimp. I tried that once and he didn't float and did fine. I really would like some answers and help in how to prevent him from floating after he eats. Its NOT a tank problem. I had him 2 years ago and he did the same thing in my 30 gallon tank and in my 20 gallon tank. I sold him to a petstore when downsizing and then a month later went back and he was still there happy as ever. Since I only had 1 fish at the time I re-purchased him and took him home. He still did and does the floating after eating thing.
  2. Ok, I have a Whisper 20 filter I think. I have not changed the filter pads in probably 3-6 months. I can not remember when. I do not add anything to the tank water when I change the water. We have softened well water. (softener) the ph does go up and down because when it comes out of the faucet it is about 8.0 or so and then after aeration the ph goes up to 8.4 to 8.6. I do not know what to do to keep the ph lower or keep it high. I have some ph UP chemical but don't like to use it if I have to. The other fish, I only have one other fish in the tank, it is about 4 inches in length and has not had any problems whatsoever. I also have a snail and a small catfish in the tank. I have a 30 gallon also that I used to use for goldfish but when I put her in there she would do the same thing. Even when I only had one other fish in there . I feed pro-gold and used to pre-soak but haven't been for a while. I will try fasting her and then feed her some peas. She eats from my hand and I usually only feed her one or two pellets, so even if they swell she only has 2 pellets max, per day so she doesn't over eat. No hollow ornaments in the tank, I only have a couple of silk fake plants and regular painted gravel for aquariums. The temp is about 75 degrees. I will have to double check. The other thing is, even though you know all the info about my current tank, she has been in this bowl for a week or two, trying to recover from floating. I change the water every day but it has no longer been helping. She looked aweful today when I woke up, she was floating upside down and I was about ready to put her down, but when I stuck my finger in the water she sucked on my finger, letting me know she was hungry like always. She has a lot of pep, and I don't want to put her down if she still has some fight in her. So I prayed for her and decided I will give it another shot. I filled a 5gallon bucket with clean water and put her in there to see if more water will make a difference. I change it everyday so that might revive her. She is on her back still this afternoon, and her fins seem shrunken and red now. I think that the bowl of water was not good enough, even changing it daily, she probably pooped too much in one day to make changing the water enough in a small bowl. I want to save her but don't know how . I will try the fasting, and test my water, although testing the water won't do a lot of good as she is not even in that tank now.
  3. I have this goldfish that I really love, but that keeps getting sick and has since I got her. I am not sure what to do for her anymore. She keeps getting dropsy and can't be in a regular tank because she will start floating. I don't know if its the depth of the water, nitrates or what. When I put her in my 10 gallon tank she is usually fine for the first day, then the 2nd or 3rd day she will start laying over on her side at the top of the water. She has a hard time seeing her food since she is a telescope eyed and has huge eyes so she stays at the top of the water alot anyway. Then usually after a few days or a week or so she will puff up and have dropsy. I take her out when this happens and put her in a bowl of water with some epsom salt and melafix. This usually helps her and she will right her self within a day. The scales go down again in a few days. When she seems alright (after a few weeks) I put her back in the tank and the same thing will happen. Now I change her water in the bowl every day . The tank water is fine, ph 8.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates not sure, I change the water 1x weekly about 50%, its a 10 gallon tank and has a snail in there and one other goldfish. I know its small, but that's all I have for now and she isn't even in the tank very often. Even when I had her a tank setup by herself she did the same thing. The only time she really seemed well was when I had a 5 gallon quarantine tank setup with about 3-4 inches of water in it. I changed the water every day, and kept it shallow so she could stay upright. I gradually every day added just a little more water so it was higher. Finally topping it off eventually. She got used to the depth and didn't float or have any dropsy. When I felt she got along fine for several weeks, I transferred her back to her normal tank and she went downhill again. Idon't know whats wrong with her or why she is so sensitive. She has not been peppy now for a while and seems depressed. This last bout with dropsy has not gotten better as quickly as before. I don't know whether I should euthenise her or do something else.
  4. My telescope goldfish has had problems since I got her in March, she has had dropsy off and on and floated sometimes. I have had to take her out of her tank and put her in a small dish of shallow water with epsom salt and melafix and change the water every day to keep her upright, then put her back in her tank when she was ok. She was doing all right the other day and I had her back in her tank but now this morning she has these red marks on her. Yesterday she had a small red mark on her that I thought looked like a small bruise on her belly or a place that she could have gotten bumped. Today it looks worse and bigger like an ulcer maybe? But i'm not sure. And now she has a red blood mark in her tail. It does not look the same as streaks from ammonia. I just changed the water and there is no ammonia and the tank is cycled. Its deeper and darker than streaks from ammonia and more patchy than that. The ph is 8.2 I think and the ammonia 0 and nitrites 0. Not sure what to do or what the patches are. Does any one have any idea or any suggestions? She is my favorite fish, I am not sure if I should just euthenize her being that she's had a rough life and I don't want her to suffer. If I can help her a will I'm just not sure what to do for this.
