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  1. Hi kokos! Since my mom is taking care of my fish while I'm away, she sends me updates and pictures of them all the time. This time, I got a picture of my pearlscale and now it has a hump above its head right before the dorsal fin (like a ryukin). Is this normal? God they've grown so much since I've seen them in person
  2. My goldfish (Reesee) seems to be hiding alot more than usual. His eating seems regular, and he seems pretty healthy. The thing of it is, the others are perfectly fine Is this normal?
  3. Well, I do get pretty soaked when I clean it out, considering the fact that I have to cover the floor with blue tarp I usually stand on a chair, since Im to short to clean it out on the floor <_< If it wasn't for the chair, I'd probably drown
  4. When I first got my common, Sakana, she used to do the exact same thing. But after she got used to it, she loves the light more than ever.
  5. I have: 7 goldies: 200 gallon tank 1 1/2-5 inches 3 comets I saved from being eaten and won from the carnival: 60 gallon 2-4 1/2 inches
  6. I placed the eggs into a fry net box, that keeps them in the same tank but dosen't allow the other goldies touch them.
  7. I just checked the tank and I did find some eggs, in both tanks I have a few goldies in the quartine, as well as the main tank as well Now how am I gonna get these eggs to hatch
  8. First, my 60 gallon quarentine tank had this cloudy water for a few days, and it just dissapeared. Right after it dissapears, my main 200 gallon gets this same condition. I seriously dont know how this came to be! Maybe its the heat? Please help kokos
  9. BTW: I think Misty would be a cute name
  10. I never changed my bio wheel, since it has good bacteria on it for the tank
  11. I leave my goldies in, but I'm cautious and my fish are as well
  12. ooooh I loove mickey mouse platies . That last pic you posted looks like a guppy to me
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