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  1. The truth of the matter is that I have bought one in the past only because I did not know how the color was achieved I thought it was a pigment of some sort. Needless to say i gave her the best care possible but as was stated previously the dye weakens them internally, and she passed only after a few months...
  2. he's adorable....is he/she a cross with another goldie? I think I spy some ryukin there.....
  3. i think everyone should keep a pic of that one in your pocket and the next time someone says you need at least ten gallons per fish and they say no....show them that!
  4. Pictures..pictures...pictures!!!
  5. wow... beautiful goldie.. I'm looking for a girl choc. oranda for Bruno. I'm looking to name her Coco Chanel.
  6. aww koko....sorry to here your feelin under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.
  7. yeah i kinda figured that out after a while, but I decided to seperate him into a tank with Big Red. One, I dont have enough room for another tank to house babies...Two, I would really only like to breed to the same type and I dont think Angel is quite ready yet. Three, I think he was beating around Sheila a bit, who is an oranda, and now her fins are tore.
  8. Oh kay .. my black moor has started to chase around my girls but i haven't been able to spot any spots. How can you tell when Black Moors are ready?
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your loss..she was a cutie.
  10. I've foudn some amazing results with using the combo of mela and primafix....you should give it a shot.
  11. the only thing that I have found with the kits is that half the time I find the filter inadequate. I think it's better to buy the items seperately but that's just my opinion.
  12. oh ranchu .. I have them posted in another post with your name on it..
  13. aww... thanks! I'm actually thinking of making that tank a bare bottom and moving those decorations into one of my 45g. Thanks for the compliments.
  14. How about Ling Ling after the panda in the san diego zoo.....
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