  5. I would like to try to train my two goldfish to eat from a ceramic dish that I have put in the gravel at the bottom of the tank. Its a small kidney bean shaped flat dish I put in the gravel. Both of my fish have big eyes and can't see well. Melody is a large telescope eyed goldie with HUGE eyes and Bubbles is a black moor with big eyes. Melody is so sweet and tame she wants to be hand fed but because she doesn't have good motor skills when it comes to the current in the tank it is hard to get the food in her mouth before she gets moved by the current, I can easily , (gently) take her in my hand and guide her to the dish and show her where the food is at the bottom and she will eat there. After one time she went back for more to the dish. My black moore though swam around the tank looking through the gravel ignoring the dish. I think he might have found only one piece that fell out of the dish when I put the food there . Can goldfish be trained to eat from a specific spot in the tank, or like I want to do from a dish ? I would like to do this so that 1 they will be easier to feed if I have to leave someone in charge of feeding them during vacations (some people can't hand feed them because they aren't patient enough, and others just have too big of fingers) (My dad fed them when I was gone and he had a hard time getting food in melody's mouth too) and 2 I feel it would be better for them so they don't gulp up too much air while eating.
  6. at what age to goldfish start breeding? I have a pair of bluescale orandas, that I am pretty sure are male and female, but I have only had them around a month and a half. They have both grown alot since I got them, the bigger of the two doubling in size, they are 2 or 2.5 inches right now.
  7. I understand that, but I am not sure that aging the water is a good idea only because if my ph's natural state is 8.8 that is a little too high for goldfish. I'd rather keep them at no higher than 8.2 > If I use proper ph additive will that keep it stable when I add the water, if I add it to each new addition or will that hurt my tank chemistry or only hold it for a temporary time? I don't have any odd rocks or ornaments . Just regular gravel.
  8. I am having trouble understanding my ph and why its doing what its doing. I understand the basics about ph, but I do not understand why my water comes out of the tap at 7.5 or so and then goes up to 8.5 or 8.8 within a day or so of being in the tank. Basically as its areated it goes up . We are on well water and just moved , I had the same problem in town and thought it would not happen once I moved. but it does. We have a water softener and thats the water I use for the tanks. whats should I do? I think that changing the water during a water change is going to affect the fish going from 8.8 back to 7.5 then back to 8.8 once the ph of the new water goes up again. I don't have a bubbler or air stone, the only circulation is from the filters.
  9. you need to check that stand your tank is on. If the tank is bowing at ALL, it will eventually crack or spring a leak, and you won't be happy to have that happen especially once you get fish. Empty the tank now and find something sturdier for it sit on. It has to be perfectly level. Water weighs a little over 8lbs per gallon so that 400 lbs sitting on that stand. Thats a lot more water than 96 lbs for the 12 gallons you have in your other tank. and don't try moving a full or half full tank, just empty the whole things bucket by bucket, find something sturdier for your tank to sit on then refill. If you want to save the water if you've already started cycling use several 5 gallon buckets and empty the tank and then refill using the same water after you move the tank.
  10. you might not want to feed Medigold to them because they can become imune to the medicine in Medigold and if you ever need to use it for a disease like dropsy it then won't work. Just save the medigold for emergencies that you need it for.
  11. i have a oranda that was greenish, it looks olive green, not bright green, very similar to Koko's fish's picture. He then turned silver, and is now in the process of losing his silver coloring and turning white. He is funny looking now. He's got a greyish/silver skunk strip down his head and a spot on his nose, his tail is the greyish/silver, but his body and most of his fins are white. His dorsal fin is grey. I can tell he is losing alot of his silver because the stripe down his head and dorsal fin are slowly getting smaller.
  12. My betta tank smells earthy but not my goldie tanks. So thats the higher nitrate level in those tanks probable then? I have carbon in both their filters but still smells a little fishy.
  13. thats a good idea actually, because then I would only be overstocked by one in each tank instead of overstocked by 2 in one tank. I'll put the two bigger ones (orandas) in the 30 gallon along with my black moore and my red cap oranda since they are the 2 bigger of the small ones. Then I'll put the 3 smallest ones in the 20L.
  14. i had some like that too, the ones that look prickley and my fish ate them. I would suspect the duck week looks like floating food or peas or something and they just go GULP! its hard to keep plants with goldies. I gave up on that.
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